Tips for Surviving in The New Clash of Clans Era

Everything has been changed a lot since the Town Hall 11 update released. It’s Clash of Clans v2.0 now, not the old game anymore. If you still find it really hard to survive in the new world, MagiicHat’s gonna give you some important tips in this guide.

The New Clash of Clans Era

The new update set all Clashers for chaos within the trophy range by introducing lots of changes at one. The new shield system has exposed loads of bases that never did any real attacks before. Before the update, those bases never got completely destroyed so the weaknesses of them were never exposed. Lots of players (especially in Gold leagues) didn’t really care about their base layouts because they always could get the free shield. If you are one of them, probably you will find this guide useful.

You now just can’t protect all 3 resources. I strongly recommend you pick just 1 resource at a time to gather (or 2 If you are at TH8 and higher). Focus on protecting no more than 2 resources and spend the unneeded resource on upgrading Walls and traps.

For example: A TH9 base shows more than 200k Gold/200k Elixir/2k Dark Elixir usually gets attacked by a strong army immediately while a TH9 base with 300k Gold/50k Elixir/2k Dark Elixir don’t usually get attacked by strong armies.

You should place your Town Hall inside the core since it’s a Storage and holds 1/5 of your DE, especially If you are gathering Dark Elixir. It’s totally okay If you have to use your Town Hall as a shield for the core. 20% of the available loot is an acceptable cost of the business when defending. Just remember, layouts that are good at protecting Dark Elixir can’t protect your Gold and Elixir well, and vice-versa. Take a look at the base layouts section and pick 2 best ones that fit your playstyle. Minimizing your resources and using purpose built layouts are the best ways to protect your village.

You can read more about this at 9 Tips for Defending Your Loot Better.


Secondly, attacking.

It’s time to use real farming strategies. The sniping Town Hall era is just over.

  • BAM: Definitely BAM is the most efficient strategy for farming not Dark Elixir but also other resources. By using all 6 Barracks for training troops, your army will be always ready for the next raids.
  • GiBarch: If you have the Archer Queen, don’t want to use DE, go with this strategy. It’s pretty easy to get the Dark Elixir Storage with GiBarch.
  • Barch: If you want to focus on gathering Gold and Elixir, go with Barch. By knowing the best time for farming, you can always find inactive bases in Silver and Gold leagues. Moreover, If you are aiming at win bonus, It’s not hard at all to get 50% with Barch.
  • GoWi variations: If you are farming at Master or higher, give GoWiPe, GoWiWi,… a try. You always can easily get 2 star wins and 3-4k DE along with the sweet loot bonus.
  • For more details, please take a look at here.

Remember, nothing is set in stone, there are a bunch of strategies for farming and it may take you couples of days to find the best one that fit your playstyle and it takes about 50 attacks to be good at any given strategy.

Thirdly, the league.

As the Clash of Clans economy settles down, Crystal and Master leagues may be the new home for Town Hall 9 and 10. You will be always able to get into the core and get the decent win bonus. I predict Supercell will increase the loot bonus in the next update. That will be great.

As we can see, Supercell has implemented blackouts players, who are farming below the league where people will attack their bases. The game usually kicks them out for a “Personal Break” and tells them to move to a higher league. Let’s get in line and make the best of it!


  1. For TH7, i recommend to go silver league with the combination of coc forecaster. Yes, majority in that league will find alot of loot inside the storafes but if you’re lucky you get some loots inside the collectors, so if you decide to attack the storages instead collectors then try my army composition (it cost a lot of elixir thought): 12 Giants, 17 wiz, 10 WB, rest archer and 1 heallspell. You can add 1 heal spell and 1 rage elixir but it will cost alot of elixir.

  2. Arrg new update is so fustrating,,,, loot is at an all time low,,, and if you’ve got a big upgrade coming and loot is built up,,, your getting nailed by war like attacks constantly,, basically supercell has catered to the gemmers,,,,, almost everything about the update puts an emphasis on buying gems or else game play becomes a massive chore,,, we’re now required to have longer train times to train higher cost armies,, then loot bonus is slashed due to being rewarded based on % destroyed,,, personal break which forces the possibily loss of loot coupled with longer train times means loot generated by raiding per day has been significantly hanicapped.. I could go on and on….

    I just don’t get it,,, this game was great and I’ve spent hours and hours everyday for years playing it,,, I’ve been in the same clan for over 2 years with both very active and casual war based gamers,,, but since update everyone is in turmoil,,, I think supercell has pushed game over a cliff,,, I don’t foresee being here talking about clash nevermind 2 years from now,,, possibly months,,, from now,,, supercell sold out to top 1% of clashers with this update,,, I don’t think many new people will come on board as the game sits now,,, the ship is sinking…. too bad,,, but they’ve certainly cashed in with update,,, max th 11’s just hours after update,,, FML,,, how’s that any fun?

    Cheers (I guess) ?

  3. To all the people who have their town Hall outside please put it in the core of your base.
    Getting that easy shield is dead instead you lose a Orton of all three resources easily with the town Hall outside and to top it off… You don’t get a shield.

    I still see so many active bases with the town hall outside and they’re just waiting to come crashing down.
    I really hope supercell gives a shield even for 10 % destruction cuz I see soo many attackers just taking one of the storages and fleeing.
    You lose more loot like this ,than that which you would lose in 3 star loss.
    Please supercell listen to our cries and revert the game to it’s former glory.

  4. I know it has been tough… I know supercell is not going to revert these changes…..

    So the only option leafy for us is to adapt to the changes. We only play a game as we find it amusing and entertaining. I am still feeling the same way even after the update I really like the game so I decided to adapt I’m a th8

  5. Will. Explain more about ‘ As we can see, Supercell has implemented blackouts players, who are farming below the league where people will attack their bases. The game usually kicks them out for a “Personal Break” and tells them to move to a higher league. Let’s get in line and make the best of it!’

    Did u try to mention that: if ur th9 or higher and loot at bronze or lower to find dead base, supercell will kick u out more often by using Personal Break system?

  6. In clash of Clans forecaster the loot is great now but I cant find ANY dead bases. I also moved to silver I league to see if loot changes or not, But it is as same as gold II, Cant find any dead bases.
    SUPERCELL IS DIGGING HIS OWN GRAVE!!! Most of my friends are inactive now and I’m becoming to an inactive player. I hope SUPERCELL wake up BEFORE everyone leave the game.

