How to reset Clash of Clans

These days, many players want to restart their Clash of Clans accounts but don’t know how. So I’ve decided to create this post and show you how to do that. It’s very simple. Just follow these steps below!


Reset Clash of Clans Account Tutorial

Note: From the new update, these method don’t work anymore.

There are two ways to reset your Clash of Clans account. This tutorial is made for people, who are using iDevice. You can do these step below similarly on your Android device.

With Android users, Just delete the app then download the new one. When it asks you to load your old village, just choose Cancel.

Method 1:

  1. Go to Settings ~> General ~> Factory Reset to reset your device to default settings.
  2. Once it’s completed, setup your device as usual.
  3. Create new Game Center account.
  4. Download Clash of Clans.
  5. When it asks you to load your old village, just click Cancel.
Reset Clash of Clans
Just click Cancel to create the new village.

Method 2:

By using this method, you need to have two iDevies, and one of them hasn’t played this game ever.

  1. On the device which hasn’t run Clash of Clans before, create new Game Center account.
  2. Download Clash of Clans and finish the Tutorial.
  3. On the device which has your old Clash of Clans village, sign out your account in Game Center.
  4. Use the new account which you’ve just created to sign back.
  5. Open CoC, there will be a warning popup, just click OK and type CONFIRM for affirmation.

Remember: This agent will delete your old village forever. Please weigh before doing something wrong.


  1. What i must to do, if i reset my game, created a new viliage, but if i trying to backup my progress with google+, he just asking me about my previous viliage & after my “No” answer – do nothing. I mean, if i checking – options-settings-google+ sign-in “disconnected”. Help?

  2. Hello Team, both of the above methods are useless annd not helping solving my problem,

    I need to restart my coc village.

    Please tell me a solutions where i need not to create another account. I need to restart my game over this account without linking anything else.

  3. i know how to start over in clash of clans..
    i just made it by exploring my phone without resetting my device and without uninstalling coc apps..
    no need to restore your phone..
    believe me..
    i just made it..

    if you wanna know..
    send me message..
    i will teach you..

    name is Basha..
    (+63) 9176292209

  4. is there any way to change my coc village name?I didn’t know that we can’t change our village name after selecting a name and I used my true ame and I don’t want to reaveal my identity over others.Is there any way to change my village name or setting up my game centre name would also be ok.Plz help me.

  5. opening my coc acount via gmail it says another device is loading this accnt! i want to transfer my village to my new gmail accnt because my village ruined, i cant link it to bec already did onced it says it can be done once, so how can i transfer my village to my new gmail accnt? is it possible?pls answer me im going insane now practically

  6. Dude help me please,some one is using my ACCOUNT(Android)I’ve change my password and how can i make he reset or he need to log in back..So if he log in he cant access because i already change my password

  7. Ok so.. I believe the first method will work best for me I just want your opinions. Anyways, so I have my Android account TH8 linked to my Apple iPhone 4s. I have tried signing out of my apple id and Game center and creating new ones (apple id & game center accounts) within the iphone but to no avail as every time CoC just connects my old Village to my brand new Game center and or Apple ID. Please, can anyone confirm the first method is best in my case, & or if I should go about it in a different way? thanks. and if there’s a better way than Resetting everything and even (losing my jailbreak) please let me know!

  8. Sorry to necro this but here’s the problem:

    I have never played CoC before this.
    I got in, and tried to connect to my google account.
    Guess what? A bigger village is already on it with a username I have never created before.

    Someone’s using MY google account to play this game? I’m having none of that.
    Is there anything else besides emailing the support to delete this account? Maybe reset it?

  9. I have 2 villages one is th6 which is almost maxed and other one is th9. I simply clear the data and connect another google id for second account.. one day i thoght i should take a risk of changing bases withot clearing data and guess what i did it with my th6 id by discoonecting it and reconnecting it from another account and nothing happened. My base was not deleted.

  10. I have a CoC game that has been disconnected from google+. The problem is that the game on the device is at command center 9 while the game in google+ is at command center 3. Is there a way to make the game on the device replace the game in google+?

  11. will those methods are stupid both because you need a new id either way, while the question is how to reset the current progress and using the same id .by the way on android devices you don’t have to do a full reset just to start a new instance with a new id you just add a new gmail and connect it cuz android support multiple id’s i don’t know about IOS

  12. What must i do, when I link my account in android to my IOS device it says:

    “Cannot Overwrite Village
    Your Village is already permanently attached to the Game Center account you have logged in with.

    Because the village already has progress (Town Hall Lvl 4 or a purchase made), it cannot be overwritten anymore.”

