Rushing Town Hall Guide

In Clash of Clans, questions about rushing Town Hall always have a lot of attentions from players. This detailed guide about rushing Town Hall has all important information, popular questions and walk-throughs that you should know!

Rushing Town Hall in Clash of Clans

What are the pros and cons of rushing Town Hall?


  • You can farm the maximum amount of loot with the shortest playing time.
  • You can 3 stars other players who spend longer time than you for developing their villages. This is such a great advantage in Clan Wars due to the weight of rushed bases.
  • Donate high level troops for your Clan mates.
  • Better resource management with cheap upgrades alongside expensive upgrades, especially in this new Clash of Clans Era, we shouldn’t save up more than 1 resource at a time.


  • Fixing rushed base is really boring If you don’t know how to do it right.
  • The starting time of the new TH level will be so hard.

Things you need to know about Rushing Town Hall

You can’t protect your loot

That’s right. You just can’t. But as a normal player, that amount of loot can’t affect your progress because it is much smaller than the number you get farm after a few raids. If you can’t save loot for a big upgrade, you should scroll down to the walk-through section. Always break the shield when you have time for farming couples of raids.

You should stay at Gold Leagueand Silver League, where you always can find inactive bases and attack a few times before getting a shield. Also, don’t save up more than 2 resources at a time. Nobody attacks you If you have 300kGold and 50kElixir.

If your TH9/10 village always get wrecked, go to Master League Master leagues (by using this troll base, normally it takes just about 1 day) and farm by using Barch.

Loot penalty will hurt you

Somehow, If you can’t find dead bases, there is no reason for you to attack the lower TH villages. The higher TH you attack, the more loot you can raid. Don’t mourn some Spells for getting 200k Elixir.

Rushed Town Hall and Clan War

In fact, the Town Hall can’t affect the Clan War matchmaking and your position in the War. It is because of the exclusive defense buildings of each Town Hall level like X-Bow at TH9 or Inferno Tower at TH10. Don’t either build the new defense buildings (even Walls) or unlock new troops If you want to join Clan War during this time. In short, If you can 3 stars your own base, you are ready for Clan Wars!

Maybe your base can easily get 3 starred in the Clan Wars. But that’s totally OK because offense wins the War, not defense. In Clan War, attackers always want to get at least 2 stars when raiding the same TH level player. As a rushed Town Hall, you can save 1-2 stars or even more for your Clan because some higher level THs of the opponent Clan will attack you. That is such a big advantage!

Town Hall x.5 is a type of rushing Town Hall, which gives players plenty of of advantages in Clan Wars.

To be a successful farmer

As I said above, the loot which you can lose is just a small number, you can take it back after 1 raid. All you need to be a successful farmer is attacking more than 2 times before you log off without Shield. In fact, you just need to farm about 100k-150k Elixir a day (Collectors will do the rest) to make your Laboratory working till the end.

If your farming troops are not strong enough, you should give the Milking strategy a try.

Is rushing TH risky?

If there is no way to recover your account after rushing, yes, it is risky. Never go to a new Town Hall level If you don’t have maxed level farming troops and Collectors.

Walk-through for rushing Town Hall

There are a lot of opinions about rushing in Clash of Clans but all in all your farming skill must match the progression of your village, this is the key for taking all the advantages of rushing Town Hall.

I recommend you follow this upgrade order at all Town Hall levels

Spell Factory/Laboratory/Clan Castle~> Army Camps ~> Heroes ~> Barracks and Dark Barracks ~> Defenses ~> Collectors.

Follow these suggestions:

  • Always rearm your traps and defenses otherwise you will lose much more loot than the number you use for rearming them.
  • Find a good farming base at Clash of Clans Layouts.
  • Don’t break shield If you can’t farm more than 2 times continuously.

Town Hall 1 ~> 6

This is the easiest part of the game. Just keep upgrading your Town Hall and Storages nonstop. Upgrade other buildings whenever you want. Before Town Hall 7, farming with just only Barbarians and Goblin is the most effective and efficient strategy. Don’t forget to upgrade Archers, Barbarians, Giants and Wall Breakers nonstop for farming when you at Town Hall 7.

