Ultimate Trophies Pushing Guide

This trophies pushing guide was written by Emcee for all Clash of Clans player, who want to get a higher league.

There is not only a road to the high leagues. There are millions guys playing this game, tons of troop compositions and strategies for raiding. Anyone can get these achievements with gems, but without gems, it is a real challenge for you. Choose a smart strategies for attacking and a good base for defending.


Suggestions for Trophies Pushing:

  1. First, you should max your army camps. More troops is more reliability for your success.
  2. Try to upgrade your barracks as much as you can. We fight for trophies, so try to bring your best troops to the raid. Max Barracks also can help you to bank much more elixir (by buying Dragons, P.E.K.K.A,…), keep it out of the attackers. Just queue up your most expensive troops before you log off.
  3. Don’t forget Laboratory and Spell Factory, they are really important! Upgrade your most used troops as soon as you can. Use spells with them wisely.
  4. Maximum defensive buildings are not really important If you do not have Town Hall 10 with Infernos. Almost villages from Master III league are Town Hall 10. You cannot stop their troops from raiding.
  5. Max your collectors if you can. They will pay for your troops.
  6. Do not do single player campaign. They are really useful for you when you have low resources.
  7. Do your storages be maximum. Make them fully before attempting a high level push.
  8. Do not play Clash of Clans for 30 minutes and take a half hour for the break, It is the recipe for failure. You will be faced with a lot of expensive revenges. Devote extended stretches of time for uninterrupted raiding.
  9. If you are not sure that you could win, be decisive before clicking Next button because the cost of searching is not cheap.
  10. Upgrade your Clan Castle fully. Bring troops to war as much as you can.
  11. Leave your Town Hall alone. Move it far away from your base, out of your defenses’ range. Do not put any traps or hidden Teslas next to it. If not, it can make them be angry, and move on to the rest of your village. Also, if your Town Hall is not outside of your base, your rivals will need to deploy more troops to take it down. And they won’t stop once your Town Hall has fallen, they will go in for the rest of yours. They need trophies and save their troops.
  12. Heroes are really useful not only in war, but also in defense. Upgrade them if you can.
  13. Use gems wisely for cheap boosts. The perfect time to use gems is for 1-gem boost periods. These tips will be useful for you: Free Gems in Clash of Clans.
  14. Find an active clan with daily war. It will be an important loot source for you.
  15. Try to do sniping Town Halls if you can.
  16. Go for 2 and 3-star attack. Try to get as many trophies as possible.
  17. Try to do revenge every time. If you are lucky, you will visit a 1-star guaranteed village.


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