Some ways to gain passive Dark Elixir

Are you at Town Hall 8 and find it hard to finish the level 2 Golem, level 4 Hog Rider or even the level 10 King upgrade? Have you just hit Town Hall 9 and want to either focus on all resources at a time or gain Dark Elixir passively? I’d like to give you some small tips about passive Dark Elixir today! Thanks dwayne6423 very much for reminding me about this topic.

Passive Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans

Although the tips which I am going to give you today are pretty popular (I even have mentioned them couples of times in my guides here) but I can see that a lot of players disregard and don’t care about them much. So today I’ve decided to combine them at here:

  1. Upgrade your Dark Elixir Drills to their maxed level. With maxed Dark Elixir Drills, you can gain total 1080Dark Elixir everyday at Town Hall 7, 2160Dark Elixir everyday at Town Hall 8 and it is even up to 4800Dark Elixir per day at Town Hall 9. Let’s imagine how great it is with that production rate?
  2. Farming in Crystal leagues for Dark Elixir Bonus. I know that a lot of players think farming in Crystal leagues is much tougher than in Gold/Silver leagues. No, it is not that hard at all. You absolutely can find inactive bases at here easily and also get sniped immediately after logging out. Let’s assume that you just can do 5 attacks everyday at Crystal 2 league, that’s 1000Dark Elixir more everyday!
    With my experience, I can see that you will rarely get attacked over 50% If you go to Crystal I.
  3. Having a good Dark Elixir protection base layout. Let’s take a look at the Base Designs box and refer some best DE protection layouts for your Town Hall level. You don’t need to copy them. Read to see how they work then you can design your exclusive one.

By following these 3 simple tips, I think there is no reason for a lazy Town Hall 9 player to be able to hit the level 4 Golem upgrade button within 2 weeks, regardless of your army compositions in Clan Wars.

Do you have any other ideas to gain passive Dark Elixir?


  1. Forget about Crystal League farming. TH sniping in Masters III is where it is at if you want DE quick and easy. Seriously, 500 DE every raid for nothing but a few Barbs and Archers is awesome. Occasionally you are able to snipe off some extra off of the DE drills or even get to the DE tank itself. This makes getting DE really REALLY easy. Your limiting factor will be the fact that completed collecting the amount you need for your next upgrade but you are still waiting for the previous upgrade to finish cooking. Crystal league is ok, but the Master level bonus is much better to use with this strategy.

  2. Another way to gain passive dark elixir is when you upgrade a dark troop, golem for example, if you full yours dark barracks with them before the upgrade, when they are upgraded you can remove them and you will be refund with more dark elixir that you had paid for them, so you win the difference.

  3. Someone could think that this way of earn dark elixir it isn’t very effective, but if you do the calculation…
    I do around 400 attacks per month, when I stay at Master III it is around 200 k dark elixir, plus 144 k of my drills it is 344 k dark elixir per month… enough to upgrade some troops or heros.

    • yep. I can say that “farming at Master Leagues is awesome!’ without a doubt, but the point is not all players can go to here (no time, hard to survive,…) so I just recommend staying at Crystal leagues as It is very easy.

  4. I am at TH8 and my barb arch giants are at lvl 4. I tried to go to masters bt got only crystal 3.After that i have to come back again at gold 3.I got to go there with all dragon attacks. But as it consumes alot of elixir i had no chance except to go back to gold 3. Can you tell me how can i go to master 3 and with which army easily. And at gold 2 , gold 1 and crystal 3 i didnt even found 1 town hall outside the walls.! So tell me what should i do.

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