Ultimate Town Hall 10 Guide

This helpful Ultimate Town Hall 10 Guide is from BigPapiSolis. A big thanks to you mate!

This guide is aimed at helping those who have decided to make the jump to the dreaded Town Hall 10 and not for those who are questioning whether or not to upgrade. This guide is a matter of personal opinion and preference but hopefully will guide others on their Town Hall 10 journey.



The button has been pressed. TH10 here you come baby! What do I do now while it’s upgrading? The following is a list of what you should do to be Boy Scout ready.

  1. Plan builders currently working or upgrading to be ready to go once TH finishes.
  2. Max storages of gold/elixir and rack up some DE.
  3. Allow collectors to fill. Use farming base if you aren’t in final days of upgrade.
  4. Stock up on Loot in war CC.

Extra resource tip – If you can raid/time it well. Use a couple builders to start upgrade on gold expense, raid to fill storages, and then cancel upgrades so you get that extra gold at TH10. i.e. seeking air mines. For elixir start a elixir upgrade and cancel it to get half back at TH10.

TH Upgrade Complete

Well now you are the big bad TH10. What do you focus on first with all those resources?

In this game offense >defense but we need those infernos as well so where do I start?

Now it is dependent upon number of builders i.e. using 4 only. Do 2 elixir 2 gold upgrades right off the bat. If you have 5 which you should by TH10 do 3 elixir & 2 gold.


  1. Lab – This is the key to getting stronger get it started a.s.a.p.!
  2. Spell Factory – I believe in SF 2nd as it’s only 1 upgrade for 1 extra spell vs 4 for camps.
  3. Army Camps – Extra 20 spaces make you big and strong like ox!
  4. DE Drill – some will advocate getting drill for de but you should have 2 lvl 6 already no rush.


  1. Inferno #1
  2. Inferno#2 – If you followed preparation instructions you get both infernos right off the bat!
  3. Tesla
  4. Wizard Towers
  5. Mortars
  6. Clan castle
  7. Instant upgrades – traps
  8. Xbow
  9. Archer Tower
  10. Cannon
  11. Air Defense
  12. Air Sweeper

I recommend getting your Archer Tower and Cannon up to existing Th9 level. 2 extra point defenses add to overall DPS. Here some will advocate holding off on Cannon and Archer Tower and taking Infernos right to level 3. If you want the Inferno challenge that would be up to you! Level 3 Inferno Towers are awesome!

Because of the Tesla’s long upgrading time, you should always use 1 Builder for working on it and just one. This is your core defense, Your base will be much weaker If you upgrading 2 or more Teslas together.


Lab is finished so where to start you ask? Well that depends on you!

How do you play the game?

Are you a farmer or a war monger?

Upgrade the troops in the order that benefit you the most depending on what your goals are for the game. There is no right or wrong here since it is your game. As a big donator in my clan I opted for Wizards as they are #1 requested troop overall for attacks/defense.

My tip here for elixir expenditures is to use war loot to replenish elixir once it is expended on an upgrade and not to use it to reach a certain amount. The worse thing is having to wait on collectors while waiting for enough elixir to raid.


New defenses are built and ready to go. Where do I start upgrading now? I list the defenses in priority of how I feel they should be upgraded matter of opinion assuming all defenses are maxed TH9 lvl.

  1. Infernos to level 3 – Multi-infernos wreak havoc and strike fear in hearts of attackers.
  2. Teslas level 8 – 99 Dps x 4 is just hell in a henhouse for P.E.K.K.As in the core.
  3. 3rd Xbow to level 3. – The range of the xbow and rate of fire are its saving grace.
  4. Wizard Towers to lvl 8 – Splish Splash barchers be taking a deadly bath by these.
  5. Mortars – With Wizard Towers, Barching will be difficult.
  6. Archer Towers – Shoot air and ground
  7. Cannons – Shoot ground only
  8. 2 other xbows to lvl 4
  9. The last Xbow to level 4.
  10. Air defenses (assuming you already have 4 at lvl 7.)