    • I’ve heard SC is stripping inactive bases after a shorter period of time since the update. I’ve heard as short a period as two weeks or as soon as their trophy count hits zero. Not sure if it’s true or not but it would certainly help encourage gemming and up their profits.

      Personally, I’ve been lucky as a near max TH9. I’ve only been attacked 4 times since the update and 3 of those were people dumping trophies. The fourth one was a real attack from a high mid TH10 who had to spend their entire army to 40% the base. Without their loot bonus, they would have lost resources on the raid. The loss of resources was unfortunate, but not a huge deal. Of course I’ve buried my resources as deep in my base as I can along with the town hall, spend it as soon as I can (easy when you’re mostly upgrading walls) and empty my collectors frequently which makes me an unattractive target, no doubt.

      My concern is just how dead the game has become since the update.

  7. farming is like hell now, can’t reach for 4m loot in a hour, even with boosting barracks. Before update i could get up to 6m loot without boosting..

    1 thing for sure about this update, everyone seems like protecting they collector more than before.. and the base is much more harder now..

    and, 1 way to adapt after new update is, don’t get too picky when attacking

      • Look at the times between raids,,, nice loot but not to burst your bubble but your gemming the shit out of those raids,,, I and most people can easily raid for the same loot,,, we just don’t have the cash to buy gems to do that constantly,,,

        • you are so wrong in many ways, im one of the “most people” u mention lol… did u read all the guide???

          when you are nexting, come back a moment when you feel your camp already full..

          and when you have full camp, don’t come back, until you atk OR your barracks will be resetted

          this is 1 secret of this game, if you have full camp and looking for raids, your barracks will make troops like you have empty camp, untill you come back. So, if you have full camp while boosting, and you are nexting for several minutes, and attacking for 3 minutes, when you come back into the base, your camp already full again, especially if you make barbar and archer only !!!

          maybe you should try it, seriously, all we need to do that hour of raids only 25 gems. only the cost of free gem box. if you don’t want to boost, its okay though, but it will cost you more time

          i never buy gems buddy, all of my gems, i got it from removing obstacle and achievement from the game. Did i boost my barracks constantly? the answer is no, just when i needed some loot for upgrade. like i said before, farming is harder now, i can do more than that before without boosting, but for now, i pushed to boost to keep my builders and lab busy.

          • Yeah I know about the barracks resetting,,, I understand how it works,,, but still burning up 30 gems every session or even a session to get an upgrade takes its toll on your gem count,,, it’s just not sustainable over the long run,,, obstacles and gem boxes can’t keep up with that through the long haul,,, when you have 5 builders and a lab to keep busy,,, and now looting takes easily 50% longer and more expensive,,, it’s just impossible to keep it going when everything cost 4 plus mil here at th 9…. and we get hit by gowipe and lavaloon or some other war strength attack every time you log off or get kicked for personal break… I admit the community hasn’t really figured out how to live with this update yet,,, that’s why I keep checking out this site…

            That being said good on you,, your getting excellent loot from that bam strategy,,, I’ve yet to adopt it but I see it’s benefit of have 6 baracks going,,, and it does seem like more and more abandoned bases are cropping up per session,,, but that’s probably not a good thing at this stage,,, just shows that more people are fed up with update and quitting,,, I just wanted to point out that with your time between raids you need to use gems and there’s no way to do that constantly by just clearing obstacles and gem boxes,,, lol they even split boost times but it costs the same as before per hour, theyre just trying to sucker people in to using more gems…there’s no disputing that this update on a well established game was a money grab,, just the way of the world I guess,, capitalism wins again

            Cheers ?

          • still wrong, actually it’s 4 barracks, you don’t need to boost your dark barracks, you don’t need minion that much. and if you have free time to count, boosting 2 barracks is enough for this method. (with current queque on barracks, you can split training for keeping up, but im too lazy thinking and counting, so i did 4 boost instead)

            and it’s bad idea, to have our barracks boosted everytime we farm. i don’t always boost my barracks, it’s just sometimes, around twice a week i believe. if not boosted, farming for half an hour (twice to three times) to get 1 – 2 m loot each is enough for me.

            by the way, personally, i don’t care much about my defenses. upper lvl may always destroy my base. im just focusing on my attack. so what do i care much is how getting, dark elixir and elixir. while gold is just following up on them. im just focusing on my dark elixir and what sure is, everytime i got 50k dark elixir, usually i got up to 5m gold also. and if i had free builder while farm, i always throwing my gold to wall immediately.

            i don’t know about you, but im only on early th9 with th8defenses mostly, with mostly lvl7 walls even got some lvl6 walls, but everything is perfect before update, and sad for now its only good. But at least i can survive in this new update. probably, it’s been a month after i became th9. maybe if you have been on th9 longer than me, i believe that you should have doing better than me.


          • Good point,,, I apologize if I offended you,,, I’m a established th 9 at this point and close to going on to th 10 and no way a pro at this game just a grinder 2 plus years,,, I guess I was just grumpy about update like most clashers,,, your obviously a good farmer by the looks of those raids regardless of times between raids gemming or not,,, I think this is one if the the most informative coc sites around hopefully you’ll keep commenting so I can learn from you as well as the great posts here,,,

            Cheers ?

          • it’s okay buddy, im not feeling offended at all. i just want to spread some positive energy, it’s sad seeing most of players stressed when life gets hard.

            here i wanna give some tips farming on this new era, that maybe you did know, or just to remind you. there are 2 points that very important on farming.

            1. Increasing your farming Quality. it is KNOWING how much loot you can get, example 1 base with 400/400 offering loot with empty collectors, thats mean, every storage hold 80k. and th hold 160k loots and imagine with ur army composition,how much storage that can u destroy. minimum is 2 storage i believe. can u get more than 2 storage with it or not. 2 storage means 160k loot, and then compare it, your investment on army that will be used, and your imaginary loots, are you getting benefit or not. if there is no benefit, leave it.

            so, in 30 seconds on preparing before atk, use it to imagine and counting, that way, it will increase your farming quality, while boosting is only increasing quantity.

            for me, sometimes when i don’t boost my barracks, i drop 30 barch to get 50k elix and 50k gold only, but i think it’s very good!!! if i attack like that 10 times it’s mean i will get 500k elix and 500k gold, with 300barch only. and usually, every atk only took a minutes, and i just end it. that’s mean with only 10 minutes of atk, i can get 1M loot. So, if i need 1 minutes to find base like that, and 1 minutes to atk. it’s mean, i could get 1M loot in 20 minutes right? how about farming for a hour? 3M loot !! it’s a combine of quality and quantity. But it’s really bored.

