Game Center keeps asking to load other village?

This is a common problem of all Clash of Clans players who are using iOS devices: Every time when you open Clash of Clans and load with your village, a Game Center Alert pops up and asks for loading other village like the image below. This alert is very annoying and it will stay for ever If you don’t follow this tutorial to fix it!

Game Center and the annoying alert

If your Game Center (GC) keeps asking to load other village when you are playing Clash of Clans, It means your current village is not linked to your current Game Center account. As we all know, one village in game just can be connected to just one Apple ID/Game Center ID.

How to fix this problem?

To stop GC from keeps showing this annoying popup, you need to log off the current GC account and sign in with the correct one. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings ~> Game Center ~> Choose the current GC account ~> Sign Out.
  2. Sign In with the GC account which is connected with the village you are playing.

You can read more details at: How to Log Out of Game Center

Note: If you are facing this problem on iOS 6 or earlier, you can’t follow the steps above ’cause Clash of Clans has stopped supporting those OSs since April 2015.

My current village hasn’t been connected to any account

Yes and you still face this problem because when you were creating this village, you didn’t sign in with any GC account. You signed in with the current GC account after creating your current CoC village so you can’t replace that strange village. You need to create new Apple ID and use it to connect with your village.

If you have any question about this irritating alert, don’t hesitate to ask, I will always try my best to help you!


  1. So I am logged in with my correct game center account and I still get this error. I have even logged out and logged back in while in the game. Still no luck and get the same error. Any ideas?

      • Hey! I just saw this reply (6 MONTHS late!). At any rate, I only have one AppleID, which works on everything else. But loading Clash of Clans does not sync on any of them and still wants me to load Chief Whatever’s Village. I just cancel and play on, but it is annoying that it is EVERY time I load, and that I can only access my village on one device.

  2. I’ve tried everything to get that pop up from appearing every time I go into coc. I’ve restarted my IPad and it still appears. I changed my password on my IPad and thought I had it, but NO!
    Coc has a glitch in their program. I wish they would fix it!

  3. I have my village and connected with my Game Center and now i use village in another Game Center and another iphone now i i use my village he say want to load …. village ? Howwww i just have one village in my Game Center how he load village in another Game Center! Please help

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