What does your Clash of Clans Profile say about you?

In this small guide, I’m gonna show you how to read players’ profile and you can see what types of player they are easily.

If  you want to know how someone plays Clash of Clans, don’t visit his/her village, open the profile and you can see a picture with everything about him/her: The village’s age, how active that player is, he (she) is a good Clan member or not,…

Clash of Clans Profile

  • Badge: As we all know, every season lasts for 2 weeks and the badge gets reset after each season. If a player still has no badge after couples of days, it means that player is not really active.
  • Attacks Won: As the badge, this number gets reset after every season. Actually, this number can’t say too much about this player because it just counts attacks won, If this player just cares about loot, attacks won number can’t say anything here. You need to scroll down and see the Conqueror section to see how many villages he/she has attacked.
    Attacks won and troops donated
  • Nice and Tidy: By reading this line, you will know how much time a player has been spending on Clash of Clans easily. Normally, you have a new obstacle after every 8 hours, it means you can have up to 90 obstacles every month.
    If a Town Hall 7 player has 2000 removed obstacles, he has been playing for 2 years and isn’t a active player.
    If a decent Town Hall 10 player has just 700 removed obstacles, its owner is a very active player.
  • Gold Grab: You also can see how well a player can raid and how long he/she has been playing by reading the Gold Grab. If you see a decent TH10 village with a small amount at Gold Grab box, it means that is a gemmed village.
    Some important archevements in Clash of Clans
  • Friend in Need: This is another indicator about a player’s personality and how active he/she is.
    If a maxed Town Hall 9 has 1000 removed obstacles and just 100 donated troops, it means he/she doesn’t want to share troops for another players, not a good clan member and quite active player.
  • War Hero: This numbers show how many stars a player has in Clan War.
    If a decent Town Hall 10 player has just about 50 stars. It means he doesn’t like Clan Wars and just want to focus on farming. If his trophy is not high, maybe he doesn’t have too much experience in using powerful attack strategies.

So with 6 main indicators above, you can know how a player is. These information is quite important when you want to recruit members for your Clan or want to know about the enemy Clan in war which you are facing.


  1. Nice and tidy achievement is not reliable source to get the age of player as some players keep a clean base since early while other avoid clearing obstacles as they cost a lot resource for early town halls. This has huge impact on nice and tidy achievement.

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