To Lure or Not To Lure?

In any Clan War attack, luring Clan troops is one of the most considered steps at all Town Hall levels. If you can’t decide this before hitting the Attack button, it always can ruin your attack. Thanks Ry_Guy for sharing this!

Lure or not lure?

To lure

The first decision is whether or not to lure the CC.  Luring the CC has slipped in and out of favor so many times lately – with the advent and subsequent adjustment to the Poison Spell and the increase in Clan War attack time limit – it’s hard to even keep track at this point.  Basically, if the CC is very easily triggerable with support troops, luring is fine.  If you decide to lure, though, and you have a Poison Spell (you probably should), use it efficiently!!

For example, particularly in the case of a Clan Castle Dragon, don’t simply drop the poison spell and wait for it to slowly trickle down HP – that wastes time, and you are still left with a half-alive Dragon to deal with.  Remember that the new Poison Spell significantly slows the attack speed of poisoned troops, so engaging a dragon while it is poisoned takes it down much faster and with little threat to troops killing it.  If you are successfully able to lure and dispatch the CC with minimal investment, congratulations, you just took a lot of the pressure off your Kill Squad as they enter the base and maybe even freed up a spell slot to better support your army composition.

Not to lure

On the other hand, if you decide NOT to lure the CC, you will be taking it out with your Kill Squad as it enters the base.  This is often the preferred method as it sort of combines two of the goals of the Kill Squad – killing the defensive troops and developing the wedge – into a singular “surge” maneuver.

First, knowing when and where the CC troops are going to pour out onto your kill squad is important, so you can plan for and be ready for it.  Don’t let it catch you by surprise.  One common mistake is sending a Golem into the range (even just barely) of the Clan Castle and triggering it, so it pours out onto that Golem before the funnel is sufficiently created.  This often causes panic for the attacker as he sees his Golem melting away, which forces would-be funneling troops to be dropped in support of the Golem, which ultimately ruins the funnel and probably the raid. Notice the domino effect of a seemingly insignificant and innocent oversight?

Always, always, always check and double-check the ranges of all defenses in the vicinity of your entry point AND the range of the CC before you execute your attack.  Now, again, remember that your Kill Squad and the remaining army work in tandem. If you plan to have your Kill Squad penetrate deeper into the base, you may choose to bring a rage spell for the kill squad instead of a Healing Spell for the Hogs or Haste Spells for your Balloons and Lava Hounds.  If so, while the Kill Squad is engaging the (almost ALWAYS poisoned) CC is a perfect time to drop that Rage Spell.  It will allow the Kill Squad to almost instantly kill the CC troops and surge them forward into the base.


  1. This seems pretty cool. I’m generally a fan of not luring the Clan Castle just because most of my attacks aren’t exactly time friendly and even though I know lots of ways to lure the CC without using many troops, it’s pretty common that I run out of time.

  2. It seems to me that if you are sending in some tankers and backing them up with some heavy hitting wizards, then NOT luring makes a whole bunch of sense given the fact that you can poison them and cut them down in short order. In fact the time saving makes it more than worth it.

  3. This is definitely one of the biggest issues I see in my clan,,, we are an mixed bag clan,,, some hard cores,, semi active,,, war only and come and go clan members,,,

    I cringe watching some attacks,,,

    You have the lure and poison only which drives me crazy,,, the new updates time increase was a godsend for that style but I still harp on them to lure out drag further and attack with ranged troops and a barb or two,,, or some combo like that… and take advantage of the poison spells slowing the drags attack..

    Then you have the guys who just send their tankers to the slaughter with no support,, in my opinion this is even worse than the slowly waiting for poison to knock down drag…it can and will ruin most attacks,,, it’s definitely more of a skilled timing move than the lure and poison…

    What we’ve started doing is donate a max poison to their cc to stack with their own poison,,, it can and has taking out drags all on its own… and if only wiz and other troops come out you can save second for heros and skeletons…

    In my opinion this subject is absolutely essential to a good bad or great attack

    Cheers ?

  4. With the new 2016 update luring is now difficult and time consuming. You just have to plan where the showdown between your troops and cc troops will take place and put a solid plan on how you will effectively kill them

  5. LoL i never but ever use poison spell im playin this 2 years or more and always kilin CC with kill squad, expect if u are TH7 or lover there u need lure and kill drag and etc… from TH9 lure not needed cuz u lose alot time i just rage kill squad n kill the cc trops in second.

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