Trophy Pushing Tips for Town Hall 8 & 9

This small guide contains plenty of new awesome hints and tips for Town Hall 8 and 9 players who are trying to push trophy. This guide was written by Reav3R. He brought his village to Champion with ease in just 8 days when it was just Town Hall 7. He is a trophy pushing master!

Town Hall 8 at Champion League!

Trophy pushing tips for Town Hall 8/9

  • When you find a new match, your first 3 targets usually have 30+ trophies, try to attack them if you can. After 3 times tapping the Next button, you can return to your home and find new matches again.
  • The more times you click next button, the weaker targets you can find.
    – Return to your village and search for a new one If you want to get more trophies.
    – Keep hitting next button if you want to farm.
  • If you use troops for sniping Town Halls, simply drop 3-4 Barbarians/Archers, close the game and then open it again. After closing the game, those troops will keep hitting the Town Hall.Β You don’t need to waste your time watching them
    Don’t use this method If you snipe Town Hall with your Heroes or they will get baked by the enemy defenses after finishing the Town Hall.
  • From Crystal leagues, there are a lot of players trapping Town Hall, always drop 1-2 Barbarian at first for testing traps.
  • You should bring couples of Giants for dealing with trapped Town Hall.
  • For Town Hall 8, always fill your Barracks with Dragons If you don’t have much time to play. You can always find weak Town Hall 8 bases with 20-25 easy trophies.
  • Drop the whole army If you can get either 3 stars for more than 20 trophies or 1 stars and more more than 1000 Dark Elixir.
  • Always leave your Town Hall outside for instant free shield. Don’t try to protect it otherwise your whole base will be ripped, especially at Master and above.
  • Always fill your Clan Castle and make sure it can cover your Town Hall.
  • Don’t break your shield If you can’t win at least 2-3 raids before logging off. If you don’t want to use your Gems anymore, always boosting your Barracks whenever you have more than 2 hours for playing game!
  • Always try to revenge. You can sometimes find sweet base with TH outside in the defense log list.
  • 2 hours raiding sessions everyday are enough for you to maintain your current trophy at Champion.
  • You can use troll base layout for pushing from Crystal to Master in just 2 days, this one for example.
  • Trapping your Town Hall a bit is a good idea for weakening the enemy army and making the attacker unable to go further. Trapping TH is not always using Hidden Teslas, you can place your TH in the defenses’ radius (Archer Towers, Mortars, X-Bows,…).

By following these tips, pushing to Champion League within 2 weeks is not hard. Once you are at Champion League, you can follow the Loot Bonus Farming Strategy to get unlimited loot!


  1. Hi I reached master 3 with archer with out xmod game in 3 days from silver
    my question is I should attack with whitch troop for reach champ?
    i m th 9(i become th 9 last week)

    i afraid to use xmod .if my account lost…..

  2. i reached the titan league but now when my townhall turns to level 9 i spend a lot of gold finding free townhalls. so i dropped my trophies to 3.5K but still it takes a lot of golds to find free townhalls.

  3. great guide. i reached champions league on 6th september at around 00:45 am. As an almost full TH8, i found sniping townhall easier than using Gowipe Goho etc. i used two barracks to create archers, two barracks for giants ( to tank those hidden tesla, archer tower etc) and 2 dark barracks with valkyries. spell full earthquake spell, to break those few annoying walls (sometimes i carry 1 heal or rage).
    Master 3 was the hardest for me, as i tried using gowipe for 3-4 nights (I almost gave up). i google and found this guide. i switched to sniping and the rest was easy. i reached master on wehnesday night, and master 1 on friday afternoon, right after i came home from work. i grab a quick dinner and continued pressing the next button for the next 5 hours. bam champions league at around 12:45 or 00:45 am saturday morning.

