How to Backup and Restore Clash of Clans on iOS

Hi mates,

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to backup and restore your Clash of Clans account on your iOS devices by using Game Center with your Apple ID. Game Center is not just to finding and inviting friends to play games as you’ve known, it’s the key to protect your account from losing money and transfer your current village from your old device to your new one.

  1. Open Game Center on your iOS device:
  2. Log in with your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have, just click Create New Account to create a new one:
  3. After logging in, your Clash of Clans account will be linked to your Apple ID. For example, If your name is Ville, you will see this one when you open your game:
  4. Done! Your account has been protected!

If you want to play your CoC account on other devices, just follow this tutorial. Have fun!


  1. Im playing clash of clan 2nd account in my laptop using the apps “bluestacks” and now i wanted to play in my iphone. I already registered in the game center but still i cant open this clash of clan account, instead my 1st account in clash of clans always appear.

      • I have two apple id accounts already. 1 is the one im using in my iphone and created my 2nd account for my coc im playing in my laptop using bluestacks app. I wanted to play my 2nd acct in my iphone. But every time i signed in my 2nd acct, it always appear my 1st acct coc. Please help. Thanks

  2. Need help! My sister already have an existing coc account and I was playing using my laptop (blustacks). I synced my account in the same unit(iPad) that my sister is using and it worked for a while. When she tried to log in her game center id, her village would not load. And she tried to use it on an iPhone (logged her own email), and it loaded my village. How do we fix it?

  3. I hav sold my iphone 5s without linking to my new android … now i hav added my game centre id in my sisters iphone it loads my village but o wanted to link it to my android phone but it said that u hav already linked plz help wat can i do now to bring my account in my new android phn

  4. hi will could you please help me open my coc account..when i open my app(coc) it just load and close it wont open..i already reinstall it..but theres nothing happen..please help me my account is already th8..mid max

  5. I have an iphone where my first coc was created. I linked my village to my ipad. however my iphone got broken. I wanted to link my account to my new ios device however it says, i can only link a device once. P.S. my iphone is not jailbroken. Please help

    • You don’t need to link it buddy. That’s a waste!
      Just Sign In with your Apple ID/Game Center account on your iPad to connect it with your Clash of Clans account. After that, use that Apple ID to load your village on the new iOS device!

  6. Hi! I have started playing COC in my IPAD with a different/old appleID, then i changed it to a new one. Then with the new/present appleID, i was still able to connect it to my iphone. Now, i restored my IPAD for some reasons and then signed in with the present appleID and installed COC, but it wont connect my current village anymore. Any chance or any other way i could connect COC from my iphone back to my IPAD?

    I wonder if i can make a new apple ID again and still connect it to my current village in COC? Then connect it to my IPAD?

    I hope you respond. Thanks a lot.

  7. im having a big problem on my account of clash of clan on my other
    device the problem was my phone was lost.. and when a bought a new phone
    then link my device someone is using my account and the big problem is
    someone is playing it and already spend the gems.. i tried to change my
    password on my gamecenter account so that the would not link to my ios phone but the problem is still the same.. after i change my password
    someone is still playing on my clash of clan account

    plss i need a big advice with this thank you

  8. Hi, I am currently playing my game with TH10 on my ipad mini and it was logged in to my game center for 3yrs then i got my new iphone 5s but even i logged in to the same game center account and i dont know somehow i cant seem to connect to my same village. I played the new coc game on my iphone until i enter an anyhow name w just silly letters but didnt even show the pop-up msgs if i want to continue w my th10 village. Sigh, then i tried to go look for solutions here. I uninstall the game but i accidentally remove it from game center(theres pop up saying something like “do i want to keep or remove”. I got so scared and i m gonna try my luck here to get back my game to my GC, plz help me what to do. When i also play w my ipad the pop up msgs “Do you want to Chief dthnji’s village with TH lvl 2?”. Can i sync to my game center w my th10 using my ipad first & how before i sign in to my new iphone?

  9. Hi Will, I have a village that isn’t linked to Game Center. I tried your method above. I created a new Apple ID and it showed “Welcome back (nickname)” on my old village. I then went to my brand new iphone, which is at factory defaults and downloaded Clash of Clans app, but I didn’t open it. I then went into Game Center and logged in with my new Apple ID. Through Game Center I launched Clash of Clans. I went through the tutorials and then it linked to the new game that was just started rather than loading my old village. What did I do wrong? Did I miss a step?

      • My old device is an iphone 5 and it has iOS 9.1 on it. The new device is the iphone 6s plus and it also has iOS 9.1 on it. No, I guess the old device never linked to the new Apple ID I created. I created the new Apple ID, logged in, opened COC through GC, saw the nickname, but for whatever reason it never linked. So when I tried it on the new iphone it linked to the new game right away. I’ll probably try once more. I really don’t want to stop playing COC (I’ve been playing for well over 2 years now), but I definitely ain’t starting over. Any suggestions on other things I can try? I’ve already tried emailing Supercell through the help emails on the app. I sent them all my game info with receipts and everything, but they couldn’t figure it out. Honestly, they weren’t much help. They gave up and stopped replying to me after the third email I sent. lol oh well. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thx for any help you’re able to provide.

          • When I try the in app link a device the ipad/iphone selection says to sync through game center. When I choose “another device” it says Wrong account logged in. The current village is attached to a different game center account then the one you’re logged into. Please log out from the game center app and login again with the account attached to this village.

            I’d also like to point out somehow someway like a year ago I was able to link by old iphone 5 with my ipad. I don’t know how I did it, but it’s showing on both devices. Both devices ask that question to load townhall level 2 current game will be lost note.

            Is this what you’re talking about and is there a way to replicate it? I don’t care about the question asking to load the other village. I can live with it if somehow the village can transfer over. thx

  10. hello Will Potter, im having this problem where i have two iphone device one old which is a 4s and other is another 4s. i want to transfer one to another but it wont let me. instead it sented my new iphone 4s village to my old phone and said do u want this USERNAME with level one townhall and replace ur currrent village. i tried all the possible steps i can think of, making new appstore id and replace both, changing new game center account. im frustrated as hell pls help

  11. Hello will I need help transferring my cox account to a new Game Center I created a new Apple ID logged out of my past one and logged my new Game Center and it shows my village but it won’t save help thanks

  12. Hello
    I have lost my clan
    I have in my clan a lost village and I’m out of clan
    And the leader going to that lost village
    Can I back my clan
    And that lost village it’s mine but I’m not contact on Google account
    Please help me

  13. My gamecenter is logged in on my dad’s account. I can’t seem to log out, and I keep getting an error message whenever I try to look at the games on my dad’s account to see if this is saved. Any help?


  14. I logged in with my brother account and backup coc in his account but now I created new account for me and if I backup the same game, it won’t backup. Can I know what is the reason for this?

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