Witch Guide

All real player know who is the Witch in Clash of Clans!

The Witch and Skeletons are friend. In the battle, the Witch calls Skeletons from the ground constantly and use them as the shield for other high damage-per-attack troops. These skeletons don’t know how to use bomb as Wall Breakers and use hot air balloons as Balloons, they use Swords as Barbarians. Or maybe they are Barbarians. Someone said they were the warriors from the previous battles…

Clash of Clans Witch

Things you need to know about the Witch

  • The Witch is one of the most powerful troops in Clash of Clans. You can unlock she If you have level 5 Dark Barrack at Town Hall 9.
  • She has short purple hair and purple cape. There are 2 golden pieces on her shoulder, she also wears a golden belt. There is a goat’s skull at the top of her staff.
  • The Witch summons the Skeletons from the ground. Players always use her and her Skeletons as the support troops. Come with other best troops, they can do a 3 stars win easily. You can see the GoWiWi strategy for example.
  • Her favorite target is everything which is the closest to her. If the defensive troops come out while they are attacking buildings, they will change the target to those troops. Once all those troops are killed, they will attack the closest building from the current location.
  • The highest level of the Witch till now in Clash of Clans is level 2.

The Witch in game

Here are some numbers about the Witch:

Attack Type Summon Skeletons CD Housing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Range
Ground and Air 6 seconds 12 20 minutes 12 0.7s per attack 4 tiles
Level DPS Damage per Attack Skeletons Summoned Hitpoints Training Cost
1 25 17.5 3 (Max = 6) 75 250
2 30 21 4 (Max = 8) 100 350

Attack Strategies with the Witch

Here are some useful suggestions for you. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to do a comment to help us improve the guide!

  • Because of their HP is very low (level 1 = 75HP), people always use them as the support troops and put them at the back of the army, and you should too! You shouldn’t deploy them close together because all defensive buildings which do splash damage can wipe them out quickly.
  • While attacking, you can drop Giants and some Wall Breakers first. After that, bring your 2-3 Witches for summoning the dead warriors. Now you have a super meat shield, drop your high DPA troops like P.E.K.K.A into the war. Those Skeletons can also helps the Giants destroy the defenses faster.
  • Bring Lightning Spells to wipe out the Mortars before starting attack is also a great idea. Your troops can live longer.
  • You should bring at least a Lightning Spell while doing raid if you think you can face a village with the Witch inside the Clan Castle. Your troops will have a hard day if you can’t clear those Skeletons quickly.
  • Updating…

I hope this Clash of Clans Witch guide can helps you play the game easier my friends!


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