Move Clash of Clans from iOS to Android and vice-versa

You can transter you Clash of Clans village from an iOS device to an Android device out and out (and vice-versa) by using a code in game. This is a one-time code, which can be generated whenever you want to move your village.

Note: If the account in your new device has Town Hall level 4 or over, or you have bought gems for it, you will not move your Clash of Clans village from your old device to this new one. You need to reset your game from the new device and follow these steps.

Transfer Clash of Clans Village

  1. Open Clash of Clans on both your iOS and Android devices. If you do not have an Android device, don’t worry, you can install Android virtual machine on your PC.
  2. On your Android device, you need to connect your village with Google+, and on your iOS device, you need to connect your village with the Game Center.
  3. Open Settings Menu in Clash of Clans on both devices.
  4. Tap to the ‘Link a device’ button.
  5. Just follow the instructions on the screen.


  1. I was able to transfer my th8 account from iphone to android.but when i load or add additional th7 account on android no email is showing for my th8 the one that i just linked and only left is th7 and d th8 is missing and nid to link it gain?pls having a hard time permanently remove my th8 on my iphone and have all my account transferred to android.ty

  2. Hi. I started playing coc on my iphone5. Then transferred it to an android device. Now i want to play my same account simultaneously on my ipad mini for a bigger screen. I tried to link but in my android device, i get a message that i have linked the account previously and that linking maybe one once only. Can u help me please how to have my coc game both on my android and ipad mini? Thanks in advance ☺

  3. Hey Will, I have an iphone 6 and have IOS 9.2.1, I creating another apple ID to use as my game center login info in attempt to create another CoC account/base. However, when i change over my GC my old base still loads and it does not prompt me to create a new one, or load or anything. How shall i approach this?

  4. Can someone (hopefully will) please help.

    I have my TH10 on my iPhone and on my iPad, I also have a TH8 village on my PC through bluestacks, I am pretty sure over a year ago I had transferred my TH10 onto my PC to play in bluestacks, I rebooted my PC and started a new village (the TH8) which I now have on the PC.
    I now want to put my TH10 village back on my PC but when I go into the settings on either the iPad or iPhone through settings, link a device > this is the old device > i want to link to another device > I then get the ALREADY LINKED error – the current village has already been linked. The linking can be done only once.

    Any way to put the TH10 back on the PC and play through bluestacks, would I need to delete/restore both ipad/iphone to factory settings and then load up the TH10 again and try the link again ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Jeff,
      You just can’t do that mate. The only way to load your village is to use the Google ID you used before to host your Town Hall 10 village and load it on Bluestacks. You need to remember the Google ID you used before man!

  5. Hey there. I have a th7 account on iOS and my friend wants to give me his th9 account from android. He is going to give me control of his Google account to do this but I don’t have an android device… Is there a way to do this still?

  6. Hi Mr. Potter, i have a question. i have an account in my android device max th8. i want to transfer if to my ipod. but i have also a coc account on my ipod devices new th8. if i transfer my android account into my ios device, can i still play my my new th8? or it will be deleted after linking? please answer.

  7. Hi,,i have a village th10 in iOS ipad how can i transfer in my galaxy android phone,,i try & try but cannot respond,i have account in game center and my coc account is connected to fb,what can i do,pls help me coz my iOS ipad is defunct,i need to transfer now..thank you

  8. Hello and help! My iPad2 has been closing up my COC and now I been trying to transferring it into android phone. Is there a way to do it.? If there is what are the steps. What I have read it isn’t working, or I’m missing out something.?

  9. Mr. Will potter I have a question for you, I have a Th9 on Android which has never Been linked to any other device, I’m about to get a new iPhone 5s I also used to have a game center account, and I have a village in that account, so I think I’m not going to sign in with my old apple id instead I’ll create a new one but the question remains…. Can in transfer my ANDROID TH9 VILLAGE TO MY NEW IPHONE 5S? I’m aware that you can’t transfer something above a th4 level is that that true?

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