How to play 2 Clash of Clans Accounts at the same time

Normally, if you want to switch to another Clash of Clans village, you need to Sign In with another Google account in the Settings menu in game on Android devices. It is even more annoying for iOS users, because after signing in and out, users also need to remove the game and restart their devices. We all hate how knotty it is!

Today, I’m going to show you an alternative, which is a lot easier and faster: Cloning the Clash of Clans application on your phone. Now, you can play from a number of accounts simultaneously without having to go through the cumbersome process of switching accounts.

Note: You need to Jailbreak/Root your device in order to follow my steps in this tutorial.

With iOS devices

If you are using an iOS devices, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Cydia and search for “Social Duplicator” and then Install it.
  2. After installing, you can see the Social Duplicator icon on your homescreen. Simply tap it to open!
    Duplicator icon
  3. You will see that plenty of applications that are supported by Duplicator like the screenshot below. Simply choose Clash of Clans ~> tap on the current game version ~> Download.
    duplicator on iOS
  4. As you can see in the screenshot above, Duplicator currently allows you install 3 more Clash of Clans applications. After downloading, here’s what I have on my screen:
    Clash of Clans Clone on iOS
  5. Done! From now, you can play 2 or more Clash of Clans accounts on just one device at the same time:
    Clash of Clans Clone on iOS

How to connect the new Clash of Clans app with another village?

After creating the new application, it will load a brand-new level 1 village, of course.

To load the second village, just go to Settings ~> Game Center ~> Sign Out the current Game Center account and then Sign In with the 2nd account.

Read this tutorial If you don’t know how to Sign Out from Game Center.

With Android Users

If you are using an Android device, follow these steps. This is even easier than iOS!

  1. Download this tool and install it on your device.
  2. After installing, open it, browse to the application list, hold your finger on the Clash of Clans icon then choose Clone Application.
  3. If the system ask “Do you really want to create the Clone?” – Tap on YES button.
  4. Done!

You can see all details in this video:

How to load my second village in the new Clone app?

  1. Go to Settings ~> Accounts ~> Add new account ~> Sign In with the Google Account of your 2nd Clash of Clans village.
  2. Open the Clone App ~> Sign In with Google+ ~> Choose the new Google Account that you’ve just added at the first step above.
  3. Done.

If you can’t connect to your 2nd account by using those steps above, please scroll down and read the Kaung Sett Naing’s comment.

Many thanks to Pratyush Yadav for helping me improve the quality of this post.

If you have any question/problem, just comment below and I will try my best to help you out!


  1. I seen a few youtube videos from some of the big COC channels where it is explained how to set up multiple COC accounts on an iOS device without having to jailbreak the device. I haven’t done it, but apparently it isn’t difficult to do. I’m not saying people shouldn’t jailbreak their iOS device if that is what they choose to do; however, they should be aware that there is an alternative method for accomplishing this goal that does not require jailbreaking. Frankly, I can’t wait until I am able to purchase a new iPad that supports iOS 9. Being able to concurrently run another app while playing COC would be great.

  2. Thank you very much for this method! I’m using android and Lucky Patch is really working! .. I have 2 accounts playing now thnks to cocland. Been checking all your post since I have found out about your guides and strategy, been following all of that. Keep up the good work cocland team! πŸ˜€

  3. For android you can just add multiple google account and just connect and disconnect from google play through game setting without any problem, mine have 4 account, 2 mine, 2 my brother. It seems you don’t really need to clone app.
    But for Ios this guide definitely good. :D, I will be playing on my ipad then πŸ˜€

  4. Whenever I try to switch to my second account then it can’t connect with the google account. It remains disconnected. I tried several times but still after loading it remains disconnected. So, will u please tell me what should I do??? I installed BLUESTACKS in Windows 8.1.

  5. Guys, I am using an iPad 2nd generation, with the latest IOS update.
    Coc is also the very latest updated version.
    I have yesterday downloaded Social Duplicator, soon after I have succesfully created 3 clones of COC. I also have completed for all of the clones the tutorial of the game.
    When I log in, the game center welcome message appears correctly, but after that: THE GAME DOESN’T PROMPT ME TO SWITCH TO THE BASE WHICH IS CONNECTED TO THE GAME CENTER ACCOUNT.
    Has anybody found a way to solve this????

    • There is no work around, unfortunately this does not work. The game is not recognized by game center in IOs. probably works fine in Android but not IOs. You can see this if you completely log out of game center, launch the game and it will ask you to login to GC, when you do you get the message “game not Recognized” oh well to bad. Or we could have done something wrong, maybe it is the “free” version I got of duplicator. LOL, login in and out of GC is just fine to be able to play 2 different villages. πŸ™‚

  6. Will i have to say that i always come to your site for anything coc and literally its the best place to find anything related to the game and this post right here, is EPIC!!! Thanks a mill gems

    • You have downloaded the wrong file, I am sure.
      I downloaded a wrong file before and Clash of Clans didn’t work. The second one is the one I am using and Clash of Clans is working fine.
      If it doesn’t work, how can I take the screenshot above, right?

