Backup Clash of Clans on BlackBerry

These days, there are a lot of people who are looking for a method to backup Clash of Clans on BlackBerry devices. As we all know, we can play Clash of Clans on BlackBerry 10 since last year but you can’t not move it to other devices. It means If you start playing this game on your BlackBerry devices, you have to play it on that device forever.

But that was yesterday. Today, I have find a way for you guys to backup and transfer your Clash of Clans account to another BlackBerry devices. Yes, you cannot move it to another Android or iOS devices but BlackBerry. This is very helpful If you want to update your device or transfer for a new high-end device without losing your village.

Just follow all these steps to do that. They are very simple steps!

Backup Clash of Clans on BlackBerry


This method is quite old, from now you can connect your village on BlackBerry devices with Google ID.
After transfring, you can play Clash of Clans on all BlackBerry and Android devices. If you want to connect it to Apple ID to run on iOS devices, just follow this simple tutorial.

  1. Download then install BlackBerry Link on your Computer/Mac.
  2. After installing, connect your device to your computer by using the microUSB cable.
  3. At BlackBerry Link Window, click to the Gear icon to open the Settings menu.
  4. Just press Back Up Now button to backup your device fully.
  5. Disconnect your device.
  6. You have done.

Backup Clash of Clans on BlackBerry

You can use that backup file to restore your device’s settings and Clash of Clans account on the new device or after upgrading your device by using BlackBerry Link. If you have any question, just comment and I will try to help you!


  1. wow great, thanks for this information. I just know that backup device can save coc account.. 😀

    discuss about Blackberry device that cannot connect google account, can you move your coc account in your blackberry device to android device?

  2. Hey will r u sure about this??? If I wish to play on a android Device can’t the support team help me? Like they said write a letter with ur name th lvl clan name and xp. And as much I know coc data is stored in it Server right? Then how can link back up that data?

  3. Ok I backed up COC, did everything in the instructions, registered my device and opened clash of clans and it signed in, then I restored my data and now it says “Do you want to load Chief Caap’s village with town hall level 1? Warning:Progress in the current game will be lost” this point what do I do, I can hit cancel or load???? Help

  4. I juste create a patch of clash of clans halloween update with Lucky patcher now i try to do a backup with BlackBerry Link because i think that if i uninstall the normal coc version i will lost my current village isnt it ?

  5. Bro please add me on some sort of social media like Facebook or something please I have to text you. I backed up my phone and than I got a iphone 4S but I dont know how to transfer my clash of clans from the BlackBerry to the iPhone. I backed it up but than how do I put it on the iPhone please bro im begging you.

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