Town Hall 7

Once you hit Town Hall 7, you can build the final Barrack. With 4 Barracks, Barch is the best farming strategy for TH7. Now, you need to stop rushing a bit and complete the Laboratory upgrades. You should max out all Spells, farming troops and especially the Dragon if you want to join the Clan Wars. You don’t need to care about Dark Elixir for upgrading the Barbarian King, you can easily do that later. Keep upgrading your Barracks whenever you have loot.

If you want to start an alt account, I recommend rushing to Town Hall 7.

Town Hall 8 ~> 9  ~> 10 ~> 11

As most Clash of Clans elite players suggest, you should stop rushing a bit when you hit Town Hall 8 because since TH8 the game is much harder. You should read 3 main guides for these highest TH levels in Clash of Clans for more suggestions, tips and tricks:

This Rushing Town Hall guide is inspired by the guide from Morgauth (thank you so much). All credits go to him. If you have any question about rushing, don’t hesitate to comment. All Clashers here will do the best to help you!


  1. I rushed and have never regretted it, I accepted I would get owned for awhile, but I wanted all buildings built and then just upgrade from there, and now I’m at lvl 80 and 120’s can’t barely even two star me in war, there is no written rule to how to upgrade, play your way and ignore the haters, in the end takes same amount of time, unless you use cash and gems. Having all defenses built and then upgrading has saved me tons of loot to upgrade faster then grinding away at “recommended” level and being three starred and set back.

  2. hi guys I rushed all the way to TH 7 then i stopped and currently im upgrading everything dont believe the guys who say rushing is very bad it is not you can upgrade yourr troops and barracks whenever resources are available without any TH restriction for a while, BUT<<<<<<<

    when u farm ENSURE that the elixir u will get is at least 2 times the cost of training your army TO MAKE PROFITS and ensure you can get it all dont worry about trophy only about elixir as for gold just take whatever gold u find meaning that when u farm look for bases that you are sure u can completely destroy + the loot of elixir you get is at least double ur army cost and ur farming should be at least to fill half ur storage. there is no problem in attacking high th bases and losing IF YOU WILL GET 150K elixirgold or more.

    for example if my army of gaints and barch and spells costs me 43,000 elixir to train then i will look for bases not less than 90K elixir at least,,, it can take long to search but IT DOES work just ensure you can defeat the base, in fact there are many bases out there with much elixir and very poor design just be a patient searcher

    and NEVER farm when all ur builders are busy bec u will lose resources when attacked always put all resources in use do not sit on resources at all costs (i.e. do not pile resources and logout) this is what i did and im not having any problems

    N.B. as your camps get upgraded and ur army grows and lvls up the profits u make from farming will increase very rapidly so upgrade your army barracks, camps, and lab first, here attack is more important since YOU WILL NOT SIT ON RESOURCES so there is no need to worry about defending anything u just get free shield,,, i always put my th outside for frequent shields and just break the shield when you wanna farm

    final note: my gold mines and elixir pumps are all low level (4-8) except for 1 virtually all my resources come from farming i dont rely on mines and elixir pumps (except their hp), efficient sustainable farming is the key here

  3. Based on my experience..I maxed th6 then rushed to th8..complete defense for th8 but the defenses levels only capped at th6 except i have 3 airdefs level 6..troops are almost maxed th8..

    I don’t worry about loots..GOLD goes to walls cuz i don’t upgrade defenses..and my barracks, army camp, collector, mine, laboratory, spell factory are maxed..ELIXIR goes to upgrading troops in the laboratory and making troops for war/looting..

    I also don’t worry about war..most of my mirror enemies are th7 maxed or rushed th8 with weak defenses..i easily 3 star them with gowipe or govape without wasting 330k elixir on the old fashioned full drags attack..i can also 2-3 stars some semi-rushed th9 with xbow..making me an efficient member on my ranked no. 13 in clan wars but i can attack war bases from no. defense is th6 but believe me or not its already been 13 wars since someone 3 starred me using gowiwi cuz he was no. 3 in clan wars while im no. 13..everyone who attacked me using lvl 3 drags all failed to 3 stars it means..its not just the level of defenses that makes your war base survive but also the design of the war base..