  4. Hey you guys can do following step too to get a even faster townhall sniping without clicking next next each time.. Most recommended for townhall 7 or below.
    I got to Masters from Gold in one and Half days though I wasted about 200 gems on barracks boost and Spell Boost. If you want to use gems just boost spell factory and one barracks if you have level 4 or higher troops troops for two stars or three.However if you have lower level troops don’t waste your gems.

    Now here it goes.

    You will need Xmodgames for this.You can follow it from here

    Now once you install it,run the game from it.And open the xmod settings. And go to Max townhall from edge and enter value 5-6 from it. Note:- 1 to 20 are the number of tiles distance from edge of map.

    Less value means number of tiles distance of townhall from edge.Keep it upto 5-6 for easy townhall search.

    Now you should also enable Real Time Tesla,Trap in the settings.It works as a charm as you could see all the traps and teslas and bombs placed near Townhall.

    Note:- After you enable Real time Tesla And Trap you must restart the game else it won’t show you any traps.

    Now at last Enable Match All conditions And Search Switch and Keep Active

    Use Barchers along with few wall breakers and giants both in CC and as a troops.

    Use heal or rage spells in case your giants and barbs if u think things not working fine at attack

    Now go on and attack. No Need to click each and every time next.You could easily do any other works along with sniping πŸ™‚

  5. Better way – find a good Troll Trophy pushing Layout. By doing this you can logout, login and get ranging from 30-60 additional trophies, once you get shield can wait to complete you troops, then after attacking logout again, wait for someone to attack you and tada instant trophy. Proven and tested, I’m able to get to Master 1 League in just 2 days

    Note: it’s a TROLL BASE, its for Newbies to believe that there are not defenses around your TOWN HALL πŸ™‚

      • XMODGAMES is a real app that will run within coc and give you extra functionality. Yes it’s real! and yes you need a ‘rooted’ phone (for Android) and/or Jailbroken iPhone/iPad (since this app is not an ‘offical’ IOS or PLAYSTORE app..that’s why you need to jailbroken/root device).

        It’s worth it trust me! I’ve reached champions 5-6 months ago (and it took me 2-3 months back then). One of the cool features of the app that when you are searching for a village to attack, you can tell the app to skip a village if the TH is not near enough to the edge of the town (which can help you gain trophies)….instead of you keeping on pressing the NEXT button until you find the right village….it does many other cool things (fake attacks so that you can test your troops, keep you device active so that your session won’t disconnect, etc). it’s worth it (if you are comfortable with rooting/jailbreaking your device):

        Check it out!

  6. I’m at TH9 and currently pushing for Champions… Having mild success with this army: 24 giants, 60 arch, 4 wiz, 8 bomb, 4 min. I try not to use Heroes and spells if possible but usually go into battle with 1 jump, 3 heal, 2 haste and 1 poison. Goal is to snipe as much as possible and attack for 2 stars anything worth 15 cups and above. Keeping that goal in mind, viable attacks are far and few between in Masters 2 (currently where I’m at). I tried using Themis troll base but I kept getting destroyed and losing too many cups for me to make up so I went back to farming layout. I put my Teslas around my TH and have successfully been able to keep my lost cups count down this way.

    I have a lot of success using LavaLoon attack strategy but I find that it takes too long to brew and costs too much. I usually brew this army composition before I go to bed and attack in the morning with it.

    I know I’ll eventually get there but it’s going to take some time. Probably a week or more at this rate… Tips? Anything I’m missing?

    • The army composition you are using is pretty nice. I am using that too lol, I usually use my Heroes at the end of the attack for a few more % and they will be always ready for the next raid because the army also takes a decent time for training troops.
      Truly I see that Themis works best from Crystal to Master III, and above Titan, where you always get ripped. I don’t have any more tips for you lol. Keep doing the great job buddy!

    • Scott,

      look at my post above. I’m also a TH9 and have pushed for Champions 3 (I’m there now). Use just 4-6 wall breakers and then half barbs and half archers. Just takes 15 minutes to produce this army and it’s worth it! Anything else just takes too much time and $$$. I’ve been using Hypercube X (TH9 Edition) and nobody has been able to penetrate my core!!! Here it is:

      Take care!!

