How to Search for Opponents Faster

Hello guys, In this small post, I am going to show you how to search for opponents much faster, which helps me saving a lot of time while farming!

How to Search for Opponents Faster

I know that a lot of players have known this trick and have been using it for years but I really want to share it with others and I hope it’s not too late!

Normally while farming, we keep pressing the Next button and the screen “Searching for Opponents” keeps showing up. Normally it takes from 3 to 5 seconds to show a target. Let’s assume that you need to “next” 20 times before raiding, which is approximately 80 seconds. How many time do you spend everyday to see these pointless clouds? This is also a big waste of Gem when you are boosting your Barracks.

I have a trick which helps you search for opponents much faster and most of the time they will show up immediately! Let’s take a look at this small gif I made today:

Yes, you got it!

While searching for opponents, just wait until the timer is at 28s-26s and press Next, the new opponent will show up much faster and you can make a lot of more loot, especially when you are farming with boosted Barracks.

Although this is just a small tip but I hope you have found it helpful guys! Thanks for reading, you rock!


  1. Well what ever the time wasted by ” Searching for opponent ” screen is the same waiting till 28-26 secs, well clash is best , WILLLLLLLLLLL HOW U DOING MAN , Long time chated with u on cocland bro xD

  2. Your maths doesn’t add up. Usually you wait 0 seconds, but can sometimes wait 3-5 seconds. To save time, wait 3 seconds before nexting…..? Thus saving 0 seconds if you had to wait 3 seconds every cloud sequence, which I know you dont, thus the eventuality of you actually makign a loss in time

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