Removing Clash of Clans from Google Account

These days, there are plenty of visitors asked me how to remove their Clash of Clans villages from Google account for starting a new village. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to do that with your Android device in detail. With players using iOS device, please read the How to reset Clash of Clans tutorial. These actions will remove your village forever, so please be careful!

If you want to get your village back after removing it from your Google account, you can read more at: Get the lost Clash of Clans village back.

How to remove Clash of Clans village from Google

This is the new method. I just tested this method yesterday (May 26th 2015) and It has been working perfectly!

  1. Go to Google Account Permissions Page. You need to sign in with the account which you want to remove Clash of Clans from (of course).
  2. All applications that use your Google account are at here. Scroll down and find Clash of Clans (you can use Ctrl + F to find it faster).
    Remove Clash of Clans from Google step 1
  3. Click on the Clash of Clans line and choose Revoke Access button:
    Removing Clash of Clans from Google Account
  4. You have done.

From now, Clash of Clans can’t access to your Google account and load the old data anymore. You can also use this method to disconnect your village with a stolen device.

If you have any question, just comment then I will do my best to help you!


  1. Google account does not access the coc anymore but the village was still loads there if you tries to log in again, i want to delete my coc village on my google because i want to create a new and more nicer village

  2. old village was accidentally replace with new village with the same google play account.i cannot sign in myold village anymore cause everytime i sign it in the new village will always do i get back my old village and erase the new one.

  3. Hello guys..
    I want load coc acc on android phone from ipad..
    But a problem is I have already coc acc on android lvl 5TH.
    So when I’m shifted its each other its not happening n telling can’t overload village.
    So how can shift my villege from iPad to android phone…
    Plz reply

  4. So I have a friend who keeps loggin into my coc account and I want to stop him. He has my google play info, I changed the password on the account but that doesnt work. I have this account linked on ios as well. If I remove the clash app within my google account can I link it again to another email address? Please advise

  5. my account was being accessed by someone. my account was linked in
    his computer when i access my coc there. i contact coc to change my
    gmail so that he cant access anymore to my account. but even with a
    changed gmail account, he can still acess my coc. how can i remove my
    coc linked in his computer?

  6. i have unlink my google account from coc and want to link a new google account but there is a problem of already linked device and i have unlinked it already plz help me,,
    so how to link it with 2nd andriod device plz…

  7. I accidentally remove access coc app on my google account then afterwards I can’t access my village anymore. I tried to access again by clearing data on my android and then log in coc but what happened was my coc village is back to zero. Please help how do I get my old village. Thank you in advance.

  8. Hello Plz Help Me I Connect my coc account with google account but after Some Time For Personal Issue I Delete My Google Account Now I Think Its 1 Or 2 Years Old Now I Cant Recover My Google Account, But In My Phone Coc Is Running But No Google Account Is Connecting With It Now i want To Transfer Its Data To Another Phone What Can i Do Now Help Me Plz. Sorry For Bad English!!!!!!!!

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