How to Log Out of Game Center

If you want to log out of the Game Center in iOS to play another Clash of Clans account, here is the way to do that!

Just following these simple steps. I have just tested it on my iPad with iOS 7 and iPhone running 8 but I think it works on all iOS versions!

  1. On your iOS device, open Settings menu then choose the Game Center menu.
    How to Log Out of Game Center
  2. Tap on the Apple ID (yellow line in the above image) menu then choose Sign Out.
  3. You have done.

After logging out, you can use another Apple ID to Sign In. Sometimes the new Apple ID will load the old data from the previous account. It is recommend that you should restart your phone after logging out of Game Center.


  1. Hi sir will potter.i have a question..I linked my coc account to ios th9. That account will be save to my apple id right? i want to make a new village to my old gmail and my village is save to it..what if i delete that village to my android so i still use my old gmail?that village will delete to my ios too or not?tnx

  2. Hi I have an account on my android phone and I want switch to another phone (iPhone ) but when I open the game covmc here it opens my sisters old account. Like u said remove the game center account then do but u don’t have another apple ID. Please do suggest

  3. started a clan on my iPad and never linked it to my Game Center. I have another device on my iPhone with a clan on Game Center. Can I logout of gC on my iPad, create a new account and log in and save my iPad game to the new game center id?

  4. i just played my clash of clan on my ios device the i linked it up to an android device but the google account on my android device was deleted and i cant remember the email and password of the google account that i just created.and my ios device was can i move it back again to my new android device?please help.its town hall 7 now.

  5. I got a older phone from a friend and deleted all his acc info on phone I created a new Game Center account for me. Now when I go into Clash of Clans it loads my friends base but logs me as my new account but keeps his name and base. I have deleted Clash of Clans and re loaded reset my phone multi times but but it will not stop giving me my friends town. Any ideas??

  6. Hi, my old iphone broke, so i bought a new one. I backed up my icloud and all my apps downloaded for me, so i opened clash of clans and the base was reset. now i have e-mailed supercell telling me too do things that i have already done. my old account was town hall 9, and i really dont want to start again haha, can you help?

  7. A year ago I linked my current village (Google play) into my girlfriend’s iPad (her game centre), and I was using it for quite sometime then I stopped using the iPad and she started playing clash of clan (she uses and iPhone) and she linked it to her iPad and I continue playing my village with my android. Now I bought an iPhone and I cannot connect it into it and I couldn’t retrieve my data at her iPad because her game centre is connected to her village. So please help me.

  8. hi..i have sold my iphone 15days ago.i’ve reset all settings.but a few days ago while i m attacking in clan wars then someone log in to my coc id.this happened many time after that….now what should i do to secure my clash of clans id is th10 max.i dont wanna lose my id at any cost.plz someone help me….plz

  9. Hi sir ..Coc hack my account because it was purchased by the buyer on facebook and I link in Ios, how to remove my coc in ios device of the badguy he scam my google account ..please help thanks ..sorry for my bad grammar.

  10. Hy my frnd whenever i try to link my android coc account to ios account then this msg will appear that cannot overwrite your village as it is permanently attached to game centre then what should i do my Friend

  11. Hy will i want to shift my th8 village fom my android account to my iphone which i bought recently from my friend but it is loading my friends th9 village . I have tried everything you said but nothing is working. so please help…

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