Scouting Guide

Scouting the enemy Clan in the preparation day is very important If you want to have a great war with obvious attack strategies and the best Clan troop compositions by knowing what exact attack strategies the enemies are going to use.

The man who sees through life and death will meet with most success.

Clash of Clans Scouting Guide

By doing scouting observations, you can expect what troops they will use in their Clan Castles as well as what army compositions they will use for raiding.

Scouting the enemy troops

By scouting the enemy troops, you can predict the attack strategies they will bring to you.

For example: Assuming that we have a TH8 Vs. TH8 war. If the enemy player who has the same position as you has level 3 Dragons, level 2 Hogs and level 1 Golem/P.E.K.K.A, I can predict that he is going to use Dragons for the highest chance of winning the attacks.

Of course It’s hard to predict what bases they are going to attack but you always can reveal their strongest attack strategies to find the best Clan troops compositions as well as decent War bases for your Clan to deal with them.

Scouting enemy village and CC housing spaces

Honestly, I’ve rarely seen players do this before Clan Wars.

At first, I determine the Clan Castle housing spaces of the enemy players. After that, I find who have the best troops for donating and visit their home village to see their army camps. Next, I start checking the capacity of their Clan Castles on the War Map.

Here is a great example for you: At the previous Clan War, I scouted a top village in the enemy level 5 Clan and saw that he was training a lot of level Wizards. It’s pretty extraordinary If you can farm with only Wizards, right? So I just though they would be donated to the enemy Clan Castles. I opened the Clan Wars map and started scouting their CC capacities and they were like 15/25, 21/25, 18/30,…
Nothing was guaranteed but based on the known information after scouting It was quite obvious: 15 = 3 Wizards + 3 Archers | 21 = 5 Wizards + 1 Archer | 18 = 4 Wizards + 2 Archers. And yes, they used those troops in their Clan Castles at the previous War, just like what I predicted.

This is not a real guide but hopefully It can give you some tips and tricks to prepare before every War, and of course, these tips don’t work with Clan which has plenty of Town Hall 9 and 10 lol with maxed troops.


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