    • Why you need to restore your phone buddy?
      Make sure that you have linked your village with your Game Center account and then you can use that Game Center account to load your Clash of Clans account on all Apple devices.

  7. I have found that lucky patcher can clone clash of clans;but this clone coc really cannot connect with google plus because of permission of googe play and clash of clans.But I have a way to play your second account on clone coc made by lucky patcher.If anyone interested; I will show you and tell you that way.Just comment;yes.

  8. Hi guys;
    I am now showing how to play your second account on clone coc made by lucky patcher.
    As you know; the problem is clone coc cannot connect with google plus so you cannot sign in and play your second account.I am not showing you to connect clone coc to google plus.Only original coc can connect with google plus on androids.I only show you to play your signed in account on clone coc. Ok.

    Your phone must be rooted and must have root explorer!

    Step(1) Open your original coc and sign in your second account.If google plus button appear ‘green’; press exit.

    Step(2) Make the clone coc with lucky patcher and install it. Don’t open it.( I think you can make clone coc with lucky patcher; so I am not explaining how to clone).

    Step(3) Open root explorer. go to ‘data>data>com.supercell.clashofclans> In this; long press ‘shared-prefs’ and press copy. Back one time;and press ‘com.supercell.clashofclant’ ; press ‘copy here’.

    Step(4) In this folder; long press copied ‘shared-prefs’ and press permissions. And fill marks as the photo I uploaded shown; and press ok. Done!. Now;the data of your second account village has reached to clone coc. Open your clone coc.Enjoy! Please read carefully and look at the photos; you can easily make it. Thank you very much.

    Download here ‘root explorer apk’

    The main key of this way is copying data of second account from original coc to clone coc.You can also play three or more accounts you have as this way above.Only need to sign in account at original coc that you want to play. Then just copying ‘shared-prefs’ from original coc to clone coc in root explorer.Don’t forget to change permissions.

  9. Hi will, thank you so much for this, I’ve been looking for that for a long time, however I got a problem, I’m using ios and after installing coc2 and login with my second acc, the message that always appear when you change between two village ( CONFIRM message) dosent apear, alot of people have the same problem so I hope If you can help us, thank you again.

  10. Had a quick question, not sure if anyones had this problem. I installed a 2nd clash acct and followed the directions, and it works perfectly. Each app is it’s own account, and works perfectly. However, I can’t purchase gems on my 2nd account, and it says “Sign into game center” and when i click on it, it takes me to my already signed in game center. Any suggestions? I’ve tried signing in with 2nd game center act, and iTunes act, but nothing seems to change. I need my 5 builders!

    • On Android, If you need to purchase Gems, you have to clone the new Google Play app. I haven’t found any way to clone AppStore on iOS properly. So I think you need to Sign In to the new Apple ID If you want to purchase Gems mate.

  11. Hi i followed Kaung Sett Naing guide and i got 3 coc accounts running on the same android device. Which is awesome!! Thank you. I was trying to put a 4th account but no luck. I think having 4 accounts is overrated lol. In root explorer if tou clone you get com.supercell.clashofclans/
    the clone gets the following letter after s. But the 4th clone which would be “v” doesn’t shows up. Even after lucky patcher installed the clone coc for the 4th time.

  12. Hey, great tutorial, just found it out myself, but I’m here to aks you, what happens when there is an update for CoC, and it forces you to download it? Does The update applies then for every CoC Version? Because I dont think so :/

  13. Hi, I’m running IOS 8.4 and COC version 8.116.2. The original COC works as expected. The second one is stuck on the level 1 town hall. It acknowledge that I’ve signed into the second GC account, but doesn’t allow me to confirm if I want to load my established base. Any assistance please?

  14. When I installed Social Duplicator it didn’t have the newest update of COC so I got rid of it and installed Social Duplicator 2 and it has the newest update, but when I open the duplicated coc it goes from the supercell screen to “downloading contents” and then goes back and forth back and forth forever. Anyone got a fix for this?

  15. Really nice post!!! Ty kuang and clasher for ur help! I can play more than 2 accouns on anroid(thats what i want) but i cant clone coc, when i duplicate/clone it with social duplicator 2, it dowloads old version of coc and latest version isnt shown in it, tried editing info.plist file from ipa package but sometime it stuck on downloadingcontent or load the same base which i m playing on my original coc! Need some help, send me an alternate or help me i editing those files from package! I will really be glad, i wana be a modder/programmer! Caz it is fun! Andu can help everyone! I have great respect for programerS! Caz of them i can mod , hac and tryt newthings! Would be glad if u help me!

  16. Hello, I’m following this website since I started to play this game. But now after using 2 accounts in 1 device my 1st account got banned :'( I used a app named Parallel Space to use multiple CoC accounts in Android. The send massage icon at Help and Support also not showing. I mailed them directly via [email protected]. But in reply thay are telling that i used some kind of hack or mods… I spent almost 10 months for that account! You can check Parallel space in play store, it’s just a normal app to use multiple accounts. Can you tell me what should I do now?

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