You must be thinking well this guide is great (or sucks) but how am I going to pay for all this shiz nizzle when all the threads I see are complaining that loot sucks at TH10 omg. Well guess what? It is not that bad!! There I said it. Farming at TH10 is totally doable if you are skilled and farm at the right range:

  1. Barch – 2 rax barbs 2 rax archers
  2. Bam – 2 of each
  3. Bag – 8-12 giants, 8-10 wbs, rest archers/barbs. Throw in wizards for added dps
  4. Loonion – I farm with 16 loons rest minions. Up your balloon count to core deeper.

League & Trophy Range

Fresh Th10’s1800-2200 range. -Use barch and bam as it is the most efficient for garnering resources. As infernos are upgrading you are a TH9 in a th10 body, but now other Th10’s can raid you no penalty at all, don’t want to encroach in their territory just yet. Switch to bag if you are having trouble raiding.
It is good to slide up and down the leagues as you are searching for gold/elixir/de depending on what upgrade you are working towards next. Here are my tips for each resource:

Gold – 1800-2200 and 2600-2900
Elixir – 1800-2400
DE – Crystal 3 & Up – Crystal 1 & Masters 3 preferred.

I have listed a range of 3 leagues as sometimes you have to slide up and down the league depending on what SC Gods are giving you loot wise. If you find a sweet spot ride it out!
The new league bonuses are really good and if you are a good barcher then Masters can be a great place to reside for gold/de as the loot bonus plus any loot raided is awesome.

Clan Wars

It takes some time to grow into your TH10 bully form as you upgrade camps, lab, spells. If you upgrade spell factory right off the bat you can really help your clan out by taking out their top th9’s with your 5 spell slot. As you upgrade camps, troops, and freeze spell you can begin putting some dents into the TH10’s you can encounter.
Tip – Know your skills and what you can do to benefit your clan the most in wars!


I hope this helps some of you and relaxes your mind about the upgrade to Th10. I will keep track of this thread and update anything I missed or any helpful advice suggested by others. Congrats on your new TH10 fellow clashers and clash on!


  1. Thanks for the guide! Quick question: why upgrade infernos to level 3 before other upgrades? The amount of gold is huge, and saving for it can be hard without other upgraded defenses. Or do you disagree? I’m just curious.

    Thanks again!

    • The its only 1.5 mil in difference so once your storages are that full it won’t matter to the attackers. Getting your highest costing defenses up first is the strategy I use (besides air defense) You’re probably well on your way in th 10 anyway

  2. Well I’ve recently joined TH10 and so far it is just terrible. I am stuck in crystal 1 gaining absolutely nothing day in day out.
    Barching fails against th10 despite destroying the usual mines camps barracks ect.
    I’m unable to do any real attacks against TH10 because I’d say I’m more like TH9.9
    BUT of course I have TH10 now so goodbye raiding TH8 and TH9 for anything more than 150k.
    I dread to think what its going to be like after the 1gem boost is removed. I’ve enjoyed playing this game for a long time noe but these past few days have me thinking what a crappy grind this game is…

        • Bro I your pain the best advice I can give you is to be e xtreamly selective with your battle selection. If your going for 10s go for farming with filled collectors don’t get caught into high number advailable loot if its in the . If u find a decent 9 use giants barbs and archers and a few spells you’ll be able to break through a wreck some havoc unless they have super beefy walls. Prosper n succeed u can do it GL

    • Your loot for raiding th9s only went down 10% when you went up to th10. So a 250/250 raid on a th 9 is now 225/225. It’s not that different. Of course th8s are gone because loot is decreased by 50% off the top for th10s.

      If you’re not finding abandoned bases with full collectors then drop lower in cups. There are millions of th10s and th9 in each league. Including silver2 wink wink.