    Im already currently upgrading to th9..while my defenses levels stay max th6 and not building an xbow..if you build an xbow its good for protecting your resources..but then expect to rank higher in clan wars with stronger mirrors..

    i hope it’ll help a bit for those who want to th rush for war, enjoyment, and less stress raiding whole day..”rush your troops, not your defenses”

  4. Help, i need an advice. I want to be th rush.. Im almost maxed my defence for th7.(maxed out troops nd spell)i want to tush until th9 to have better troops, should i build AD and tesla and upgrade it upto tha max of th 7? The same with the walls. Will it hurt during the matching on war? Thx

    • I think it’s a matter of personal decision. If you feel you just can’t stop that feet from moving on, go ahead. I’ve read a lot of useful information from this website about TH rush, of which I’m doing right this time. I’m 4 days away, and my defenses are still TH 6 maxed within a TH7 base.

      Your defenses are almost maxed for TH7, you’re good to go. Based from what I’ve read, if you purchase your new buildings for TH8 just level it with your current defenses from TH7. They talked about X-Bows and Inferno Towers to not purchase it, as it carried much weight of your TH while in Clan War Matchmaking. I don’t know if these are available in TH8s, I haven’t reach that far, yet… Lack of knowledge here. LOL…

      At TH8, just upgrade the necessary things to do then defenses later. The higher level your defenses get, the much weight and tougher opponents you’ll face during war. That’s all I know based on sources I read. Hope it helps and hope I’m right. Hehehe…

  5. Hi chief,
    I have a prblm…i rushed my townhall to th10…but my farming troops are at lvl 4 like..barbarians, archers and giants… its very difficult to get loot….i am in silver 2 league….kindly suggest me how to do it profitably….thnx

  6. Sir Will,
    I rushed from TH7-TH8 just hit TH8 today, my defenses numbers are from TH7 but the level are just for TH6, I’m little lost her need your suggestions. I just purchased the extra storages for TH8, I can’t afford for new defenses because I’m trying to upgrade my Goblin & Wall Breaker to 4.

    I’m afraid if I get mirror by a almost/max TH8 in clan war that would be a disaster. What should I do? Need to keep going but I don’t know how. Should I get new defenses for TH8 and the slowly upgrade them together with my troops?

      • I appreciate the reply Sir, thank you.
        I bought a new traps and Air Defense last night just to make my base a little too hard to 3 star in case of dragon attacks during war.

        They said that Traps and Air Defense have less weight when it comes to clan war matchmaking, so I purchased them. I hope this is true because we’re always doing war.

        What do you mean by don’t upgrade unneeded troops, sir? I just want to know, cause I don’t want to waste my elixir unto useless troops. A little noob here… hehehe…

          • Okay I got it, thanks. We are on our Preparation Day today, my first clan war with my TH8 which is much like TH7.5. Hehe… I got new Air Defense and new traps except the new Tesla built.

            My mirror is TH7, I hope it’ll be like this always, so I could use my Dragons as it is reliable for 3 star against TH7 bases.

          • You can play as a Town Hall 7,.5 before finishing your main troops. Trust me, it is not hard to 3 star TH8 at all so you will love to be a Town Hall 9 soon!

          • Thank you, sir. That’s nice to hear, I’m currently upgrading my CC and my Laboratory for now. I guess I still have more time to enjoy Dragon attacks at TH7 ’cause I haven’t started upgrading my troops for TH8 yet as the CC and Laboratory are my first priority.

            Looking forward to push through TH9 but it’s gonna take a long time before I get there. Starting to have the feel for this .5 thing, it’s really useful especially when my team are always searching for war.

          • If you are pretty addicted to Clan Wars, you after upgrading your War Troops, you can go ahead to Town Hall 9. With the Archer Queen, you can farm Dark Elixir much easier there.

          • Haha… I laughed so hard after reading the word “addicted” there. But I must admit I think I am, I spent half of my day everyday playing COC. I’ll just stick to TH8 for awhile and enjoy, because I’m always one step ahead of all my mirrors every war.

            Going to abuse this opportunity for a bit. It adds a little bit of confidence when you know you’re more powerful than the one you’re attacking. I hope my war weight won’t change much sooner.

            I’m afraid to rush a little fast with just my troops upgraded. Would I stand a chance to survive what’s ahead with just a max troop? Because I really have no idea what’s up there, this is my first higher TH account in COC.

  7. i just want to clarify, english is not my language so a bit hard to understand some of your point
    What to do: upgrade storage, mine and elix collector, camp, baracks, dark barracks, laboratory, spell factory, upgrade troops and spells, plant and upgrade and rearm all traps available.
    What not to do: build any defense like mortal, air defense, and upgrading walls.