      • Update: Tried the Hypercube base layout. Got rocked for 400k gold and elix, plus 2500 dark elx. Not to mention the 40 cups I lost… Will not be doing that again.

        I’ve made it to Masters 1. New strategy consists of: 24 giants, 4 wiz, 60 arch, 2 witches, both Heroes, 4 earthquake and up to 2 heal spells. It’s expensive but the loot and bonus loot is more than enough to make up for it. With the use of the above army, I’m getting 20-30 cups every attack now. Should be hitting Champions within a day or so.

        Now if I could just find a way to deal with those damn inferno towers… lol.

  7. Im new to this game and i found this strategy are very useful. I use my lvl 4 archer to take down every “lonely” town hall outside the base that i can find and i finally made it to Champion III (the process are really pain in the ass since i have to spam a lot of Next button but it is all worth it). But now I faces a lot of trouble to find those THs. So are those XMOD things really good?

  8. Again I TH snipe in Champions. I’m at a TH9 (9.5 with 150 wall 9s). Use 4-6 Wall breakers…then rest half barbarians and half archers. I can pretty much get 50% on most TH9s that I encounter. If I find a TH8 (in any league) I can get past 50% and even get to the center of the base for additional resource. I think that farming in Champions is best due to all of of bonus $$$ that you can earn after each snipe/attack. I end up filling up my storage containers after just 1-2 days worth of sniping! I end up upgrading 5 to 10 level 9 walls every 2 days (besides upgrading defenses and full time upgrades for my heroes!)

  9. I’m planning to push to Champions. I’m a th 7 with a lvl 3 king. I use 20 giants, 4 wall breakers, 23 wizards, 2 heal spells and 1 rage spell. I have only been pushing for a day and i’m already at 1500+ trophies(coming from 900+). I mainly used this strategy before for farming but i realized that is is excellent for pushing also.

  10. Can you give me tips more on pushing from master to champions? i have 2 accounts that have been in champions before the new matchmaking system, and now the third time i pushong it, it seem like impossible, becuz of the new matchmaking. I fell stupid keep pressing for something like 2, or 3 trophies,, thanks and sorry for my bad english πŸ™‚

  11. very usefull tips my friend, especially for returning home instead of nexting. i manage to get 100 trophy a day.. now im on 2900 at TH7. army composition are 20 wizard and 20 hog. fast enough to blow up the TH with 2 wizards. hog for eliminate the tesla.
    im a TH sniper.

      • thanks man… i’ve already a champion now.. and i realize something…
        when i reach 3250+… i cant snipe TH anymore.. you’re right.. to farming with loot bonus at this league.. i have to lower my trophy to 3150 and then reach champion again.. really easy farming.. especially for DE.. my best was 3M gold elix and 30K DE for an hour. for regular farming,, mostly get 6-8 TH outside (1-1.5M n 10K DE).

        I think the Key is we must know when the other players kicked out coz 6 hour long session play and in my country, the sessionn ends between 12.00 – 15.00 pm. in other time, sometime i have to spend an hour just for snipe 1 TH outside, even with nexting or return home.

        • The main purpose of trophy pushing base is protecting your Town Hall, but you are at Town Hall 8 and you can’t protect your TH agasint other TH9 and 10 players buddy.
          To save your loot, better place it outside.

          • buddy… i just do something with my base layout.
            i think.. if you want to psh a trophy to champion, better to put your TH inside, but you must make a full defense for your Town Hall. make your defense full of trap. i just did it a couple hour ago.. i currently at TH7, i remove my shield. get attacked, remove shield. get attacked 5 time a row, and i just loose 20 cup, bcoz the attacker (mostly TH9 and Th10 with barcher) cant destroy my TH (only 1 stars).
            if i put my TH outside,, sometime they did a 2 stars (50%) – 3 stars.
            BUT… if the attacker use gowipe against TH7 like me, i can confirm that a 3 stars for sure.

