Linking Device Issue: Error Occurred (102)

Today, I just have noticed that there are a lot of people have been facing the Error Occurred (102) issue while linking device in Clash of Clans.

Error Occurred (102)

What is Error Occurred (102)?

This problem only shows up when you use the Link a Device option in game.

The linking system in game is based on the payment requirements of Google Play and App Store of your country. It means If there is a problem while connecting to the internet to load those payment requirements, your linking progress will be stopped.

How to fix the 102 issue while linking device?

It is very simple, just follow all these steps:

  1. Create a Internet Hotspot on the original device (the device that you are playing Clash of Clans on).
  2. On your new device, connect to that Hotspot and use it as the internet connection.
  3. The 102 Issue has been solved!

This method works fine with me. If you have any problems or still can’t fix it, please do a comment then I will try to help you!


  1. i have tried to connect my IOS device to my Android device but it says on my IOS device its say wrong account logged and says the current village is attached to a different game centre account than the one youre logged into.WHAT DO I DO HELP PLEASE

  2. There is a work around that I have found works if you continue to get the error 102, or a plethora of other messages telling you the link failed. However this work around does require the person giving over the new account to have both types of devices, such as a samsung device and an ios device. Essentially you link an alternative device at your end, with a new gaming account, and then hand over the new gaming account login details to whomever.

    Part 1 – Create a temporary holding device:
    1. On a spare device, which is the same as the device the account will end up on, uninstall CoC if it is already on there.
    2. Signout of any gaming account (google+ or gamecentre).
    3. Create a new gaming account (google+ or gamecentre).
    4. Sign into the new gaming account.
    5. Reinstall CoC and complete the tutorial.
    6. When the tutorial is complete go to settings, Link Device, and select this is the new device.

    Part 2 – Transfer Account To Temporary Device
    1. On the old, different device, go to settings, Link Device, and select this is the old device.
    2. Take the code and enter it onto the temporary device to complete the link.

    Part 3 – Hand Over New Gaming Account
    1. Give the new gaming account signin details to whomever the account is being given to.

    The reason for the error is mainly due to whether or not a user has spent money from in-app purchases. Please be aware, however, that you may be breaking Supercell terms of agreement by doing so.

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