    So I started yesterday so i had only cannon and its level 1 i get it form tutorial and i dont build walls.

    is my procedure right or what i miss? need help please.
    can you also tell me what not to upgrade troops and spells. and do i need to build king and queen?

    thanks best regards

    • I think your first question is the best option, my friend. I don’t know if you want to rush or not because you did say anything about it, but since this page is about rushing to the next TH then I’ll just consider it, I’m just curious. Oopps! Didn’t mean your name…. just kidding, buddy.

      When you reach to the new TH, just upgrade your previous defenses if you want to but don’t buy new defenses. You have to prioritized your “What to do”, choose which one should be first. Mine was CC & Laboratory since my camps are already maxed for TH7-TH8. Just follow the guide above as Mr. Will said or read the TH8.5-TH9.5, you’ll get the idea.

  8. Hi Will
    I’m currently planning to rush my th8 base to th9 while upgrading all my walls to lvl 8,splash defenses , and d.barracks along with my farming troops . How hard will I be affected by that rush and whats the best league for farming for a premie th9?

  9. I’ve been playing for less than 2 months and now I’m at townhall 8. The previous 2 clans I was in dissapproved of my decision to rush and wouldn’t see why it’s not harmful in wars. Fortunately I was able to join Rushed One, an active, mature, english-speaking clan where everyone donates a lot and most of us have rushed bases. So if you’re rushing and looking for a clan that understands the value of rushing I suggest joining us. I do suggest you mention where you found us, otherwise you may be taken for an enemy spy.

  10. Sir Will,

    My previous defenses from TH7 are almost maxed now. Am I good to go to build the defenses available for TH8 or not? Or I’ll just buy them when I reached TH9?

    I have no idea farming this high level takes a lot of time now, cause every upgrades cost 1.5 to 3 million. Sometimes I have less time to farm and left my storages with a million loot and when I log in again, my base is wiped out.

    I need to strengthen my defenses a little bit now. Will my war weight change and get match with the same TH8 as me? I need your expert advice on this one. I love rushing as I am winning a lot of stars now for my clan.

      • I have my BARCH only at level 5 now and my BK level 6. I just used 8-9 dragons with 3 Lightning Spell and 40 Archers every war. I always won against not fully maxed TH8s and maxed TH7.

        I am desperately farming DE right now to upgrade Hog Rider which is 4 days from now to unlock. My defenses from my previous TH are being upgraded but not yet max for TH8, planning to max them whenever I have a builder for it ‘coz I always get wiped out here.

        What I’m trying to ask is about the available TH8 defences. If after I max all my defences from my previous TH and buy the defences for TH8, will my placing in Clan War Matchmaking change? Will I face a far more stronger enemy against me during war?

          • how do you waste resources? I have a lvl5 maxed base that I have no intention of upgrading. My resources are always maxed out and this makes me a fat target for attackers. Not a big deal that I get looted because i don’t need the resources for anything other than cooking troops and rearming bombs. But, if there is a way to dump (waste) resources, I’d like to understand how that happens.

  11. Hi Will ! Nice article about rushing, I really liked it. The only concern was that I have 2 accounts and one of them is Th level 5 and one is Th Lvl 3 I want to rush in both the bases and I am following what u said for my th3! But it’s almost impossible to make my Th 5 rushed!!! Cud u pls look @ my base and tell me what to do. I have a new clan and it is “R CLAN MATTERS” it’s Lvl 1 clan and I want u to look at the base Aryan ( Leader) and Aryan II (Co leader) and tell me why to do. It was be a gr8 t help if u do so.

    Thanks looking forward for ur guide ,

    P.s it would be gud if u would create an article over this issue for below and Lvl 5 Th . Cud u pls send me a msg once u reply here.

    Msg here pls looking forward 2 discuss with u asap

  12. Hi will!

    I find you forum very informative and i’ve been here a few times now especially during idle time :D. I’d like for you to verify if AD/AS affects the score of a TH 8.5 in CW. we were matched with a clan that has the 1st th 8.5 with 3 ADlvl6 5 archTlvl10 and basically other defs max. 2nd TH has 4 ADlvl5 2 ASlvl2 and archTlvl9 and other defT not maxed. is it because the 1st TH 8.5 has most of the def maxed so he’s ranked 1 and the 2nd th focused on AD which does not really weigh that much in scoring?