      Remember, at th10 loot is a little bit harder to get but extremely easy to protect. Nobody is raiding th10 for loot raids. At least not active th10s.and you get an extra collector of each. That’s not bad 70k e and g everyday.

  3. Well i think upgrading dark troops firstly at th 10 would be really great as we dont have to worry about the d.e usage in lab…and after that it would be really great to keep on upgrading heroes without any bug to upgrade d.e troops…

  4. Master3 is where it’s at for th10s. I like to bring trophy troops to raid for massive loot averaging 450e 450g 3k de. Once i hit master2 barch back down to crystal 1. Rinse repeat. Millions to be stolen.
    I completely disagree with upgrading elixir troops first. Besides wizard. Wizard to 6 then golem 5. And freeze to 3 or 4 then lava to 3 then max freeze. To get epic loot you need epic troops. Also tier 1 troops blow in war besides wizard so nobody will want you in their clan if you can’t 2 star th10s. Max wiz golem freeze and lava. Then heros until they’re more expensive than minions 6. (100k de ouch). The 100k th snipes in masters are awesome.

  5. no tesla in the upgrade list? although you have it under the “defence” tab.

    good post. my planning is pretty much the same except I upgraded all my buildings so cant use the “cancel upgrade” trick to store more than 8m resources :/

  6. Her is my advice it takes a while to fall in but search for an attack that works for you and there is one there for you.I have been struggling a lot to but recently found an attack that really works for a 300 K per attack even though I am what most call a disgraceful gemmer don’t make a difference to me it just takes time to find your groove so try different attacks that look appealing but you will have to perfect them

  7. you can never save enough or raid enough to do any of these upgrades. you will have to spend real money to buy gems or other resources. or put 1 week shield and put accelerate the all producers as much as you can. the game actually punish you for playing more and more.

  8. I joined like 2 months ago and loot is not as good as it was at TH9 but farming is definitely doable. I struggled the first week until I got the hang of how to farm at TH10. You just have to find the right trophy range and it’s easy money. Also use a strategy that you are good with. I use balloonion and occasionally use lava hounds and I’m able to loot easily. Those were the troops I also maxed out first by the way. Max out the troops you use first.

    • Start a second acct. Then max every th level and see which acct is more fun. My main account was super rushed to th9 but maxed 9 and 10. My 2nd acct is fun cuz i max every single little thing even walls and heros at th9. I would still raid on both accts tho not give up on your rushed th10. Besides having a second aact keeps your cc full 😉

  9. Hey man I am almost gonna upgrade to TH10. I’m super scared of finding loot, just like I was when I upgraded to TH9. Everything in my base is maxed except for walls (lvl9) bombs(lvl5) and air bombs(lvl3). I want to keep the traps NOT maxed so I can do that upgrade and cancel thing. I have 1.8M loot in CC lvl14 King lvl14 queen. Should I upgrade? My farming attack is 17 giants 8 wb’s 53 gobs 33 arch 33 barbs and spells to back them up (if needed, spells are expensive). So should I upgrade and how scared should I be lol? P.S. I will have both infernos building and lab and spell factory ASAP when I am TH10, even if I have to spend 5 bucks to do it for some reason. I also plan on dropping WAY down low in trophies during the upgrade, like >200. What do you think buddy?

  10. Lol this guide is sooooo OLD!! I’m a th9 in Titan1 at 4805 cups with 8 days left before I’m th10 officially and the game is much different now than this guide ? Miss the old days when this was simpler

    • You’ve got to outsmart the enemy. Th10 is different to th9, it doesn’t forgive mistakes. You also have to work on a step by step plan otherwise you’re just placing troops at the start and hope for the best. Then try and be patient with your troop placement. Firstly, if you do ground, don’t put your main attackers too early or they will run in front of your tanks and we don’t want that. Secondly, save some troops for the end, for example leave few troops to clean the outside when your main attack is somewhere close, you can do it with heroes as well. Finally since you’re th10 i assume you know how to funnel troops in center? If you don’t, watch some yt videos on how to do it.

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