Play Clash of Clans on BlackBerry

Clash of Clans is the most popular online strategy game on smartphone and tablet and it’s just available on iOS and Android. But now you can play Clash of Clans on your BlackBerry 10 device like Z10, Z30, Q10,… by just following these simple steps! But I just want to warn you this: Because you absolutely can connect your village on BlackBerry with your Google account and you absolutely can also play on iOS after transfering. By the way, If you are using Mac and don’t know how to install this game on it, you can follow this tutorial.


In this tutorial, I will use Snap to download Clash of Clans for BlackBerry. Snap is essentially a front-end for the Google Play on BlackBerry 10. All applications in Snap have passed the approval process of Google Play, they are 100% safe as they can be downloaded them from Google Play.

Install Snap to BlackBerry:

  1. If you haven’t installed Google Chrome yet, please download then install it.
  2. Open Google Chrome then install BB10 / PlayBook App Manager for it.
  3. Download Snap to your computer at here.
  4. Enable Development Mode on your BlackBerry by following these steps:
    1. Open Settings ~> Security and Privacy Development Mode and turn it ON.
    2. If it ask you to create a new password, just create a new one and remember it!
  5. Connect your device to your computer via micro USB cable.
  6. You can see there is a listed IP in the Security and Privacy Development Mode. Normally, it is
  7. Open Google Chrome and visit If the IP in your development is different, replace with yours. Don’t worry if you get an SSL error page, just click accept.
  8. Enter the password which you created before to access, then you can see a list of applications that you’ve installed on your BlackBerry.
  9. Click Install Apps and browse to your Snap.BAR which you downloaded before at the 3rd step.While installing, you can see the progress on the Google Chrome window.Once the installing progress has completed, you can disconnect your device from your computer.Open Snap on your BlackBerry and Log In!
  10. Find Clash of Clans then tap on Download button.Open it when the download is finished.Click Install and confirm permissions for Clash of Clans to run on your BlackBerry device.You’ve done!


Now you can play Clash of Clans on BlackBerry smoothly. You can find plenty of useful guides and tips for this awesome game on this blog, I am sure that they will help you so much! Just leave a comment here if you cannot do any steps. I will try to help you!


  1. i have coc on my BB10 can i transfer it to android device because i want to buy some gem and then transfer it again to my BB10. i notice that i can’t buy gem in BB10 because it is not support GooglePlay. am i right. and why in my Z3 it cannot view a fullscreen like Z10, it still have a blank bar in below even i have “hide bar” active. plz answer

  2. hi Boss Will Potter…
    I really have a very important question.
    Can I still recover my COC account from BB10 (BBZ3). I could not open my COC because of the new update and I could not update my COC in BB10..
    I have downloaded the COC from 1Mobile Market (android APK) but it doesn’t have a new update for COC just yet and I am on the middle of a war.. huhuhuh T_T T_T T_T

  3. OK I downloaded snap to my computer and transferred it to my z30 and it seems to work fine. I downloaded coc and when it goes to install it stops before asking for permission and has an error? Any help on this please.

  4. I said to super cell that I’m playing on bb10 n I wanna transfer to android,they gave me a ticket number n asked to contact them with that,i sended them a message from android device,but still I can’t have my village in Android device, but I can see my village in bb10

  5. Hey guys, I installed CoC on my Z10 but with the update that just came out it stopped working because an update is required. But when I open snap, it will not show CoC in the search results. It’s listed under installed apps but it says that CoC is not found on Google play. I have tried installing Google services on my BlackBerry but I was never able to get it to work. Any suggestions?

  6. Any news about the problem with multiplayer button? With this update, all works fine on BB, but when you tap the search button, the game shut down… It’s a common problem I saw on forums… can you help us?

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