Some Tips for using Hog Riders at Town Hall 8

Having level 4 Hog Riders is one of the best experiences in Town Hall 8 but having a decent 3-star win with them is not easy at all.

Although, normally, players usually use Mass Dragons when they are at early and GoWiPe at late Town Hall 8 but using Hog Riders while farming and doing Clan Wars is quite necessary If you want to have valuable experience before using them at higher level. You can take a look at the Attack Strategies Category, there are plenty of powerful compositions go with Hog Riders for TH9 and 10.

Hog Rider Fan Art

Some advices for using Hog Riders at Town Hall 8

  • Try to Farm with Hog Riders couples of times everyday. You can practice when you are at late Town Hall 8 and just need Dark Elixir for upgrading your Barbarian King.
  • Don’t use them in Clan Wars unless they are level 4. Level 3 Hogs are quite terrible.
  • Attacking with Hog Riders takes Dark Elixir, but it gives you intuitive knowledge of timing and pathing, help you use and control Hogs easier at higher Town Hall levels.

A Clan War Attack with Hog

  • If a base has no open spaces (all traps and Hidden Teslas are outside), it is a ideal base for using Hogs.
  • Take a look at the Base Layouts Section, there are plenty of Anti-Hogs base there with pathings and Double Giant Bombs, refer to them and learn how to predict pathings + possible DGB places.
  • When you attack a base, always bring couples of Barbarians, Archers and Wizards for dealing with the Clan troops. This is the biggest hindrance that you need to finish at first. This is also the longest progress while playing with Hogs, you should to do it quickly If you don’t want to waste up to a minute and don’t have enough time to complete the attack. You should read this one, it will give you some special tips for luring Clan troops.

Lure troops at first when use Hog Riders

Remember: The more practices you do, the better prowess you have.

Hope you will bring plenty of more 3 stars wins for your Clan with Hog Riders!


  1. Y nt to start hogs attack at th7 only?? Even lvl1 hogs r gd.. U just hv to knw where the hogs will go and where should u drop the healing spell. Call me a hoger.. M using hogs a lot .. In war as well as fr farming.. Easy 3 stars with lvl 2 hogs..

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