Tombstone Trap Guide

You find a base with 800k loot and a lot of tombstones around it when you are farming. What do you think at first? The owner of that base hasn’t visited it for a long time? All traps are gone? No Clan troops? That’s it! Why don’t we apply this to make the attacker be subjective? By doing this method, especially in high leagues like Master and Champion, you will have a significant amount of additional successful defenses.


I faced plenty of villages with full of Tombstones before when I was pushing to Master I. I just though that there was no traps and Clan troops, I just deployed my troops without consider anything and I failed almost those times…

If you remove a normal Tombstone, you will get 20 Elixir and it will be 1 Dark Elixir for Dark Tombstone, but I think it is actually a very small number and you really don’t need to remove them. Almost players want their villages be clean but after couples of weeks without cleaning those tombstones, I have recognized that I have been getting plenty of more successful defenses.

Don’t remove the tombstones and trees, always rearm traps and fill up your Castle with full troops, that is our key!


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