Troop and Spell Upgrade Orders Quick Guide

Troop upgrade order is always one of the most popular topic in Clash of Clans. Once we hit new level, we always wonder “Which one should I upgrade at first?” or “Should I upgrade this one before that one?”,…

I’ve created this quick guide for players who are having the same questions as above. The upgrade orders I am going to give you in this guide are not the best ones for every player, for sure, but I will try my best to make them suitable with most of you.

Clash of Clans troop upgrade orders

In general, just upgrade which troops you use most. All upgrade orders in this guide are optimized for doing both farm and Clan Wars well at a time. If your Clan is pretty active at Clan Wars, you should prioritize troops which will make the best attack strategies at your situations.

By upgrading Archers at first, your farming speed can be skyrocketed. After upgrading all important troops, you can start upgrading spells. Rage is the most used spells in Clan Wars and can be maxed out at Town Hall 8, the next one is Healing Spell.

Clash of Clans Troop and Spell Upgrade Orders Quick Guide

Town Hall 3

Archer goblin Barbarian

Town Hall 4

giant Wall Breaker – No need to upgrade balloon

Town Hall 5

ArcherBarbarian goblin wizard lightning spell lightning spell – No need to upgrade balloon

Town Hall 6

giantWall Breaker healing spell wizard lightning spell – No need to upgrade balloon

Town Hall 7

Archer dragon Barbarian rage spell then every troop you like to use.

As shown above, you should have level 3 Lightning Spell for Clan Wars. 3xlightning spell can take down 1 Air Defense easily, then just drag your Dragons in a line to get 3 stars from any other Town Hall 7 village. This strategy is called Mass Dragon.

Barch is one the best farming strategies at Town Hall 7. You can also use Giant-Healer for or Giant Biz for farming Dark Elixir to buy Barbarian King. If your Dragon barracks are being upgraded and you have at least level 2 Balloons, Barchloon is a great army composition for Clan Wars.

Town Hall 8

Archer dragon hog Barbarian wizard Wall Breaker pekka golem rage spell healing spell pekka balloon then other troops you like to use.

You should upgrade Archers at first for farming. Dragon compositions are still over-powered at early-mid Town Hall 8. After upgrading Dragon, you will have enough Dark Elixir for Hog Riders. You will use Hog Riders pretty much at Town Hall 8, you should upgrade them to level 4 as soon as possible. Hog Rider takes much more time and Dark Elixir to upgrade than Barbarian King, you can upgrade your King while Hog Rider is being upgraded.

Dragons are not scary anymore at late Town Hall 8, once every base has maxed Air Defenses. GoWiPe is the most popular army composition at this stage. 2 P.E.K.KA images above show you the time you should upgrade her to level 2 and level 3. If you don’t like her much, you can go with GoWiVa or Mass Hog.

If your Clan are at level 5 or above, level 5 Balloons and level 4 Hog Riders will be very useful for donating.

Town Hall 9

Archerballoon hog Barbarian jump spell then whatever you like.

Upgrading Archers at first for boosting your farming speed. Balloons are pretty useful at both farming and Clan Wars at TH9, upgrade them at first so you can be ready for Wars asap. With level 5 Hog Riders (the highest level of this troop), you can earn at least 2 stars from most other TH9 players easily. In addition, Hog Riders are really useful, you can use them with a lot of other attack strategies.

One of the best feeling at Town Hall 9 is having Jump Spell. Although upgrading Jump Spell to level 3 is pretty cheap but the available time of it at level 2 is twice times as level 1. With 40 seconds, the Jump Spell will give you much more chance to win an attack.

There are plenty of attack strategies at Town Hall 9. Take a look and choose the best troop to upgrade next yourself.

Town Hall 10

Archer wizard lava freeze spell are top 4 things you need to care at Town Hall 10. I think I really don’t need to talk much at here because all Town Hall 10 players know what they should do.

I hope this small guide can give you some useful advices while playing Clash of Clans. As I said at the beginning, these orders are not the best ones because cause every players has his/her own playstyles. If you have any idea and suggestion, don’t hesitate to post your comment!


  1. I am at TH8 on my main profile, and my hogs are level 3 and my King is level 9. Both cost 40,000 DE to upgrade. I have made it to Gold league 1 using BAM, and I haven’t used hogs in quite a while, but everywhere I read says that they should be upgraded to level 5 ASAP at TH9 because I will need them there. So, my question is which do I upgrade first hogs to level 4 or BK to level 10? Any advice would be tremendously appreciated! 🙂

    • Hey Jades!
      If you don’t use Hogs much in Clan Wars currently, you can upgrade your Barbarian King. With the Iron Fist level 2, you can farm much better. You can work on Hogs later when your TH is being upgraded.

      • Thanks! 🙂 Personally, I’m a dragon kind of girl. I upgraded them to level 3 as soon as I got to TH8. I haven’t really tried too many troop combos. I used to use giants, hogs, healers, and archers, but I learned how to farm better with BAM. Anyway, Thanks for responding! I was completely clueless. BK it is! 🙂

        • We all love using Dragons at Town Hall 7 and early-mid TH8 but at the late TH8 game, they are not really effective anymore. You can see how easy it is to get 3 stars by using Hogs and Golems at TH 8 and early-mid Town Hall 9 :D.