  8. I am trying to stay positive and motivated to keep playing but it is getting harder everyday. I understand the frustration that a lot of people feel and I don’t understand those who say “learn how to attack” or just quit. What made this game great was the huge number of people that played it. There were casual players and hardcore players and everyone felt that they could progress in the game and have fun.

    A few months ago I discovered that the vice-president of engineering of the company I work for played CoC. I have friends that are doctors and play CoC. Do you think these guys have the time to play all day long to upgrade a single wall a day?. Having kids, adults, students, professionals playing the game is what made it the #1 mobile game. If what SC wants is a bunch guys without a real life to be connected 8, 12, 16 hours a day, guess what? there are thousands of games out there where you can do that.

    Supercell says that farming was never the way the game was supposed to be played, OPEN YOUR EYES!, that’s what made you super rich.

    • it’s sad, you could progress even if you are not a hardcore farmers, it just take you more time.

      just play casually, but you have to manage, what you want to do, what loots you want. example from me. when i need dark elixir.

      what i did is like this.

      in the weekdays
      a hour in the morning, playing for a hour, getting 1 million elixir is more than enough. and then train for drags.

      spending 2 hours, for every drags atk. and it will take you, 5 minutes only when attacking. so in my work time only, i could atk 4 times, how about a days? i could attack 5-7 times with mass drags attk. and before sleep, i play barcer again, collecting some elix and gold. if you are doing it right, you can get up to 20k De for a day.

      thats for dark elixir, how about when i need some elix and gold? change drags, with gowipe, or if u have little dark elixir, go for gibarchler.

      i don’t know, about u guys, but i am casual farmers or even lazy farmers, but mostly i got maxed loot minimum once a week. i think what’s really important here is time management.

      no offense guys

        • if you farm for 7 days and only get 7 mil, that’s mean there really is something wrong with you. like i said on top, a HOUR to get 1 million elix is enough, and it’s approximately you will had 2M loot a hour. that’s mean you got 16 million loots(maxed storage) after farm for 8 hours. you can get it in 1 day or if you are too lazy now lets divide it. If you played for 3 hours a day. that’s mean every 3 days, you will always get maxed loot.

          9 hours in 3 days = 16M loot
          12 days = 12/3 *16M = 48M loot in 12 days

          if you have 5 builders

          1st day, 1st builder upgrading something average on 12 days, its mean when he’s done you should have around 48M loots to spare, so in 3rd days(when your storages already full) you throw it to others builder

          2nd builder upgrading something around 12 days too, you should have around40M to spare, into 3rd builder

          3rd builder upgrading something around 12 days too, you still have 32M to spare

          4th builder upgrading something around 12 days too, and you still have 24 M to spare, that first builders nearly done with his job, and when he’s done you may immediattely upgrade another.

          on 12th day, 1st builder got works again, and you still have 16M loots to spare to 5th builder + robbed count or walls!!

          But i think it’s better if 5th builder is always busy upgrading king/queen.

          that’s it, ONLY farming 3 hours a day. will always keep your builders busy, even if you need to upgrade something that cost 8M.But, it will only work, if you are doing it right, and have good management.

          cmon guys, what’s so hard getting 1M elixir + 1M gold in a hour?

          • So many of us don’t have that much time to play! I used to love that I could spend 20 minutes a day, if that, and still progress to upgrades. Now, I can’t make much loot before someone takes it. 3 hours a day on this game? Must be nice to have that kind of time.

          • time has change, if spending 20 minutes a day is not enough, maybe you should try more times, or patience for more days.

            3 hours a day is accumulative dear, about 30 minutes in the morning after waking up, 5 minutes every 2 hours in a work time= 8/2 x 5 minutes = 20 minutes. and i don’t go home immediattely after work because of traffic, so i spend about 30-60 minutes playing in the office before going home. and before sleep play until bored, usually around a hour.

            and yes, i live my life to the fullest. i do have a job, a girlfriend, and even i gym twice a week. And for me, spending a hours like that for a hobby is normal.

            and sorry no offense,usually people using “no time to play” as alibi to they slow progress. 24 hours / day is so much time, we can do everything what we want, if we MANAGE it right.

            i don’t need to be hardcore players to get everythings, i just need to be smart players

          • 24 hours is not much time when you have a busy life. I lift weights 4x a week, have 3 kids, a husband, take care of what needs to be done around the house, cook for everyone and myself, own an online business, am a personal trainer, and I have hobbies that include hiking, reading, learning programming, and studying peer reviewed research about fitness and nutrition. I do not have time to spend more than 20 mins a day on CoC. Before, that was just fine. I progressed not spending a dime and caught up to my brother at Th9, and he has spent hundreds on the game! The devs realized that too many people could get along fine without spending money if they knew how to play the game. Now, you have to either commit more time, or pay. It’s a plain as day money grab. I thought this game was fine before the update. So, before assuming anything and being biased to the devs, consider it’s possible they complicated the game to make more money and crapped on all the people that loved this game because they could game without investing time or needing to spend $$$. It’s a legit point, and you can see many of the latest reviews on Google play saying the same.

          • i’m sorry miss if i offended you. I understand whats mean to be busy person. And sorry, no matter how busy you are, twenty-four hours is still long enough, my point is, you are not a machine, humans need to rest, even if just five minutes. The problem is what you do when you are resting? i believe you had the chance to play more than twenty minutes, but i know, maybe you are too tired from house chores or another activities, or want to do something else, (like you said, you had another hobbies) so it’s ended up only twenty minute a day.

            Like i said before, time has changes, we had to adapt, or going to extinction like dinosaur when meteor crash.

            the choice is simple, playing more, buying gems, or retired. And, personally, i choose to play more. maybe if im just new player, i rather choose to quit, but i had played it for seven months, and i will not let a “meteor” crash hold me down before finishing my Goal. Thats why, if you see all of my comment, i mean to spread positive atmosphere towards person with same interest, to cheering up them, how to survive in it, what need to do or not to, etc.

