How to fix: Clash of Clans crashes or doesn’t load (Android)

The new version was out a couple of hours ago and seems like there are many Clashers cannot load Clash of Clans or it keeps crashing while running. In this small tutorial, I will show you how to fix this awkward problem.


Firstly, you need to sure that you are using the official version of Clash of Clans which is from Google Play Store. If you are not, please download a new one.

Secondly, here is the minimum specifications to run this game:

  1. Android OS 4.0.3 or later version.
  2. 0.5 GB of RAM (strong recommend 1GB or more).
  3. 800×480 of screen resolution.

Then follow these steps, one of them can help you fix these problem:

  • Restart your phone by pressing then holding the Power button, then choose Restart.
  • Remove your current game then re-install it.
  • Ensure your device is not full by going to Setting ~> Storage. You need at least 50MB free for playing Clash of Clans.
  • Log out your Google and Facebook accounts then log back in.
  • Be sure that your Date/Time settings and Time Zone are correct.
  • Try an alternate connection method.
  • If you can’t visit this page, it means your connection is blocked some ports, you cannot play this game:
  • If you still can’t play, contact the Supercell supports directly at [email protected]

If you have any other step to fix these problems, please comment! Thank you so much!


  1. My clash of clans name was DeViiL ARYA 07 and currently I am in no clan. I don’t remember my exact level but I was a town hall 7. My device i.e my phone – lava iris x8 once when i was trying to open clash of clans to play, the loading screen didn’t went. I couldn’t even open to my village. Tried everything. I reinstalled the game thrice as also updated it to the latest version. Restarted my phone and also made an alternative connection but the loading screen didn’t went. Please help!

  2. I already uninstalled my facebook app and other apps too but my clash of clans app still force closing. I also restarted my phone after I uninstalled apps. My device is Samsung Galaxy Core with 1gb free space on SD card and 2gb free spcae on device memory. Thanks.

  3. Hi, so when I open my coc it stucks at the loading screen (the bar always fills exact amount),then after 2-4 min it pops out that i lost connection to server, then i click try again and than I wait another 2-4 min looking at the black screen and then my coc opens and the bar fills up instantly so i can play it.
    Any solutions? This hapens every single time btw. My android is samsung galaxy grand prime with lollipop 5.1 and i did almost everything to try to solve it, also this hapens ither if I use wifi or my mobile data.

  4. Why clash of clans doesnt work on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime? Anybody fix that problem?. Coc stop run at loading screen and past 1-2 minute write its a problem with internet conections. I serach how to fix this problem , but i dont find any fix. Can anybody help me ???? Please. I just buy new phone and i cant play coc 🙁

  5. My game has been working just fine even after the update. Now whenever I try to run the screen freezes “on home screen view” and the game doesn’t show 🙁 I have to press home screen button to be released from that freezingand close the game. “I don’t have facebook app”

      • I want to play coc without vpn. But for adding vpn from my mobile its stop working it is might be a fake vpn. Now what i can do plz tell me. When i start the game or try to open the game then its says me data not connected or server may be broken or not supported.

          • Few month ago i look for some free gem and i got a VPN apps which clams that it be will help me to do this .. for this purpose they give a proxy adds and told me to put it in after opening the vpn software after that its block opening of coc before that all things are fine and normal. And i dont known how to use vpn or i dont want to use vpn at all. After that i had hard reset my phone and try every possible way to came out from the situation but nothing change. Now i want help from u can you help me out

          • I was also looking for free gems after that my coc crashes it says login failed please try again. Please help me solving this problem.

  6. My game won’t even load and I uninstalled the game but after it’s done, the game icon is not on my screen which is weird and also when I look it up on Google Play store, it only has “Open” button and the “uninstall” button is missing. Because of this, I think I quit CoC. But not if I can find a solution.

  7. Man my google account is logged in my phone.i deleted coc did to some problem and now when i installed it again and sign in my id the siggning process is shown on top of screen but that “load your id” box is not coming.plz help me brother

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