How to fix: Already Linked Problem

I have received couples of emails from you guys, who are facing this problem: Already Linked! The current village has already been linked. The linking can be done only once.


In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to transfer Clash of Clans account from iOS to Android and vice versa. If you follow all those steps then face this problem, it means that:

  • You have already linked your village to other device. You cannot do it again.
  • You have 2 accounts for play Clash of Clans: One for iOS and one for Android. If you want to play game on new device, just Sign In with your linked Game Center or Google Play account.

If you cannot remember the ID of your account, you can contact the support of Supercell via the Help menu in game or [email protected], give them your current Google ID (If you are using Android) or Game Center (If you are using iOS) name and they will help you to find the other one.


  1. I haven’t had this error but I don’t understand this post. I play my village on 3 andriod devices but I believe I could link it to another iOS. Does this error mean the village is already linked/attached to a google+ AND an Apple gamecenter account?

          • But I mean, I linked my Google Account to an IPhone for two weeks while my Android device was being fixed and now I cannot link muy village again to muy original Android device. If I use the old Google Account after having linked my village to a Game Center account, will it work?

          • It always works mate.
            Don’t worry!
            Make sure that you have linked your village with your Google account!

          • So if I linked my main account from IOS to Android, that’s one link and causes the already link error. If I download Clash on a new iPad that has never seen Clash, I should be able to sign in to the game center that i started playing on first and get my current village on there right? Despite the Android link?

          • so Will. for the first questions. I have an android and i can link to other androis for fun its very easy with G+. but when i tried to link it to my new ipad (my sister old ipad) i cannot do it because my android says already linked. you can link only once. wherecan I refer andd ask where is it linked, cause i really don’t know which and who’s game center I might have used back a few years ago. I m not even sure I eer did this but where can I ask???

  2. Im having the exact same problem, has anyone found a solution. I started my account on my dads galaxy s4 but later that year i got an iphone 5 and i was already a max th8 so i link my clash account to my iphone. Now i got an iphone 6 and im trying to get the account on here but my dads phone is saying account has already been linked?!? I cant just log into game center becuase the account is android based and is saved through google+. Does anyone know a way to solve this problem, im an almost max th10…I CANNOT START OVER!!!

  3. Hi, i need help. I was playing CoC TH8 in my iphone and linked it to my ipad. I got a new android phone and i started playing using a new CoC account that is now linked to my google+. Now i want to stop using my iphone and continue playing TH8 in my ipad and my new android phone but I cant link it anymore. What do i do? Thanks much for your help.

  4. What if i know my gmail account which i linked my CoC but it so happen that when i log jn my gmail account when i open CoC it go back to lvl 1. But my Game center account which also my CoC is attached it lvl 97 -.- what seems to be the problem.

  5. i have linked already my IOS account to my google account and then i deleted my gmail account because want to use another gmail to link my IOS account the i will link old device from IOS i cannot linked to other anymore because its stated that current village has already bee linked.. what should i do?

  6. i had buy a new andoid device and i would like to link my current IOS iphone coc account to my new android device. But it said i already linked to a deviced, and i cant remember did i linked before.
    So, to solve my problem just follow this way?

  7. Hi Will Potter, I hope you’re doing well,
    I just wanna ask if is it possible for the suppercell support team to unlink my current village to whatever gmail account it was linked to before? originally my account was created on my iPhone, few months back I’d linked my account to a gmail account the problem is I can’t recall what was the exact email address on where I linked my account, and now I want to link my village to another device but I can’t. Can you please advice on what would be the best course of action for this kind of scenario?

  8. I am using BlackBerry Z30 mobile now am playing clash of clan game but how can save my village to Facebook r Google r data of it….. pls pls tell me the solution can we login with my profile id in other way….???????

  9. Hello, I started my COC progress on an iPod 5, but then I got an android phone. I linked my village into the new device as needed. The problem is that I switched carrier and had to get a new phone. Since linking my device again isn’t possible, what is a solution? TY

  10. Hello Will Potter, I transferred my TH8 account from my iPad to my computer. I am now trying to put the computer account onto my iPhone as well as keep it on my computer. Whenever I select this is the old device on my computer it says it has been linked too many times. Thanks in advance.

  11. Sir potter please i need ur help badly i have coc in ios apple my email is from then my problems is how can i get my google play its possible to change my y.c to gmail which remain my coc account? i also linked my account before and now i cant linked it anymore

  12. i have linked iOS village to android village and then by mistake i deleted it from the android device how do i get it a back on the android device every time i download a new th1 appears i am a th6 so dont want to lose my progress

  13. Please help me???
    i have linked my Iphone 4 and Iphone 5s with one Village now want to use new CoC in 4 but when ever i download it apears and load the old village
    what to do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Please help!! I linked my coc from my android to my girlfriends iPhone but about a month later I got a new phone which is an iPhone. So I tried to transfer it and to find out that I couldn’t anymore. Is there a way that I can get my coc on my new phone?