  13. Hi guys. I have 3 accts and all of them are full lvl th.
    I didnt find any difficulties in rushing my townhalls.
    There are lots of players this time having trouble understanding on having an early full lvl t.h. they find it negative even though there are more pros than cons by having a higher lvl t.h. they saying that i am using gems cheats or buying resources when they see my villages. But i will tell you guys, i didnt cheat and buy anything.

  14. hey … i need help ..
    i have drag 2 n thunder 4 so i can attack th7 base easily …
    I’m on th8 & holding 30 place on war…

    i have all 1 lvl defenses like arch tower and canons … 1 AD 1lvl , 1 Wiz tower 1 lvl, 1 motor 1 lvl … and lvl3 walls…

    I’m Upgrading to TH9 … If i build 1 X-Bow …

    Will I go so much upper place on war ???

    Please help me …
    Thanks in Advance …

  15. Hey I’m a th9 and I was thinking about going to th10 for higher lvl troops. Everything is maxed except my dark spells and troops, ads, teslas, walls, and my heroes are lvl 8 and 10. I really like raiding th10s cuz they hold more loot because I don’t find much dead bases in masters but I only succeed when some defenses are being upgraded. (Especially inferno towers) I know if I have higher troops tho I could do better. What do you think I should do? Is it worth going to th10?

  16. there are a few important steps before you start rushing your town halls ;
    1) you must upgrade your damn collectors … because they will be your main source of your resources and you just cant 3star any base for loot … so mind it well
    2) upgrade (preferably max) your barberians and archers only because barch will only be your most economical way to attack
    3) never ever take part in clan wars … you will not be able to win nor attack a base properly
    4) UNLOCK everything … i said just unlock .. if you are in th7 , you need to have dragon in one barrack and rest will do with wizards or baloons . its very important to unlock all the troops according to your th level at least in one barrack
    5)keep your trophies low as possible … because you would not like to lose the defences all the time …
    TH3 – BArch lvl 2 unlock wallbreaker in one barrack others with giants (lvl 3)
    TH4 – Same as th3 , walls lvl 2 , unlock baloon , all other barracks at lvl4
    TH5 – barch lvl 3 , make wizard tower and partially upgrade your defences
    TH7 – unlock dragon in 1 barrack , barch lvl4 , walls lvl 4


    1) If you have an alternate base in which you max out everything , you can learn some tatics from the rush base with higher town hall
    2) you can know all the pros and cons of troops in 3rd tier and all the DE troops
    3) you can donate good troops to your clan-mates . thats a very good thing to earn reputation in your clan .
    4)you can also donate good troops in you clan castle of your other account (if its in the same clan )


      • i need acceleration for the troops and defense buildings at once. this base made for supporting my clan mates (although i also supporting with my TH9 troops), and the other side, i can still participate in clan war. i always split my war team in 3 layer. and this strategy supported by my 6 acc. in second attack, my acc can move more flexible for backup the stars. so, rushing TH is usefull for a couple strategy. nice post will.. (y)

  18. Hi Will,
    I’m at TH9 but most of my defense building were at TH 7 level . I have just buy the first X-bow and new walls (all TH 9 walls). now, my villiage is above other TH 8 Max base in Clan War. I found that my base’s weight is still much smaller than TH 8 Max base’s weight.
    Is this because of the X-Bow? if yes, Why?
    If I buy the second X-Bow and upgrade both of them to lvl 3 ( Keep base’s weight smaller than TH 8 Max base), Will I meet TH 9 base in Clan War?

  19. Hey Will. All my friends are crying on “max your base….max your base”. I kind of want to prove them wrong, So I’m thinking about going from my maxed th7 base into th8, upgrade giant,goblin and wall breaker (which are my farming troops) then go on to th9. Not going to buy xbows. gonna get the AQ keep upgrading her, will be unlocking hound, then upgrading loons and spells. What do you people say?