            And,i don’t mean to judge you or anything in my comment before, instead i liked to give you solution.


          • Wth is wrong with you. It is a god dam game. Ppl have lives not all of us are teens. Just play more? Lol. How about you not tell people how They got more time for clash. Why work for sc for free,don’t be a tool. i being playing for 2+ years, guess what max th10 and I am done, they took the easy loot so I am out. No way I am going to play a game more than 20 min a day.

          • Lol. im the one that should have said what the hell. You just butting in others conversation and seems like you misunderstanding everythings.

            1. i understand, not all of players are teens, i don’t know about you, but im 27 years old. and i have lives too. But, i can adapt with this new update even if i have lives, if i can adapt, why should the others cannot? what is their problem? and i just wanna help them. It’s natural helping others especially on same interest.

            2. work for sc for free, don’t be a tool? oh wow, wisdom over 9000, you don’t know any single thing about me, but already judge me. The fact is, i don’t even care about supercell, they are just provided me with games called COC, what do i care is, others fellow clasher that suffered from new update, what do i tell them in here, or else, is to cheers them, to give motivation, and whether they like it, or they don’t, they quit or continue, i don’t really care. it’s their business.

            3. Next is funnier, you tell me not to stick my nose in others business, while you stick yours in mine, yourself. LOL

            4. I don’t care, if you are done with it or blablablabla… it’s your business.

            poor you little thing, falling so much in love with coc, even if when you said you are done with it, you still visiting Coc blog like this one, even commenting. What are you doing? it’s just like stalking your eX.

            i know a lot people about you, who lack of determination and had a weak heart. Saying going to go, but still wandering.

            And you know what? Their hobby is licking their own spit.

          • Ahh no. you don’t seem to fucking understand that people got lives. What this update did was make it for those who can’t play more than 10-20 min a day a very easy choice…quit or pay. If you can adjust..good for you i don’t give a fuck nor should anyone else, it is your business. But don’t go around telling people to adjust. Which leads to my second point, that your a fucking tool, helping Supercell maintain user base on your spare time for free…that is by definition a fucking tool. And in no fucking way you even remotely sound over 20 years old, so plz.
            2. I am in your business? kind of! but not about how you play a fucking game(like what your doing) but about you being a tool encouraging others to adjust their lives to fit a game update.
            3. Conversation? you want a private conversation post in private, if it is public any one can jump in or out.

            4.And finally “poor you little thing, falling so much in love with coc…your eX.” Nope! I actually spend around 20hr max playing coc over the coarse of a year. I bot, i don’t farm, actually barely fucking play and never spent a dollar. I got some co workers bitching about the update that is why i was checking it out …..fuck it you make up what you want about me, enjoy.

            ” know a lot people about you, who lack of determination and had a weak heart. Saying going to go, but still wandering.” lol DUDE!! It is a game you realize that right? ANd trust me you don;t knwo shit about people or anything about me so STFU.

            “Licking your own spit” where the hell are you form? that is a obscure euphemism…don’t answer that i don’t give a fuck.

          • Damn, Insane! Tell us how you really feel! The way you described your comments, it was like you were performing a labor of love. Now you say you don’t care if people like your “motivation” or just quit! Which is it Insane?? And, “licking their own spit?” In what third world hell hole is THAT an appropriate insult? Please don’t stop replying though; it is free entertainment to replace free COC!

          • i don’t really understand what you mean with it. what i really feel about what?

            the truth is, i liked giving people “motivation”, whether they like it or not its up to them. im just trying to help.

            licking their own spit is a term in my country, usually when people telling others for not doing something because it’s bad thing, but they did it themself.

            and yes, usually i post something or reply here, when i had nothing to do in coc or when im bored.

          • I love this guy. Somebody who clearly loved the game says she doesn’t have the kind of time to play that he thinks is appropriate, so she isn’t a smart player. A truly “smart player” knows that when they are at work, they need to be working! Insan? are you sure it isn’t Insane?

          • there are hardcore players, casual players, etc. And, i classified myself as smart players, because of the way i played the game, i played it differently.

            And i disagree with you, what’s important at work is not “working” but getting your works done. as long as i could finish my assignment, doing a break for playing is not a problem. my boss happy, i am happy, everybodys win.

          • Actually It’s still just not that hard. You can attack 2-3 times before your shield expires and make decent loot buddy!

          • Again, I don’t have time to keep attacking like that. It used to be that this was a game that people who didn’t have time to play games could play. Not anymore…unless you want to pay ;). I didn’t see the big deal about the town hall sniping. It was very nice for people who do not have time to get on the game at all some days. But it’s not a big deal, I will quit playing and just spend the time I had for CoC on reading /shrug.

  9. So for sure SC will not increase loot bonus ( I will cut off my balls, fry it in butter and then eat it if they do) and trying to protect resources does not work against a higher TH, so if you think you can save up to 4.5 to 6 million of a resource to upgrade… think again for it will take you ages and lots of frustration, and if you are a casual player, forget about it! it will never happen for you will lose more resources then you can collect. So the option that SC wants you to use? Buy Gems, spend real money. Help them pay for Blizzcon … err clashcon

  10. Everyone is whining about farming and the new update and i dont know why? Boosting barracks got easier, (5gems/hr) In one hour you can snipe 20-25,000 DE easily from DE drills at almost any league level. And make 2.5 million of each gold and elixer at the same time. (I just did). You just have to plan what you are going for (gold Elixir, DE) and plan your next upgrade wisely. You just cant stockpile full storages without risking big losses. like the guide says choose one resource to farm at a time. And choose whether you are farming or pushing trophies dont try to do both! Obviously Supercell is trying to make more money but i think it is just going to make better players. Everyone is whining about it but i think most just dont know how to play the game.

  11. Hi All,
    I’m a mid TH9 in champs III and am having a heck of a time finding a solid farm strategy in the new era of clans. BAM flat out doesn’t work in this league level, especially since my barbs and archers are still lvl 5. So my question is; what is a solid attack composition that takes the least time to train nowadays?
    Lately I’m been using a modified Super Queen with good results, but it still takes a half hour to train between attacks and I have to boost my spell factory to keep up. Lvl 15 queen/6 healers/6WB’s/24 archers/20hogs/2heal/2rage
    I would like to find something that takes less time, or fewer resources.

