Should we rush to Town Hall 7?

There are lots of players recommend rushing from Town Hall 5 to Town Hall 7 except working on troops, spells and army camps. So what is the advantage of doing this? Is it worth it?

Town Hall 7 Clash of Clans

As I see it, Generally Town Hall 6 and Town Hall 5 are pretty similar: The same troops, the same troop housing spaces, the same number of Barracks, the same level of Barbarian and Archer,…  Meanwhile, there are couples of big changes after upgrading to TH7:

  • Extra army housing spaces.
  • +1 more Barrack.
  • +1 more Spell slot + new Rage Spell.
  • Dark Barrack, Dark Troops, Barbarian King.
  • Stronger Barbarians + Archers (main farming troops).
  • Dragons unlocked.

At TH7, farming is significantly better than TH6. Also, If you find it’s hard to get 6 stars in Clan Wars, at Town Hall 7, you just need to train Dragons and Lightning Spells. This army composition definitely leads you to 6 easy stars every War.
So basically there is no problem at all If you skip TH6 and go to TH7 but you still should work on upgrading your farming troops, upgrading Barracks, Spell Factory and Army Camps.

What do you think about this? Do you have any suggestion for TH5/6 players?


  1. I think as soon as your army upgrades we can rush to townhall 7 for a more defensive layouts as compared to townhall 6 and the limit of army camp along with whopping 2,225,000 elixirs to max army camps.A maxed townhall 6 is more likely to get a townhall 7 during clan wars nd getting a three stars on it is a tough task and there is a major change in the entire base after upgrading to townhall 7 and an ideal townhall 7 can more likely rush to get to champions league for that 5th builder.So i agree with your post

  2. I have to admit that I rushed to TH 7 because things really get interesting when you are able to fight clan wars with dragons. Also, I didn’t max out my TH 7 before I moved on the TH 8. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but it made for a whole bunch of fun. I was upgraded to a reasonable degree and that was good enough. I absolutely will not do the same thing when I move to TH 9. I will totally max out my TH 8 before I move it to TH 9. Things get serious when you reach TH 9.

      • FWIW, I have to agree with you here. I have 12 games that I’m active on, some mine and some family. They range from TH4-TH9. The first 4 town halls are just getting you used to the idea of the game; TH5 is where you first really get into the game and, ideally, you’re almost there within a week or so. TH6 is a transitional base; you get a bunch of stuff to finish up (or get well underway) but the REAL game doesn’t even begin until TH7. It’s the first fairly well balanced level of the game.

        TH8 is a major building zone but it’s unbalanced. You can be taken down by TH7 and TH9 just walks all over you. Walls are ridiculously overpriced (500k and 1 million coins?!) and it’s great that you can start using elixir or coins at the million point but getting those two wall upgrades in on TH8 is a bear. Defensive structures are uneven, making most bases lopsided with a definitive weak spot. The only plus is that MOST of the troops, when maxed, are decent enough to take out early TH9s and below. TH8 is also a major strategy learning point; there are a number of attacks that really just begin when you hit TH8, especially those that use the golem.

        TH9, on the other hand, has the right mix of defensive structures and troops. I rushed one of my TH8 games to TH9 just so I could play with the higher level troops and it allows me to 3-star most bases I go up against. Raiding for resources is also much easier at TH9, between spells and stronger troops I can easily take in 2-3 million coins in a 2 hour boosted raiding session. The Queen is a major perk as well; when I need DE, I use the queen and several healers to punch my way into the center of a base (Super Queen). The Queen Walk and King Walk are less effective than for a late TH9 or a TH10, but even those can help.

        With all of our bases, our goal is to get them all to and through TH7 as quickly as possible. We’ve been working on 5 new games for about a month/month-and-a-half now that are TH6 or TH7, two more that we literally just started a bit over a week ago and are at TH4, but we should have those all well into TH7 and ready to clan war in about another two weeks.

  3. Yeah, Rushing to Town Hall 7 was one of the best things I’ve done in the game. I suggest every one to rush to Town Hall 7 because you can farm easier and faster.
    Will, Its about a week I upgraded my town hall to level 8 and I’m having a really bad time because I have loot problems, I can’t find good bases and I loose the loot I had!
    I usually get attacked by powerful town hall 9 players (with lvl 11 AQ)!
    what to do to fix this? (I’m in silver league)

    • lol same here , i have been using a base available on cocland , golden planet and i have already been 3 starred twice and lost full loot everytime . my th10 clan leader told me it happens with early th8 so no worries there but i was surprised to how much the farming troops lab upgrade cost increases from th7 to th8 , almost triple :O

    • Ali – After TH7, you really need to focus on raiding for what you need, putting builders/lab to work, then waiting for them to finish to run the next raid. Otherwise, you’re raiding to be robbed. I have 12 different games that I’m active on right now, ranging from TH4-TH9, and I’ve reached the point that once I hit TH5 I no longer keep much gold or elixir in my storages. I also use farming bases on nearly every single one because I will usually get sniped rather than a full attack. Having strong walls and decently mature defensive structures goes a long way as well. I seldom get full attacks on my bases any more.