          • Hi mate,
            Don’t know why but I think you should just place your Town Hall outside. A lot of players just snipe your TH then leave. 1 Star and your loot will be safe.

  12. Wow this is very helpful!! One more tip to all thos who are trophy pushing: be patient on searching for bases you can actually win. 1star gives 6-10 trophies but defeats deducts 20 trophies above. Losing hurts. Its like u wasted time lol. Great tips here!!

  13. I’ve found that the number of bases with exposed THs diminish as you move up the leagues. I’m trying to break into Crystal league using giants+archers+lightning spells…but even after exposing my own TH, many higher level players like TH7 and TH8 raid my base for loot.

    I think it’s not worth it to push to Crystal at TH6…but then again I’m already at 1714, so it might just be possible if I keep nexting and sniping.

  14. I’ve been staying pretty steady at around 2680 cups after getting to masters. Have made some decent loot by keeping the th outside and raiding 4-5 times a day. If I see a th outside, I snipe it. Occasionally you will see quite a few, and that is easy loot. Would like to get to Champion, but happy with slow and steady and the loot bonus.

  15. I got
    from Silver 1 to Crystal 3 in just 7 hours of play by th sniping only. I made
    the same during the day. However, things get harder if you play at night
    where many players are online. Now I’m stucked at crystal 3 with 2127
    trophies. TH outside defenses and walls are very rare. There is an instance
    where I push the next button for more than an hour and I still can’t find a
    snipeable th. It’s damn hard. I use barchers only.

  16. Hi,buddy ! let me introduce my village. . πŸ™‚
    I rushed my village to TH9 and my defences are still TH 6 defs but maximum limit of TH9 are built . i got 2 x-bows , AQ 1, BK 5, Bbr lvl 5 ,archer lvl 6 , and TH6 walls. . the point i want to know that how long can it take me to reach the Champion league. I spend my time on CoC only about 3hrs per it enough? but i want to make it out within a month . can it be possible ? the application,forecaster don’t describe my region(south east asia).what is the suitable time to earn my trophies easily?i don’t want to be stucked around at Master league like most others! would u give me some advices pls ? I hope u would reply soon πŸ™‚

  17. hey, i used to trophy hunt, i used giant healer to get from silver 1 to gold 2. i would attack bases that are poorly desinged orare upgrading an air defence. somehow i got shot down 150 trophies. (lol hello bam!) because, this time, I dont want to next as much, im thinking of tryijng a giant wizard strategy, but now having second thoughts. for the trophies (its different to join the clan of someone in gold rather than in silver) or for personal growth? please give some advice

  18. Hey, Potter give me tips for getting 50% on TH 9. I’m currently on TH8 with this army Barb, Arch, Wiz, Wall breaker, Giant, Ballons with Level 5, and Hogs Minions Level 3 and BK is Lvl 10, so I’m a trophy pusher i want some tips and army comp for 50% on TH 9. I am at Master League II and want to go fast for Champion.

  19. Hey William! The Th11 update is out and it has totally changed the game u might have seen it…….so I tried this guide but no townhalls are outside the base from gold1 to champs so I will b very thankful to you if u make a new guide of th8 push to champs with the stuff of the th11 update I hope u will do it soon thanx God bless you! ?

  20. Since there isn’t even a single detailed article about TH8 trophy push , after the TH11 update, I’ll tell all of you how to reach there(I reached from Silver league to Masters league i.e.2600 trophies , in just 6 days).

    Although for a normal person it would take more than just 5 days. But if you are a COC fanatic like me and don’t have a life,then you might get more out of the strategy that i’m about to tell you.

    Firstly , You need to MAX OUT your STORAGES, especially your ELIXIR & DARK ELIXIR, coz you’ll be really needing that throughout CRYSTAL.

