Baby Dragon – New Clash of Clans Troop!

Baby Dragon is the new Clash of Clans troops, which is going to be released in the upcoming May update! Let’s take a look and see what we have today guys!


Baby Dragon – The New Clash of Clans Troop!

Baby Dragon is the new Elixir troop unlocked at Town Hall 9. It takes 10 troop housing spaces in total. The Baby Dragon in Clash of Clans and the one in Clash Royale are just the same model!

Basically, this green guy is the stronger version of Minion. The obvious benefits of using them are dealing with Wizard Towers and Multi-Target Inferno Tower in air attacks. I am also thinking about using it to create funnel, which would work pretty well!

When left alone, far away from other air units, the Baby Dragon becomes enraged and gains loads of bonus damage + attack speed! It will turn to purple, just like under the effect of a Rage Spell!

What do you think about this new troop guys? Please share your opinions!


  1. I dont think this will be good… if u were so willing to bring CR characters in COC, i think Prince in Dark barrack would have been better…..
    HELL YEAH!!!! This new Update is a revolution in coc n for its lover….

  2. I’m also agree with you will. actually it would be better if this unlocked at th7 because majority of people war with dragon and it can help us to clean enemy side base and funnel dragon to the center.

  3. In my opinion the addition of the baby dragon and skeleton spell will make things seriously fun. I have not heard a whole bunch of people talk about how a combination of one baby dragon and one skeleton spell can kick some ass at the end of a raid when you are sweating it because you have a few buildings left and our royals have died. If you save a skeleton spell and a baby dragon you will almost always be guaranteed to be able to destroy those last few buildings. For one thing the baby dragon is most effective when it is on its own due to the rage effect. That could most certainly be at the end of a raid when you are lacking real damaging capabilities. The skeleton spell will be really useful at the end of a raid because they ignore traps. That might be a negative feature in the middle of a raid since you can not use they to clear traps for stronger troops; however, at the end of a raid it is a damn useful feature. How many times have you dropped a few wizards or archers at the end of a raid for cleanup only to see them evaporate, along with your hopes, due to a pesky big bomb or spring trap? The skeletons will be able to ignore that kind of anti 3 star trap placement. I think I will start considering my cc spell spot and my last 10 troop spots as 3 star insurance.

      • Will, I don’t know if you saw Witeligntinghwd’s video where he used baby dragons as a frontline troop Frankly I was shocked. I had no idea they could be used so effectively almost completely by themselves. Granted, I think my idea about utilizing the BD as a cleanup troop is still valid; however, it’s is obvious the BD is much more versatile than most are imagining. It may be that only lvl 4 BDs supported by a GW and a clone spell are viable as frontline troops, but I aim to finding out. Perhaps th 9 types can take advantage of their power.

          • Yea but It takes time to upgrade Barracks and troops so I think not many players are using it at this time :D.

          • I totally understand. Only people that paid for the upgrade have it now. I had been saving up for the update and started my upgrades as soon as they were released. I still have five days to go for the DE spell factory and a little over two days for the barracks upgrade for baby dragons.

    • not sure using it as a clean up troop is pretty rubbish if your main attack wasn’t an air attack. one seeking air trap will take out the baby dragon. So unless the traps were already triggered, they won’t be that effective

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