      Suggestion: Raid for what you need, spend it, and use only farming bases. Check out my clan for some potential bases if you like – Divergent Void. For TH9, I use Crux (which I believe is up here), TH8 is Mountain Lion, then I have my own for the lower bases. All are tweaked and you’re welcome to use any you think might be useful.

      One other thing – try to have your base unshielded by about 10pm-11pm ET. If you do that, you’ll usually get sniped and get a 12 hour shield that carries you past the witching hour when the worst of the raiders are out (3a-6a ET).

  4. I rush the first 5 town halls; get it to TH6 as quickly as possible. Then, I hang at TH6 a couple of weeks while getting things caught up. Once I’ve maxed everything at TH6 other than the elixir collectors and gold mines, I make the jump to TH7. It’s important to take as many max upgraded items as you can into TH7, especially walls, as the TH7 opener involves a number of time consuming upgrades. Of course, if you’re ok with just getting destroyed once or twice a day then you can make the jump sooner, but it’s better to take a few weeks at TH6 to clean things up first. I’ve rushed a few bases sooner and found it really does take a lot longer to make things happen once I’m at TH7 than if I had just maxed most things at TH6.

    FWIW, I’m also a huge proponent of completely maxing TH7 before going to TH8 as well; I did the rushed TH8 on one of my games and we’re behind the 8-ball trying to get it caught up for clan wars. Once you get to TH7, every base should really be maxed before moving on to the next, no matter the temptation.

    Just my .02. 🙂

    BTW – I tried to reach you via e-mail; the [email protected] address is bouncing as “no such user”. I have a couple of farming/trophy/war bases for you to look at, see if you’re interested in adding here.

  5. I went to TH7 with pink walls within 1 month from I played. And based on my experience, it was rather easy to farm, even when my barracks weren’t maxed during that time.

    -Barcher vs TH6 = instant win.
    -Exposed collectors from TH6+ = easy loot.
    -Wars: early TH7 go barcher against TH6. Once dragons are unlocked, sure 3-star vs all TH7 (and against any base with badly-placed ADs of any TH level).

    It is also kinda easy to get DE, since there are rather many inactive players, and they put even the DE collectors outside. Best ones come from TH9s: around 1k per collector.

    So yeah, for new players I guess going TH7 quickly isn’t a bad idea at all. Just ignore trophies and drop an archer or two whenever you see exposed loot and leave once all the exposed loot are gone.

  6. guys i am th7 and i m having lots of problems to loot dark elixir.plzzzz recommend an army composition(200 capacity) and appropriate league and trophy stage as i havent got my king even though its been 3 weeks since i am th7

  7. Hi Will. How can I transfer my account in iPhone to an android device without using the link to other device option? I cannot open my iPhone because of some system problem. So I eanna save my progress to an android device. Lastly, Can I save the progress of my current village to a new google account? I Will really appreciate your help. Thank youu!!

  8. Coming from a TH6, BAD IDEA. I’m an extreme pusher (Gold 3) and you need to have at least level 5 walls. And TH5 and 6 are different. At TH5, you have no heal spells, lower level barbs and archers, and smaller housing space. If you rush 5 and 6, without upgrading stuff, you will be a town hall 7 with town hall 4 grade defenses.

    • I agree you need to be at least a max town hall 5 before you rush, on my second account I’m almost all maxed at town hall 5, I love wars and I think the biggest difference in town hall 5 and 6 is healing spell + bigger higher lvl cc, you can already do healer/giant in wars at town hall 5 with cc healer, but with heal spells and hogs in cc you can use hogs to take down AD and use loons, or if it’s rushed or low lvl you can use hogs + 2 heal spells with wizards and archers for cleanup and get 3 stars. Also, same army camp space for town hall 5 and 6 you can get 3 army camps lvl 5.

  9. I am a th6 player myself and from what I have seen rushing to th7 is a good thing if u had maxed evrything(including walls). Before going to th7 u must upgrd ur barracks, camps nd mortars. Along with complete evrything at the lab nd ur ad to lvl4. It hardly takes a couple of week. But all walls gold is must before th7.
    P.S: Upgrading ur cc is must and should be one of the priority.

  10. I don’t think that th6 is that bad. l’m even create multi th6 account because I really miss the feeling of th6 war. You just need to have lvl3 balloon and cc hog to 3 star any th6 base. It’s easy but far more challenging than boring th7 lord dragon war because you still need proper deployment of healing spell and find that annoying air bomb.

  11. I have 3 accounts and i rushed my newest one to th7. I am almost always matched up against th6s in war for ez 3 stars. I also fill my 4 mil storages every 2 days or so. I would say rushing to th7 is a good idea as long as you have good camps and troops

  12. Was planning to rush straight to 7 after 5 – only waiting for the Gold Storages, but your guide says different.

    Guess I’ll work on my lab, spell factory, barracks and camps(and storages, obviously :P) before moving on – I was freaking out anyway, wondering how I would get all my barracks to 9, max out my camps and upgrade my spell factory twice so that I could mass dragon in war.

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