  15. I have a problem my friend gave me his account to play I logged onto it and It came up as a new account and now there two accounts on 1 email and you can’t connect the th7 village to the original email only the th2 can please help?!?!?!

    I have an iPad connected with gamecenter through which I used to play COC. Then I linked it with an android phone…I later sold my android phone after remove COC and all email ids as well to get a new android phone (XT1080) but I can’t link my COC in this cuz it gives already linked error. Is there anyway I can link it on my new phone again?

  17. I need help guys. My main th9 acc was on my iphone but I lost my iphone. So now I want to transfer transfer acc to my Android LG tablet but I already have a th7 on this android. My th9 on my iphone was linked to game center and my th7 on android is linked to google play. I cant just log into my th9 gamecenter on android to recover it because android doesn’t have game center. When I try to link my th9 to my android it says i csbg overwrite village since it is above th4. Please help.

  18. Hey hmm,
    I had to start new account because my old iphone broke… And I didn’t look if I could get it back. Nevermind! Half a year ago I started my new account and now I want to connect it to Google Play. I play on my laptop via Bluestacks.
    The problem is that it says my account already has a village with a Town Hall 1. And now I’m already Town Hall 8. But how can I connect my account without losing it? I mean if I make new Google Play account I will lose my village won’t I?

  19. I want to sync my Google mail account which has my lvl 7 town hall so I tried the process ” Code linking in the game settings” but it says that already link: this village is already link Etcetera. I can open my account on other ANDROID devices because I need just to sync my gmail account but how can I sync my gmail coc account to my iphone if the code linking process is saying that my account is already sync? Please help me

    My Gmail is : [email protected]
    It has my lvl 7 town hall
    Thank you

  20. I need help!! My bf use my apple acc Id to play his coc account on his phone. so I created new apple id acc so that I can create new one, but after I created and download coc back, it is still my bf’s coc account! How do I recover this? And also what if I continue play with my bf account in my phone will it affect his game?? (If I don’t link the device)

  21. hi am using iphone and playing COC. my game center id and my gmail id both are same
    i had already linked my iphones coc account to my gmail coc account.
    after that i had made one more coc account with my same gmail account
    now my iphones coc is another then the androin coin iphone my town hall is 8 and in androin with same gmail id town hall is 5
    i want to use townhall 8 in both device
    how can i use iphones coc in my android coc.
    please please please help me

  22. hi am using iphone and playing COC.
    my game center id and my gmail id both are same
    i had already linked my iphones coc account to my gmail coc account.
    after that i had made one more coc account with my same gmail account
    now my iphones coc is another then the android coc in iphone my town hall is 8 and in android with same gmail id town hall is 5
    i want to use townhall 8 in both device
    how can i use iphones coc in my android coc.
    please please please help me

  23. I cant resolve my problem with Clash Of Clans. The problem is: when I
    click on a ”clan castel” or a ”Archer Tower”, the game kick me out. In
    BlueStacks1 I did not have this problem! So, why with BlueStacks2 my
    Clash of Clans dont remeber all its updates???

  24. Ok, you wouldn’t believe my case.
    I couldn’t find anything previously linked to this, this being the closest and newest I came here.
    So, I made an account for the fun of rushing about a month ago. I created a new gmail. I linked that Gmail to that account. Done.
    I removed Data on my phone (if you’re an android user you know this- you sign into the account after returning the app to stock settings.)
    I have it on my tab, and created it on my tab.
    Today, i tried opening it on my phone, but instead of saying ‘Are you sure you want to open TrueMaxOutClash? Progress in current game will be lost!’, it said ‘Are you sure you want to open *insert chinese name*?’.
    I immediately logged onto my tab.
    Account still there, lvl12, TH5.
    Check to see if its connected like I always do.
    Click to connect.
    ‘Are you sure you want to open *insert chinese name*?’.
    My account is secure, using secure personal passwords.
    Google?! SuperCell?!
    Now I have to create a god damn new account to save this progress again.
    Oh, and I opened that Chinese name account, its a TH lvl1 untouched.

  25. Bro help i wann give my coc acc to my other n his iphone bt whenever i try to link device in his phone its says ur game centre is hav allready village i try when change with other apple id bt not working plz help me bro …

  26. my account is on apple id or gamecenter. i want to transfer to android but its already linked to another devide. The problem is can’t remember the email and password of that account using android or google play. how to fix this problem.? My “COC” account is not connect in facebook.

  27. One of my friends has given me his village as he is no longer playing the game. I logged into his account and added his base into the app in my phone. The problem is I actually had a coc base already which I removed and added the new one, now when I try to sync it with my account it show’s a pop up saying “Load a previous village ” to which I said no and now I can’t sync the new base with my account… can u please help me do that.

