Top Gameplay Tips

In this post, I will give you some most important factual tips of Clash of Clans. By keeping them in mind during playing time, you can play game with much more effective and shorten the growing time of your village. There is also a guide about offensive tips in Clash of Clans, you shouldn’t miss it!

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Top Clash of Clans Tips you can’t miss

  1. After you get attacked, If your Clan Castle troops can survive (even If they were damaged), they will be returned to your Clan Castle with full health.
    If you deploy your Clan troops while you are attacking other villages, they will be lost regardless of they weren’t damaged.
  2. A Witch or a Healer can be fit into a level 2 Clan Castle or higher.
  3. A Dragon can be fit into a level 3 Clan Castle or higher.
  4. A P.E.K.K.A can be fit into a level 4 Clan Castle or higher.
  5. A Lava Hound or Golem can be fit into a level 5 Clan Castle or higher.
  6. The attackers can still deploy their troops at the corner where you can’t place your buildings. That’s the reason you shouldn’t place your buildings at the corner.
  7. The matchmaking system is based on your trophies and your Town Hall level. Almost villages you can find have the same TH level as yours.
  8. You still can face players from other Leagues, but this rarely happens.
  9. If your Town Hall or 40%-89% of your village is destroyed, you will get 12-hour shield.
    If 90%+ of your village is destroyed (regardless of whether your Town Hall is destroyed or not), you will get a 16-hour shield.
  10. You will only lose your trophies If more than 50% of your village or your Town Hall is destroyed.
  11. Place your Town Hall far from your defensive structures and you will have free 12-hour shields from trophy pushing players.
  12. Troops in your Army Camps will not be killed If your village get attacked, but they also can’t protect your village.
  13. Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills don’t work when they are being upgraded.
  14. Once you upgrade a troops, you can’t stop that progress.
  15. Clan Castle, Army Camps and Storages work normally during being upgraded.
  16. You can move your Buildings while they are being built.
  17. You can’t attack other players If they are currently online or have shield.
  18. Higher Town Hall level = higher searching cost.
  19. You can buy traps and decorations without free Builders.
  20. Never think little of Traps. You always can get 0 star because of them.
  21. You can’t attack and steal the Gem Box.
  22. The only building which can does splash damage to air units is Wizard Tower.
  23. The amount of Experience you need to go up a level is a certain number. Read more at: Experience and Level.
  24. The higher League you stay, the higher loot bonus you can have for a won match.
  25. The Healers just can heal the ground units and Heroes. They can’t be affected by Air traps.
  26. Never use double Walls because Wall Breakers can do damage within three tiles.
  27. If you are disconnected while attacking, that battle will still run until the time runs out or your troops are destroyed.
  28. Laboratory doesn’t stop the research while it is being upgraded.
  29. Clan Wars Matchmaking system is not based on trophies. A clan in a war have is approximately strong as the opponent.
  30. Clan troops come out from the Clan Castle are following a certain order. This order is the same as their positions in the Barracks: Barbarians -> Archers -> Giants -> Goblins ->…

Do you have any other Clash of Clans tips want to share?


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