  12. Just chill guys, all the old timers can tell you that this happens with the new update, same happened with the wars and new th10s before and perks there was like 3-4 weeks insane activity and then the people got bored as the veterans prevailed and got busy… Wait it out, empty your collectors, chat with the clan peeps, and WAR PEOPLE WAR its great loot. Rotate with people war farming for 1 star for 1 of your attacks, some that are max dont need loot anymore so they wil sacrifice their loot to carry people that are building, I know I do!! There are still ways of generating loot just a hiccup in the CoC world and times. 🙂 Tis the season to be Cocky?? lol 🙂

  13. I’m th8 and i have no trouble gathering resources for my upgrades. I usually just use goblins to loot because the base i use brings me lots of trophies from attackers so i don’t worry about faliing from the league i am at

    • I tried using goblins again, but they just died too damn quickly since they often targeted things behind walls instead of hitting the exposed resources. I am in Masters one as a baby TH9, so I am facing absolutely nothing but strong TH9s, 10s, and 11s. Yes, it is brutal up here as well. I am barely keeping myself in my league. Champion has just remained out of my reach and it is starting to piss me off.

  14. i dont care about loot, my builders never stop workin. i just need a fair match system. I lost more 30+ trophies if attacked once, and i just got 1-8 while attackin. of course i cant 3-star every time, cuz iam just th7 and my opponents all th8 and th9, although some time i 3-star a poor th8. they disregads the lower th i think

  15. I’ll give y’all my two cents about something I was forced to try recently. Allow me to explain myself first. I have just recently upgraded from a maxed TH 8 to a TH 9. I was a good boy so I had plenty of elixir and gold to start upgrading a whole bunch of stuff all at once. As a consequence my conventional spell factory is not available, so the only spells I have available are dark spells. As I have expressed previously, I am trying to maintain my trophy count until I get my new stuff operational and I am able to use TH 9 troops. Well, I figured that means I am going to have to push for trophies a bit to keep myself in Masters I at the very least. So this is what I have been doing. I am cooking up two golems, sixteen hogs, twelve wizards, and six wall breakers as a backup. Of course I have my level 10 king and my new level 1 queen. I try to get my clan-mates to donate wizards and one poison spell. My spells consist of five earthquakes and two poison spells. That means I usually go into battle with three poison spells and five earthquake spells. The trick is to find a base that can be cracked open to get to the town hall while also exposing the dark elixir. Usually the dark elixir is centralized with the town hall these days so the DE location is not a problem; however, It is a bonus if you can also expose some DE drills. It is also good if the path to the TH is short since you don’t have any spells to make your troops faster. Overall I have been quite successful at sniping town halls in this manner. You still get a little loot from your league bonus with this new update, which certainly helps. I am sure I have pissed a few dudes off as I have gone in and taken their TH and dark elixir and left them without a shield, HA!

    Next, I will try using this same strategy with giants instead of golems. We see how it works out.

    • I’m in the same boat as Daniel. Went max th8 to new th9 about the time of the update. At first like most I hated the update, especially since trophies are harder to maintain. But I figured I had to adjust and find the silver lining.

      For me, that’s being able to attack through the shield and extend village guard. That gives me plenty of time to get in multiple attacks and switch my phone off in between (something I could never do before). I’m in Champions League and while I regularly get smashed, I easily make it back with the loot bonus and then some. Gowipes and variations of usually get me 2K DE+, and the loot bonus is what you’re playing for. Hit the TH & DE storage and you’re home free.

      New game, we need to adjust, but it can be done.

  16. I am a th9 ! i used to farm with barch and bam in gold and crystal ! after d update i have barely made any loot ! i have to use costly armies which take lot of elixir ! i dont find easy bases at all nor do i find collector raids anymore ! i have 50 odd walls to upgrade to lvl9 and defences left to upgrade ! i dont find any loot in gold league and crystal ! i only end up making a loss with my elixir with gibarch army ! i used to farm for 3-4 continious and make loot coz of my busy schedule ! farming is broken in this game for me now ! i cant find loot during my free hours and my 2nd account a th7 where m unable to save 2M to upgrade to th8 since more than a day … i keep getting attacked ! i think m gonna quit d game if things dont get better ! 🙁

  17. Hey will thanks for the help but I think I’m going to give the game only a month or so and if I can’t really see much change in the game, I’m quitting…honestly ppl don’t have time to play coc all the time and or have lives and families…its been a great game but I’m on the brink of letting it go…

    • I totally understand. I ran into a friend of mine just a few days ago that was a hardcore clasher. I asked him how his game was going after the update and he told me that he had basically just stopped playing. I was a bit shocked because you always saw this dude walking around checking his status. Well, I guess the update was the tipping point for him. He does have two young children and a wife, so I suppose SuperCell gave him the last little push he needed. It is a real shame to see what used to be such a great game lose dedicated players like that. I don’t want COC to die since I have met so many cool people in my clan. I hope they fix this. I really do!

  18. I have to say that on the topic of surviving in clan wars, the trophy balancing sucks big time. Why is it that I have to scrounge to possibly get 20-30 trophies within a four hour playing session while I immediately get attacked with the possibility of losing 30-32 trophies. I’m not kidding, I am always getting beat up for a HUGE trophy hit. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I am a brand new TH 9, so my defenses are still max TH 8 defenses for the exception of the new ones I’ve managed to build. I am in Masters I, so all of the heavy hitters up here shouldn’t be offered so many trophies for my puny butt. I’m seriously pissed off about the game balancing. SuperCell claimed that the update would bring balancing to the game and the trophy offers, but I have not seen it at all. In fact, it seems like the opposite is true. Some of the big youtubers have also posted videos of their latest clan wars where the opposing teams are seriously mismatched. Are any of y’all noticing this trend? I’m thinking of buying a seven day shield just to let myself cool off for a bit. What the heck are they doing over there? Do they even care?