    Any help with this?

    • Hi Jumz.
      There is 1 Clash of Clans village which has been connected with your current Game Center account. You should create new Game Center account and Sign In with it in order to move the village from Android to iOS!

  13. I want to transfer an account from my android device onto my ipad but the thing is that my ipad and iphone are connected and have the same village loaded on them so is there any way i could transfer the account only to my ipad without losing my current village on my phone?

  14. Here is a way to rest your account on Android. I did it today by messing around. To do this you will need access to root on android. Warning!! This method will erase your account from your phone (android). If you have not back up your account on google play, you will not get your account back an unless you contact supercell with account the account id.

    1.First donwload from

    or install boom beach and navigate to /data/data/com.supercell.boom/lib and copy the

    2.Navigate to /data/data/com.supercell.clasho/lib and replace with the one you have copied (make sure you make a backup of this file)

    3.Start clash of clan. I will either say clash of clan have stop working or “it appear clash of clan have not install properly, please re-install”. It say the first option, replace the original file back and it will say the second when you start the game again. If it say the second option, uninstall the game and re-install the game.

    4.Start the game once more and it will be from the beginning.

    Good luck

  15. Hi Will Potter! I have really big prob. I have my main account of coc but I wanna create a new one and for creating a new one I have created like 2 new Apple ID and Game Center with it but my main account of coc is still coming on the new accounts !! Please help

  16. I had an iPhone and played coc on it. I left it alone for a year after I switched to droid. Since then, I started a new game and have a town hall 6. My old one a town hall 8. I’d like to find a way to transfer my old clan account to a droid account without deleting my new clan. Is this possible? Thanks

  17. Help! , I tried opening my old coc account using bluestacks, and in my bluestacks there is an existing new coc account. I dont know what happen. but if i sign in using my old gmail which is i used in my old coc account , the new account is appearing. I think the new overwrite with the old? 🙁

  18. 1.down voteLog off/disconnect from Google+ in Class of Clans.
    2.Hold the app, and pull it to the “app info” thing.
    3.Click “clear data/cache” (the one next to uninstall app) or uninstall coc and reinstall it…

    i have done this method several times and it works 🙂

  19. My brother sold me his iphone which currently has his village on it. The device my village is saved to is on my android device. How can I replace my brothers village on this iphone with mine without deleting his village forever. Referring to your method 2 instructions

  20. I have two COC accts currently on my Iphone 6+ and I wanted to make a new base. I made a new apple ID that I logged into gamecenter with completely unconnected to any one previously. I deleted COC and restarted my phone. I reinstalled COC and it went to the last village I was logged in on? It wont let me start a new base, I even did this twice creating a new gamecenter ID and it didn’t work again. This took all day I don’t understand it. Any ideas?

  21. I linked the android account on my iphone…
    After i played it max th 10 i want to link to another account from androin
    I do what you said i creat the new apple id and reinstalling clash of clan
    But it still load my old account.?.
    Please help mee !!!!!!

  22. Help plz lol. Ok so broke iphone got new one downloaded clash of clans. Went to the app not through game center leveled up to town hall 2. Decided that i wanted to play as my old town hall again town all level 8. So i did the factory reset and went through game center and it didn’t give me an option to restore my town hall 8 just gave me an option to restore town hall 2.Im not sure if anyone has had this problem if so any ideas.

  23. Hey need some help. I previously downloaded coc on my iPad, I played to th2 and didn’t enjoy it so I deleted it. However when I bought my iPhone later in the year, I downloaded it again to give it a another chance. I started a new profile, and I’m now th8, but what bugs me is that everytime I open the game, I’m asked if I want to load up my th2 base again. How do I stop this? It really irritates me having to press cancel everytime I open the game.

  24. HELP! I had two C.O.C accounts. One on my android tablet, one on my iPhone. The one on my tablet is further along, and the one I want to keep. However my tablet just broke. How do i delete the one on iPhone and transfer the one from my tablet?

  25. I’ve reset my Iphne, because I wanted to restart clash of clans. But every time I open clash of clans I get the message if I want to load my old village. Is there any way of making that message dissapear for good?

  26. I have problem dealing with my old CoC account. I sold my old CoC account to somebody. I created the new Apple ID but when I download and install it why it is still connected with my old account? I’ve tried many times to log out and log in with another Apple ID and Game Center still it’s my old account which I already sold it. I want a new game in my iPad please someone help me. What should I do?

  27. I have 2 devices. A phone and an ipad. i want to transfer my account on the iphone to the ipad. The problem is, I have my gamecenter signed in on both accounts with the same account. But the coc accounts are different

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