Miner – New Clash of Clans Troop!

Okay guys so finally Supercell has revealed the next new Clash of Clans Troop in the upcoming May Update – The Miner! Let’s take a look and see what we got today about this new guy!


Clash of Clans – The Miner

The Miner easily burrows underground, bypasses beneath Walls and pops up right next to the target. Obviously, nothing can target him while he is digging underground. Every time after destroying a target, he burrows underground again and get to the next target. Because of this, he doesn’t trigger any trap while he is underground. He does trigger traps when he is on the ground, stands next to the target.

  • He is unlocked at Town Hall 10 and he is Elixir Troop. He takes 5 housing spaces and takes 5 minutes to train. He is also pretty cheap, just about 4200 Elixir.
  • There are 4 levels in total.
  • The Miner has no favorite target.
  • Miners are affected by Spells even when they are underground.

It seems like pretty cool do get your Super Queen inside and then use the Miners. They will become real monsters!

What do you think about the Miner in this new update guys? Please share your opinions!


  1. All the update will be awesome, wondering when the update will come true lol. I am th 9 with almost max defense, lv 9 wall, i want to join in a good war clan, cause my clan now just dying hiks, 44 member, but only 7 active player

  2. Yawn! I am sure it has its uses, but it seems to duplicate many of the abilities already offered by hog riders. I suppose this is meant to be the hog rider for th 10 and 11, since the use of hog riders against th 10 and 11 bases is pretty much non existent. One thing this troop does do is almost completely negate the power of long range defenses such as x bows and archer towers. The x bow and archer towers are only effective because they can keep peppering attacking troops as they close in. The miner’s underground immunity makes such defenses almost useless.

  3. supercell forgot about us low level guys. we at th8 have no way to keep our resources safe anymore. people will just come and raid us like it’s their father’s base. this makes our defences weak and invalid. i suggest release a defence to counter this troop too. and that too at th8 and th7 , not at th11 -_-

  4. Can anyone answer, what the point of spring trap level 3-5 are? The idea of the levels are to increase how many troops it flings when troops travel in Packs (Mass giant, Mass valk etc). So they have the following traits:
    Lvl 1: 1 valk or 3 giants
    Lvl 2 2 valks or 3 giants
    Lvl 3: 2 valks or 3 giants
    Lvl 4: 2 valks or 3 giants
    Lvl 5: 2 valks or 3 giants

    And I dont think any other troop travel in large enough packs to all be together on one spot? Other than maybe bowlers, but then lvl5 is still a pointless upgrade?

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