    • don’t ever buy a shield, especially a one week shield. there is one day, when i feel bored waiting my th8 upgraded to th9, and want to rest, so i buy one week shield. but you know what, after two days, i wanna play, so i break the shield.

      so, just in case, u feel the same regret as me. i suggest you not to buy it.

      its useless really, even with your maxed collectors, you will get only 1M loot a day. while you can get that amount with farm half a hour after you came back.

      so just save your gems for barracks boosting when u coming back…

  19. Hi Will , i keep reading your posts and visit this site quite frequently.
    Read many +ve and -ve comments about the new upgrade , But the deal is Farming sukks big time now , i am a mid TH8 . previously i used to be in crystal league and used top get quite a good loot to keep my builders always busy. but once the game got upgraded everything changed . my collectors are always empty builders are free for more than 12 hrs a day , the main reason is , its difficult to clan had so many ppl active but the no keeps on decreasing day by day . 4 of my own friends have already stopped COC sighting the difficulties to farm . AS ppl are low on Elixr the clan donations have also stopped coz most of the time TOP guys are busy with work and not full time online. SC need to do something about this . in order to make farming easy . making it difficult makes no sense . i THink their thought process goes like this .
    First make it easy and make ppl addictive to the game . then later makes thing difficult so ppl wil get frustrated and Buy GEMS . concludin main thing is They need to do something about the FARMING changes.

  20. there is one thing
    iam th9 moved t th10
    i searched all from silver 2 to gold 2

    all of them max th10 with max infernos and def
    or th 11
    i have no loot to start upgrading my troops
    i cant start any thing it tòok me 4 days to collect 3 m for my inferno

    and how th9 even max troops can farm on th10 max base isnt that stupid
    this update is stupid no way it just make every thing imposible and no mre dead bases no more barch no thing left only have to do gowipe
    go wipe to farm damt in gold 3

    this guys in supercell dev i dont know how they thinking when they made this update
    it been 6 days now
    i only set my inferons i cant even put my 3rd x bow

  21. As of my experience,gold league is absolutely devoid of loot unless you want to do giants and wizards+heal spells but in Silver leagues there is plenty of loot,some dead bases pretty frequently so it’s easy to keep barching your way to the loot.
    I think currently there is a matchmaking problem (we get attacked by players that are way better than us) so the safest option is to work on walls using both gold and elixir so that no one will even want to attack you (allowing to gather DE more efficiently!) and you can peacefuly wait for an update while still working on your base instead of getting all your loot stolen.

  22. WERE IS THE LOOT AT?????? Im a fairly new th10 and i cant find farmable loot to save my life iv tried barch/hogbarch in gold and crystal and the loots not even worth it just atacking to fund my next army no profit so i push to masters then champ the loot was good but gowipe cost to much and takes to long for that to be viable. I mean is the loot just gone or were is it should i drop to silver or bronze or and i SOL?

  23. So I just want to share some info for those having trouble finding loot, This applies to only th8-th10. Im currently a th9, I usually have all 5 builders busy while having close to maxed out loot. And this is long after the new update not simply golden hour. For Gold and Elixir I use Bam or Gibarch or Barch in Silver 3 or 2 and I get dead bases or super weak bases(walls lv 6 TH9 extremely rushed) with tons of loot(Talking 200kG/200kE0(maybe some DE) every 20 or 30 bases so making 1 mil worth of loot per hour is not hard. Then for those who need Dark elixir, I usually use Balloonion or Gowipe in leagues gold 1 to crystal 1(I get around 2000DE per raid). Sure its expensive and all but like if your focus is DE, then it really shouldnt matter how much elixir you use, especially when you can get it all back in like 5 raids of Barch. Since I usually leave my game with maxed out loot i almost always get 3 starred immediately, but I can easily get all this loot back in about 1 or 2 raids(and you have 4 free raids until your shield breaks) Id you say you can’t find any loot, either you’re extremely rushed, you’re awful at raids or you’re looking in the wrong place. This is true for me wondering if this is true for others

    • brace yourself… early th10 is the worst place to be after new update…

      im new th9, but if i may suggest. if you have a lot of time to farm, i believe that lower league like silver is better for you than above it.

      usually, in my experience most efficient th10 that loot my base is using about 15-20 giant, 5-10 wiz, 2-4 healer, 6-10 wall breaker, and the rest is archer.

      some archer for funneling, giant followed by wizard going in, healer to reduce using heal spell, while the rest of archer is depend on the situation.

      if wizard covered well, and didn’t hit giant bomb, usually they can easily take full loot from me.

      Or you can go super queen with arcer to funneling, and wb to breaking in.

      and if i may add, player’s skill on deploying troops is very important, base on my defense log, the loot that they can take depend on the players skill.

      gowipe attacks without skill is just like gibarch, while gibarch with skill is just like gowipe attack

  24. Guys, eventhough, im still doing good for newly th9, and maybe there are others who feels the same way, but i predict it will not last long. i feel that day by day, somethings change, before, i don’t really understand whats going on. but now i think found the answer.

    its economy in coc !!!! because of supercell removing inactive village from matchmaking queque. at first it’s not a big problem but day by day, the problem will come. here is my explanation sorry for my bad english, im not a native.

    loots come from 3 way in coc, collectors, winning loot and war loot.

    simply, if there are 100 active players who play coc, and they are always doing war, and they active raiding around 10 times / day

    it’s mean every 2 day, the cash in coc world will be.

    100x2M loots = 200M from collectors
    3M loot (winners war bonus) x 50 = 150M
    1M loot (loser war bonus) x 50 = 50M
    600k loot x 100 x 10 (if @ atk 10x everyday) = 600M
    with total 1B every 2 days.