  28. Guys i started playing COC two years ago and I was using an iphone 5 with th 9 townhall. Now I bought a new phone and it says the account has been linked. Ive never done anything like that in my entire life and I dont know how to fix this issue. Supercell has been very sloppy with helping me out and they just send a message after three days. I really think they want me to start playing again from scrap so that if i reach town hall 5 they will say it cant be overwritten. Is there anyway to bypass this issue ? Please guys ?

  29. So I’m sure you’ve already answered this but I’m still having trouble..
    I recently just got an iPhone. I previously had an android and had backed up my account on an iPad. Whenever I go to try and get my account on my iPhone it says alread linked.

  30. Will potter through linking a device option can u link one coc account to to Google+ account.
    I mean when u link account to other device then to sfe guard the linked progress to your newly link devise can one use new Google+ account for that??

  31. Hello Will, i need help, a friend of mine was playing coc a long time ago and he had saved his account with facebook (his device is android) now when he wants to get back to the game, he deleted it then downloaded it again when he tries to connect with facebook it tells him “this facebook account is already linked with other village” we tried lots of ways to solve this but cant :(, how can he get back on his facebook account also he hasnt saved the village on any of the google+ accounts he have, thanks.

  32. what if i want to delete my original coc account(old GOOGLE account)….wil i ll be able to play the game on my second linked account( ICLOUD GAME CENTER NEW ACCOUNT)…….really need to know this!…coz i want to delete my google+ profile as i dont have an android phone anymore……………

  33. Ok can I get some help please. I used to have my good base on my iPhone and had another base.on my android. I got a new Samsung and want my base from my iPhone onto my new Samsung but I paired it with a tablet long ago that I already sold. Is there any way that I can get my account from my iPhone onto my new Samsung bc every time I try it loads up my lower base from my previous android but I don’t want that one I want the one from my iphone.

  34. Hi, I originally got the game on my iPhone, and later linked my village to an android emulator I was running on my PC. I was logged in with a google account, however I do not remember the email I was using at the time. Does this mean I will not be able to link my village to an android device again? I’m thinking about buying a new Galaxy phone, but I will hold off if this is the case.

  35. Hi.. i Have Clash Of Clan On Iphone .. I bought A Account From Someone Who uses Clash Of Clan On Andriod .. Now When I LInk It To Iphone It Says
    Cannot OVerwrite Villiage
    Your Villiage Is Already Permanently Attached To The Game Center Account You Have Logged In With.
    Because The Villiage Already has Progress (Town Hall level 4 Or A Purchase Made). It Cannot Be Overwrtiien Any more..

    I Am So Sad Because i Cant use it :((( Please Guys Help me :/

  36. Hi , i have a huge problem on my device that i can’t fix , I hope you will help me fix it .
    I have a old android that can’t link to my new Iphone , My Android have already been linked , When i try to link my android device to my new Iphone it has the problem that ( The current village has already been linked. The linking can be done only once.) Is there any solution that can probably fix this? Thank you..

  37. Hello Will,

    I had coc village on my android and google + before i linked it on ios device. Now i want it back to my android device as i want open up my main account and the one i linked to ios device. So what i want is to change my villages whenever i sign in to diffrent google+ accounts.

    It lets me open up my account on android that i linked to ios, but when i want to log back to my main village it ask me to overwrite. I dont want to overwrite my main village. How can i fix this or prevent this?

    Thank you so much!


  38. HI .i asked for brother ahis account.he said that he would give .but he said that his village is already linked in other mobile . so he cannot link his village with me .then i asked him to give his sign in account .but he said that i cannot sign in his account as my mobile is android and his ios. so can anynone help me with this problem?

  39. I had a Samsung phone and a Samsung note. My Samsung broke and I got an iPhone my account is stuck on my tablet and I want it on my iPhone. I signed in to Game Center on my iPhone and it doesn’t have my village on there I’m 100% positive I’m using the same Game Center email that it used to be on.

  40. Hello! I am using my Android Tablet(Town Hall 8) to link to my Iphone6s(Town Hall 7) and then the town hall 7 account to my mom’s phone so i can put it to my Android Tablet! If this is hard for you to see…
    TH8 on Android Tablet> Random Device
    TH7 on iPhone> Tablet
    TH8 on Random Device> iPhone

    Well i log into my Google Games on my Android Tablet and it says “Load Town Hall 7 base?”, and I have to press cancel because i want to transfer it to my Random Device. If i press load, I lose my TH8 base! I really need help!!!

  41. Please help me!
    I had an iPhone with COC progress on it. I linked that progress to my computer. I recently dropped that iPhone and it no longer works. I got a new iPhone but every time I go on my computer to link the progress to my new iPhone it says that there is already a device linked. Is there any way I can transfer that progress to my new iPhone?

  42. Help me:
    i linked my ios coc account with my friends android account thinking it ll go well between us, but its not now i want to unlink it ,i dont want him to use my coc account .. what and how to do?

  43. I had an android phone and an iPhone. I linked my village off my android to my iPhone and I gave my cousin my android phone. I deleted COC of my iPhone. Is there any chance that I would get back my linked village?

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