          • Fascinating! My clan just started a war last night, and we are a level 1 clan with 3 wins vs. a level 6 clan with 68 wins. I’m not sure how that match up happened! LOL!! There is only 1 TH8 on their team as well, and it is pretty much an anti-dragon design. I don’t have the Golem yet, but I am willing to buy gems to get it if it means more stars for my team. What would be the best Hog (level 3), Golem, etc set up typically (or for this base?)

          • I posted my reply on my comment whoops! LOL!
            Whew! That makes me feel much better! I’d hate to have to learn how to use a new troop combo in the middle of a war! I know that it was off topic, but THANKS A TON for taking the time to answer it anyway. 🙂 Hope you have an awesome day!

          • You are very welcome Jades.
            Ya we all hate that, for sure.
            Just upgrade the Golem for mid-late TH8 wars when you are ready.

          • Whew! That makes me feel much better! I’d hate to have to learn how to use a new troop combo in the middle of a war! I know that it was off topic, but THANKS A TON for taking the time to answer it anyway. 🙂 Hope you have an awesome day!

  2. Hello Mr. Potter. I am TH8, and I’ve upgraded my archers, dragons, healers, barbarians, rage is maxed, lighting spell is level 5, wizards, and my hogs are currently going to level 4. In your opinion, what would be the best way to finish out my troop upgrades to allow time to get the 60,000 DE to upgrade my Golems? I still have level 1 pekkas too BTW. Any advice would be appreciated! 🙂

      • I meant those are the troops that I have already upgraded.
        I still have Giants, Gob, wallbreakers, loons, healing spell, & level 1 Pekka’s to upgrade while trying to get enough DE for the Golem upgrade. (I currently only have a little over 18,000 DE for this upgrade so far).
        So in your opinion, what do you think would be the best way to upgrade the rest of my troops to allow time to get the 60,000 I need?
        I know I have to upgrade my pekkas twice. I’m just not sure if I should do it before the Golem upgrade or go to level 2 first then level 3 after Golems.
        I think the upgrading troops and spells is what I have the hardest time with.
        What do you say? Can you help me out buddy? 🙂 Have a great day, and thank you so much for taking the time to respond! 🙂

  3. Hi I just got to TH8 and upgraded Archer and Barbarian already. Is it okay if I skip dragons because I got really tired of using them all the time in TH7. I also don’t like to use Hogs that much because they’re overused. Is it okay to upgrade the troops with this order? Archer-Barbarian-Giants(for farming purposes)-Wizards-WB-Loons-Rage-Heal-Valk-Golem then other troops I like. I would like to use Valks as my main attack composition GoVaLo, GoVaPe, GoWiVa, HoVaGo, anything that has Valks in it because no one uses it despite its effectiveness. Is this okay?

  4. Hey Will, I am debating whether to upgrade my rage spell to level 5 (3mil) or my pekka to level 3 (6mil) as they are my last elixir upgrades. I know that your post said to do the rage spell but one of my clan mates disagree and thinks I should do my pekkas… What is your opinion?

  5. I’m doing barbs, archers, giants in some order when I upgrade [edit: to th10] in about a month. I’ll probably go pekka and freeze after that although of course I’ll need to fit in golem to 5 somewhere.

  6. I am a th8 with lvl2 drags and i am considering whether i want to get lvl2 pekkas (for gowipe) or lvl3 drags. I already have lvl1 golems and lvl5 wiz. currently I use drags but thinking about starting to use golem attacks so…thoughts?

  7. Hi will I am in th 7 and looking for a 3 star strategy in both trophy hunting and clan war. I have got the level one dragon in only one barrack so no mass dragon. (I don`t even like mass dragons for the time they consume).In dark barrack I` ve got level one hog.I am fed up using healer giant because of the unpredictable spring trap and asymmetrical bases. Do you have any other strategy? (My troop levels are:barb level 3 arch level 4 giant level 4 gob level 3 wall breaker level 3 balloon level 3 wiz level 3 healer level 2 drag level 1 minion level 1 hog level 1.)can you advice a strategy which doesn t cost much dark elexir. Thank you.

  8. Im close to being a max TH8 and i have never used a mass dragon attack before but thinking i should upgrade the dragons to help in war and what not. Should I upgrade dragons to lvl 2 or upgrade my rage spell to 4. Btw I recently got back into the game for about a 2 years or so and think I have first played in 2012.

  9. every one will have their own troop upgrade priority. I am at TH8 now. A TH8 with a Level 4 troops is just equivalent to being in TH7 only. The Lvl4 troops cant take on a mid to fully maxed TH8 war base. I would prefer upgrading baloon (Lvl5) and dragon (lvl3) first as they are primary and easy to use troop for wars, where one can attack Th8 base easily. Baloons with Drag are somewhat economical also, as compared to 10 drags. Then can upgrade Wiz, Giants, Archer, Wall Breaker, Barbarian, Goblins. Once Pekka is released, by the time atleast Giant and Wiz (Lvl5) should be easy to do ground attack for Th8 bases. As if anyone is around 1500 trophies, level 4 barcher is sufficient for farming. For spell I would prefer – Lightning, Rage or healing. I am suggesting troop upgradation for clan wars.

  10. Man…just use brutal giants wiz barb arch n minions combination…… 7 is a shit easy….otherwise since th 7 doesnt have skeleton traps….hog + some wiz or archer (in case cc troops interfare) is best 100% strategy after u complete all dark upgrade

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