    1B shared to 100 players, they only get 10M loots every 2 day. They attack 10 times a day, with army composition now that will cost more than 300k each attack. that’s mean each day they spend 3M loot to attack, and on day 2, 6M loot is gone for training troops and spell. and only left 4M for each one of them, with most of it is a GOLD (that’s why nowadays, getting elixir is harder than gold or dark elixir). And if everyone need to upgrade something that cost 4M, it’s mean there is no loot left in the world. if everyone need to upgrade that cost more than 4M, it’s impossible EXCEPT buying it with gems !!!! what’s more funny is with the shield system, it will decrease players attacks, if 50 of them is attacking, 50 will got the shield, and on 2nd wave attack will became 25, 3rd attack will be only 13 person left in matchmaking system.

    did u get it? economy in coc will bankrupt without gems. because nonactive players removed from economy. usually that 100 players, got loot to cover the deficit and making benefit from nonactive players. but when it’s gone, they forced to use gems. maybe the hardcore players doesn’t need it, but the casual player, will need gems to improve.

    it’s funny actually, the one beside gems, who support economy for active players is the nonactive players. And supercell remove it, so the majority of active players may only depend on gems in the future.

    in my opinion, after update, there are still much loot in the universe, so everything it’s still working like before, but day by day, with people upgrading, it will decrease more and more. maybe supercell know it too, so they held 1 gem collector boost event, to support dying economy. who knows…?

    i think best way to do for now is, forget about farming and upgrading, just have fun with attacking others village.

    so what do you think guys? did i make any sense? or doesn’t make sense at all?

    • You aren’t the first person that I have heard explain it in this way Insan. The trick is eventually going to come down to the cold hard fact that we will have to figure out how to make our own loot without relying on what we get directly from raiding collectors from another players base. There are only two ways that I see that can be done. The first is to pay SuperCell for the loot by purchasing gems. I will never do that because my wife would kill me. The second way is to get it from the league bonus after a victory. The league bonus is what I am shooting for. I think SuperCell knows this and that is why they increased the league bonus reward amounts. If you are in a higher league “creating” that extra loot will be easier as your reward per raid is much larger. Of course the challenge is getting into and staying in the better league. This system is really going to hurt newer players, but their upgrades are much cheaper. Eventually all of the leagues will be representative of the different town hall levels. The higher level town halls will float to the upper leagues with the lower town halls being forced down due to their inability to maintain their trophy count. I doubt many TH 8 players will be able to break out of crystal league unless they are extraordinarily good. TH 9 and 10 bases will rest in Masters and Champions league. TH 11s will all be up in Titans league. I think this new paradigm of playing is going to be a very frustrating adjustment for many people as they were not used to having to rely on league bonuses for upgrade loot. One last thing. I think this change is going to slow down upgrades significantly. Many will give up out of frustration. The number of total clashers will eventually drop which is very bad for SuperCell. Hopefully they will rectify this situation before it becomes unfixable.

  25. I have an update about surviving in the TH 11 update era as a brand new TH 9.
    At first I started out using GoHog in Masters I. It worked but it was expensive. I tried replacing the golems with giants. Well, that totally sucked. My strategy for surviving requires I stay in a relatively high league so I can survive off of the league bonus. That means that when I am farming I must at least get one star every time, preferably two, in order to keep my trophy count high enough to get past the next defense. I always get pummeled for quite a good amount of trophies. Well, I have finally arrived at a strategy that allows me to do that even without a queen, since I want to keep her upgrading. Keep in mind that I only have max troops for TH 8. The trick is finding a base with a TH that is towards the outside of the base for a TH 9; however, if I find a TH 8 it can be a more centrally located TH. My army composition is as follows:

    15 giants : 6 wall breakers : 25 wizards : 4 barbarians : 14 goblins : Lvl 10 King : 2 Heal : 2 Rage : 1 poison : (The low level queen is handy, but keep her upgrading as much as possible.)

    Clan Castle : wizards and poison (try not to waste the clan castle troops)

    The reason for the four barbarians is to hopefully give the King a little more power as they can ride his rage spell. The goblins can be used to target the town hall, so keep them in reserve until there is an opening. What you want to do is shoot for the 70% damage to get the full league bonus. Even if you don’t hit 70% you will still be ok. The loot in most bases sucks these days, so I really count on the league bonus to pull me through.

    ****This just in****
    I finally FINALLY had a decent defense. I had a dude attack me with GoWiPe and he only just managed to get a one star 50%. HOORAY!!!
    The cool thing is that just before that attack I had a dude dump 28 trophies on me, so after the -6 trophies I was up a net of 22 trophies plus the 19 I had gained during my four hour play period. That is a whopping 41 trophy gain. Wow, I haven’t had a session like that in a while. Previously all of my defenses were big hits that made me want to cry.

    • hi again, we are on the same boat on early th9. or maybe i am your senior. Just want to give you suggestion. Maybe you are better player than me, but i want to share you a little bit of my experience.

      First learn to farm dark without your heroes, because you may always upgrade it.

      2nd, learn to farm dark with maximum only 1 spell, so you don’t always have to wait more than hour to go raiding.

      before i was always using 16 giant, more than 10 wizard, many spell, to raid th 9, because of transition from th8. we think our troops is too weak to attack th9, especially late th9, but actually it didn’t, seriously !!!

      it’s been a month since i start, i try to do raid as cheap as possible to raid Dark Elixir, so i don’t have to refill my elixir too often.

      And todays, im doing like this.

      16 giants (absolutely for tank, opening path for wizards)
      8-10 wall breakers (they are very important, for funneling your wizards, and so you don’t use your jump spell often)
      2 healers (maybe im lucky upgrade this first, because that time, i don’t have any elixir to upgrade other troops, and i don’t like to see my labs idle, so i upgrade it. but actually it’s been very useful now, she is better than healing spell for giant)
      12 wizards at max !, (he is to subtitute archer queen, if you deploy it right, you don’t need so many wizard to steal d.e from late th9)
      10 minions (just in case everythings going wrong, or for killing lurable BK)
      2 hogs (to lure cc troops from centralize CC)
      and the rest is barcher for funneling
      i don’t bring any cc, my clanmate is casual players, cc i use for defense only.
      spell 2 rage (if your giant can’t hold inner core attacks too long, so your wizard can do his job fast)
      heal 1 (if wizards get drunk, and getting hit by inner core)
      jump 1 (just in case, wall breakers didn’t do his job well)
      poison 1, for killing cc

      last, drop your troops as efficient as possible, if you can take D.E and get a star with 7 wizards, don’t drop all your wizards, so you can go to next raid faster, and don’t be afraid even towards late th9, really they are weaker than we expected. Good luck

    • Cool!
      Thanks for the great share Daniel! Hopefully others will find this helpful.
      I used this strategy before and have no problem when breaking into the core.
      Hope we can see a detailed guide from you in the future xD.

