Things should do after upgrading Town Hall

In this guide, I will show you things you should do once you have upgraded your Town Hall. Make sure that you’ve read the post Things to do before upgrading CoC Town Hall on this blog. This guide is based on my experience after 1 year playing Clash of Clans, I always do these steps after my town hall reach a new level. They are not the best steps, that’s for sure. If you have any better ideas, just give them for us !

What should I do after upgrading my Town Hall?
What should I do after upgrading my Town Hall?

Always do these things after upgrading your Town Hall:

  • Have at least one builder work on the lab.
  • Other ones will be assigned to build all new unlocked constructions then upgrade them all.
  • Never re-design your base until all your defences reach a decent level (your current level) and all your new Walls are 2 levels below your existing walls.
  • You will be a bit weak with low-level constructions, that’s why you need a free shield.
  • Try to make your base better and better by reading How to make a better Clash of Clans base.

That’s exactly things you should do after have a new level of town hall. If you have any ideas, please comment and we will make a discuss about it!


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