Where do you place stronger walls?

Excepting using Gems, we can’t upgrade all Walls in game at a time. Before maxing out, there are always stronger and weaker walls at a time. So how do you use the stronger ones? Placing them outside or inside? Which is more important?


IMO, Inner walls are much more important than outer ones. Because of the Wall Breakers, the outer walls can’t do much at the beginning of the attack. Beside Wall Breakers, there are also plenty of other troops trying to break the walls. Those outer walls will be taken down within seconds. After taking a lot of damage, a large number of troops get taken down, the remaining troops always find it’s hard to break the inner walls without Wall Breakers. The more time they spend on breaking inner walls, the more damage they will take.

You can take a look at the table below to see the big difference between 2 consecutive wall levels:

Level HP Town Hall
1 300 2
2 500 2
3 700 3
4 900 4
5 1,400 5
6 2,000 6
7 2,500 7
8 3,000 8
9 4,000 9
10 5,500 9
11 7,000 10

Also, the table below shows you how many Wall Breakers can be used to take down walls:

Wall Breakers vs Walls

For example, If I am at Town Hall 7 with 30% level 7 walls and 70% level 6 walls, I’d like to place all those level 6 walls outside because level 7 walls also can be destroyed by 2 Wall Breakers, just like level 6 walls.

What do you think about the topic today? Where would you place your stronger walls?


  1. I’ve always upgraded my walls from the inside out… However, I think it can also depend on your base design. For example, I might want to have more protection for my Xbows which are only one layer deep into my base rather than my TH which is 2 or 3 layers deep. I guess it’s more of a personal preference on what you think deserves more protection.

  2. One more point, wall breakers mostly target walls which are forming the partition. so upgrade those walls first. In case if you have funneling in your base upgrade the wall at the start of funnel. Because once giants destroyed those buildings they will be after the walls.

  3. I completely agree with you. Since TH7, I started to upgrade my inner walls first with a reserved builder just for that task. But I do this only when the rest of my defenses reach max level; I’m an early to mid TH8 and those upgrades takes a lot of time (especially Teslas).

  4. Beyond just putting them on the inside, you should put them in corners first. Notice when your troops are trying to get thru a wall, they will always attack a corner which gives them access to more than one cell/area at once. Thus, that is the best place to put your higher walls first and before you work on upgrading an entire section.

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