  26. Will Potter as soon as i tried bronze league i found this base i dont know if this is an indication that staying in bronze league is good since it was a dead base but hey tnx for the advice

  27. Just got my ass handed to me after implementing your post-December update farming base for Townhall 8. I set it up exactly as shown and the guy took 300,000+ gold, 145,000+ elixer, and 1300 Dark. He did it with level 5 giants, Level 5 barbs, and level 4 archers, along with 3 healing spells and 2 earthquake spells., Didn’t even use a King! It was like watching a bad movie and finding that you are actually in it! I realize you can’t win them all, but sheez! Back to the drawing board!

  28. tl,dr,

    hey guys, i just want to share. i don’t know, there are a lot type of players in coc, there are hardcore players, casual players, etc. And personally, i’ve been thinking that i am one of casual players or even lazy players, but after i hit th9 i realized, i am not, so i classified myself as “smart players”, i choose the name myself lol. and i don’t mean to be cocky or anything, i call it because it’s sound intellect

    so here is the explanation, smart players which is me, i believed is players who play not as hard as hardcore players, but have faster progress than casual players, it’s something in between. maybe there are a days when i farm like a hardcore players, and there are also a days even a weeks, when i don’t farm anything at all.

    the most important things about being smart players is, always have your builders and lab busy. so how can i do it?

    1. knowing and understanding yourself. why do you play? what do you like about coc? how much loot u can get in a day? how many time you could play in a day? how much loot can u get in a weeks. what are you looking for in the game, and many more.

    example from me, i like to play game, and i play it for fun, what i like most about playing coc is when im attacking a base, while the loot/trophy is not priority. especially defense, i don’t really care about defense, my defense only have one job, to prevent heavy loss of loot when attacked. i may play about 1-3 hours on weekday, and more than 3 hours on weekends, i could get more than 2M loots in a hours, so i could get maxed loots(16M) after playing for 8 hours, so if i play 3 hours everyday, that’s mean i could get maxed loots every 3 days.

    2. Time management, it’s fundamental of being smart players. To be smart players is to be effective and efficiently handling your time, every minutes, every hours is counted. Don’t waste even a minutes. Not only in your games but in your life also.

    example from me, when i said about playing 1-3 hours every day on a weekdays, its not a straight 3 hours. its accumulated from the morning when i wake up till i got back sleep again. 30-60 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes every 2 hours in a work time, and about 10-20 minutes on break time, 15-30 minutes after works, 30-60 minutes before i sleep. And when i don’t have free builders, thats mean i am free, just see, how many days one of my builder finish his job, what i want to upgrade after that, how much the cost. and if i have some loot to spare into it, that’s mean more free days from farming.
    like i did this last days, i rarely playing because all my builders busy. the closest one will finish his job in a day and the other one that upgrading my queen will finish in 4 days while the rest of it more than 5 days, and i will upgrade king tomorrow, and after that i still need around 40k dark to immediately upgrading my queen, thats mean i must farm 40k dark in 3 days, and i could get up to 40k dark in a days, so in a next 3 days, i don’t need to play at all. but if i played, that’s mean i don’t have to play with hurry on last days.

    3. dont waste your gold into the wall !!! why? because we are smart players not a hardcore players. for smart players wall is unimportant. this is the last to worry. this is my explanation

    a. No matter how strong your defense are, usually when you got attacked by someone above you, you will easily got 3 starred or you will easily lost all of your loot. Here means (you shouldnt worry about upgrading your defense, moreover your walls.) but defense is important to hold attacker from your class or lower, so defense still on priority list not like walls

    b. wall is useless if you got hit by air troops and hog riders and jump-spell, even if you have lvl 10 walls, its very useless.

    c. aside for holding ground troops, walls is used for directing troops, so if u have bad wall, you must cover it with base design, it’s to reduce your loss on your loot. noted : there are no more than 13% players who may play wallbreakers well (just looks on your defense log if you don’t believe me). so even if you have bad walls, you are doing just fine with it

    4. Don’t be such in a hurry!! we are not a hardcore players or gemmers. Listen, all of us, wanna have maxed th with everythings maxed. what make us all different is our efforts towards it, so you must arrange your priority, the most expensive things is walls, luckily as smart players, this one putted last on the priority list. Arrange your priority, what do you want maxed first, don’t push to get it all in single time.

    example from me, what do i liked is attacking, so upgrading troops is my top priority, defense next, and the wall is on last. and because troops is my priority, after all of it maxed, i could upgrade my townhall. In my experience, when i hit th8, i have very bad defense(what i remember a most is, i had 4 mortars only lvl 1 and lvl 6 walls that time), i move to th8, because i get all troops th7 completed, so i just upgraded my th, maybe some of people will call me premature type, but its really not a problem, i don’t have big problem, staying in th8 with all weak defenses. And fortunately, when i have all troops maxed in th8, all of my defenses already became maxed with only lvl 6 and 7 walls so i move up to th9.

    And here i am todays, th9 with 20% lvl 8 walls, 40% lvl 7 walls, 40% lvl 6 walls. and everythings doing just fine. 1. my queen always been upgrading 2. my laboratory always busy. builders always busy.

    and do you know why i had that 20% walls upgraded? the reason is simple, because i know myself well. example, before i want to upgrade my queen, i have about 2,5M gold, and the closest builders finish in 3-4 days. i may get maxed gold storage in 3 days, that’s mean i will have that 2,5M gold wasted, so i just throw it into the wall before upgrading my queen. but…. if im really busy, i just keep that in my storage so when my builder finished his job, i don’t have to farm hard.

    im only focused on dark elixir farming for upgrading heroes, but i also get some gold from it which is enough to make rest of my builders busy. some of people may let 1 builders idle, for upgrading walls, but for me, its not necessary, i better have all of things except walls maxed, and then i may upgrade it 1 by 1 in the end……

    -If u read this, that’s mean you read it all until the end. if you want to ask or discuss somethings, i will happily answer it. But if you only want to troll, i will not feed you- cheers….

  29. Few days ago my friend give me his th9 account for free, he said he quitting the game. Maybe for few people the update is suck, but not for me. And because he give me his account, me who originally th6 player need to find how to use dragon, pekka, golem, witch, and lava hound. So I found this website, and i learn Gowipe, Hogibarch, etc. The point is the th11 update is great!!

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