    I think reaching Crystal III shouldn’t be tough for any TH8.

    So I’ll only focus on crystal league.

    I was a mid level TH8 when i reached masters so you don’t really have to be a high level TH8 to reach there.

    I had lvl 5 baloon, lvl 3 dragons, lvl 2 hogs, lvl 5 wiz, lvl 3 healing spell, lvl 5 lightning spell, lvl 1 Earthquake, lvl 3 rage.( I had not unlocked Golem and PEKKA so GOWIPE was out of the picture for me)

    That’s all the troops i used for attacks

    I had 3 troops strategies for each crystal league:-

    STRATEGY I (CRYSTAL III): Always look for TH8 bases which have low level air defense and, if possible, look for bases which have air defenses on upgrade(do not attack any TH9 unless it has 3 or all air defenses on upgrade ,which is quite rare).Take out 1 air defense with spells and deploy balloons with rage from the side of the remaining air defense. Be patient on pressing next Button coz you’ll be pressing that a lot in crystal.

    I remember once it took me 25 minutes of pressing next to find the right base. Always remember that patience is a virtue.

    1. Dragons = 6

    2. Balloons = 16

    3 Spells = 2 Lightning , 1 Earthquake , 1 rage

    4 Clan Castle troops = depends on your clan what they give to you, but it would really help if they are generous enough in giving you dragons or baloons. Even if you don’t have cc troops , just make sure to have poison in your cc spell always.

    STRATEGY II (CRYSTAL II) :Once again , attack only TH8 or TH7 . Attack only if you are sure that you can get atleast 50 % . coz a loss can really hurt you in higher leagues (1 Loss can set you back by 4-5 attacks).

    1. Hog Riders = 30

    2. Wizard = 10

    3. Archers = 10

    4. Spells = 3 Healing, 1 poison

    STRATEGY III (CRYSTAL I):I went all out with this clan war strategy in Crystal I because bases in crystal I are really Really hard.Patience is needed in pressing Next. Always look for bases with high amount of trophies(10-20). I never looked at the amount of loot while i was searching for bases to attack.Only focus on if you can beat this base or not??? and if you can beat it , is it having enough trophies on offer??


    1. Dragons = 10

    2. Spells = 2 Lightning , 1 Earthquake , 1 rage

    Also you always need to have a king while attacking coz A lot of time my king was still healing and i went for attack without him which turned out to be a big mistake and lost the attack & learned the hard way, importance of the Barbarian King.

    Base Layout: To be Honest, it really doesn’t matter what layout you use in crystal, coz you’ll get 3 starred every time on defence by th9 or th10 players.

    Anyways, this is what i used till I reached CRYSTAL III

  21. With townhall sniping gone , th8 can only push till masters.
    I have maxed TH8 now and have been trophy pushing for past 2 weeks, i have reached a max of 2900 trophies and stayed around that mark. It seems like i cant get any more trophies now however hard i try.I cant find decent bases to attack coz i only come across th9, 10, 11. Th7 and th8 are nowhere to be found in masters .

    Looks like reaching champions league without townhall sniping is next to impossible.

  22. I have an account TH 7 All max defenses (including those new spring trap levels) with 128 lvl 7 walls and rest level 6. Been several days and stuck at Crystal II. TH 8s and 9s get 20 trophies and I can only find 15-20 trophy offers on TH 8s and 9s. Occasional 7 trophy TH 7 but not sure if I should switch to barch or BAG for those TH 7s instead of trying for rare TH 7 and 8s with 24+ trophies.

  23. Hey I’ve been in master league for couple days and I can’t seem to find bases with good throphies. Th 8 bases are only worth 6-15 throphies, and when someone attacks me they get 25+ trophies all the time. And I would like to get it to champions

  24. I am now a th8 at 3831 trophy’s and want to reach titans league. I use govawipe to push but only find th10 and th11. None of them with good trophy offers or that I can beat for 1/2 star. Anyone with tips?

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