How to fix If Clash of Clans isn’t compatible with your device

I have received loads of questions about the problem “Your device isn’t compatible with this version of Clash of Clans” after the update. This is a common problem of not only this game but also lots of other Applications on Android. Today, I’m going to show you hơ to fix that with ease!

Clash of Clans isn't compatible with your device

If your device isn’t compatible with Clash of Clans, please make sure that:

  • You are using the latest Google Play version.
  • Your Google Play Services app is updated to the latest version.
  • You are not using a custom ROM version of your device.

Most players can download Clash of Clans as normal after checking all 3 steps above. But If you still can’t, simply download the APK version of this game at here and install it directly on your phone, everything should be Okay.

If you still want to install the game directly from Google Play, you can go to Settings/Application Manager and Clear Cache of Google Play Store and Google Play Services (Thanks Jazzydeth for sharing this).

Don’t hesitate to ask If you need help. I will always try my best to help you guys!


  1. After I downloaded the apk file it said that good news there’s a new version of. The game then when I clicked update the google play store appeared. Then it said your device isn’t compatible with this version. It happened after I reset my tab please help.

  2. I have downloaded the apk file mentioned above. When I opened it, it says update is available now it leads me to the Google play store where it says not compatible….. Mine is Android lollipop!!!
    Help me out plz

  3. I cleared the cache from the Google play store as well as the Google play service and it worked for me but I had to clear both caches because otherwise it would say my device was incompatible. This worked for me at least.

  4. I have installed the APK given above,, and successfully installed… But then when i open my coc Christmas song came out and said that there is a good news, i have to update my coc and it goes straight to google play store… And the bad news is i can’t update because my device is not compatible… Why this happen to me… Why???? ???

  5. I have been playing clash of clans on my bluestacks. On 24th after the auto update of google play service on my bluestacks, I changed my Clash of clans game acc to my 2nd one. And since then, I cant change back to my main game acc. This is really frustrating. I deleted the whole bluestacks and reinstalled again. Now, it says ‘Your device is not compatible with this version’ when I try to download it from the google play store. What do I do?

  6. oh shit i know it because i just install a custom rom on my devices and now it is not compatible with my device anymore anyone here got a solution for this or do i need to install the officila rom?Thanks

  7. Hi,don’t mean to be a bother but I have a new tablet which is apparently incompatible with COC,I followed your directions and installed the apk you provided but im having the “new update – incompatible with device”problem and am wondering if its me,the device or the apk that’s the problem, thanks for the help as well mate

  8. hi, i used a modded apk for checking gameplay and now after deleting it i tried downloading coc and it says that it is not compatible, how can i fix this ? tried all of above ( I played coc on that device before the th11 update) HELP pleaseeee !!!!!!

  9. YAYYYY!!!!!!!! Solved it !!!!!!!
    Just wait for your Play store to be updated. It should solve the problem. IF the above doesnt work. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Glad to be of assistance.. I also have the latest APK if anyone wants

  10. I just got a replacement phone for my phone I lost, and coc isn’t compatible with this phone–even though its almost exactly the same phone! So frustrating. I tried to download the APK version from here, and my phone just pretended to download it and it stopped downloading. Did I forget something?

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