  20. Will- I pretty much jumped from th7 to th9. Army camps, cc, lab, spell factory/dark are all upgraded to th9 levels. Archer queen has been continuously leveling, and is currently 6. Gobs are 5 because they are my primary farming troop. I have not bought xbow or the 4th wizard tower yet. My question is- should I focus on getting all existing defenses to TH8 level first? Or upgrade things like tesla from 1 to 6 and air defenses from 6 to 7? Also troops- I’m thinking of getting hogs and golem maxed first. Thoughts on how I should proceed?

    In my last comment (below a few comments) I told you to max out barberians and archers .
    BArch is the best attacking strategy for rushers . Its very economical . you will have to take 40% of barberians and 60% of archers .
    Choose a base with collectors that are of high level (preferably 8 and up )and that are filled .
    you can find such bases in which players are inactive or not used coc for a few days (who cares !?)
    Then deploy a dash of barbs (in a horizondal line where you can find the nearest collectors)
    then deploy a dash of archers behind them . The barbs will act as a protector for the archers and enable them to attack and do their damage . like this , destroy as many collectors as possible ….
    you don’t really need spells … but in situations like high loot and less troops , you can use a healing spell … but the loot must be high enough ….
    #less training time , more attacks !!!
    #economical army
    #easy attacks … dosnt requires specialization

  22. I maxed townhall 5. From now I want to rush. Now if I want to do clan wars while rushing what should I do? I mean what building should I buy from and what not to? You see I want to secure a safe 6 star while having great army. So I want to prevent getting same townhall opponent.

  23. I has rushed to th10 and i havnt maxed even th8…now what shoul i do….i m facing a lot of problems …..tell memy name is FATHER OF CLANS and i m in clan gazipur kings clan tag id QQVULU……PLZ SEE IT AND SUGGEST ME SOMETHING ….FAST…….

  24. Hi will!! I love your posts, very logical. So after I maxed my th7, I thought about making my base an engineered one. So from then on I neglected all my defenses and rushed to th9. just upgrading goblins wall breakers and giants, which are my farming troops. One thing I’ve noticed is that farming all resources (especially dark elixir) became extremely easy once I got lvl 6 giants and goblins. If I had grinded for lvl 2 golem at th8 it might’ve been a pain. But at th9 it’s a breeze. Lots of people told me that rushing to th9 without defenses would make me lose interest in the game. But it was actually the contrary.

    I’m thinking what if I upgrade to th10 once I hit both lvl 15 heroes and lvl 4 golem. It’ll be much easier to farm dark elixir right? I’m an optimist so words don’t hurt me. So what do you think??? Thanx in advance all you guys.

  25. Hi. Just want to know if currently I have a th10 rushed account but TH6 base. Mirror in war is TH 7-8 (not bad). I Dont have Tesla, xbow, and IT. I’m planning to upgrade on TH11 to drop the eagle artillery defense. What would be my TH mirror?? Thanks if sum1 knows about it. 🙂 – oxford

  26. anyone here? i think i have a big prob… I rushed to TH9 not good defenses max wall is lvl 7, 6 and 5. and I’m in silver 2 with 1139 trophies. and I’m farming with only archers(level 4) and can’t find loot bases. Only bases that shows when I try to attack is fully maxed th9s 10s and 11s I rarely find 200,000 with a base that i can attack, and I’m sick of it. now I’m trying to get to gold league to find if there is any loot bases or inactive ones there.. Can you give me some advises please. Thanks!:)

  27. hey im thinking about rushing to th10 (9currently) my troops are ALL maxed my walls are 8-9 my cc spell factories is maxed probaly half of defense too, im getting about 4million gold a day if i play passive. Should i upgrade or not?

  28. I saw a player who had rushed his base ( TH-9-8- with only one cannon as defense) just to face easy mirror opponent in war. And if his rank is 25 he does attack opponent’s top bases and all other TH8 bases easily. I want to know one thing building all barracks, all collectors, unlocking all the spells and army and upgrading them including heroes, they do decide one’s ranking number in war? This is urgent please do reply me..!!

    • ^^ at my clan previous 10vs10 war ..1guy at no10 with th10 1canon+4 hidden Tesla all Barrack, army camp, resources , wall updated but he was beaten by th8.. he never attack on over side..But defeat easily…
      I suggest don’t rush .. If can’t wait then buy some gems and finish work..This COC game is balanced so U can’t fill better.. update all thing then go next th .. even much trophy harm us ..I am on th7 n crystal league so can’t more loot from the 8-9-10 and easily defeat from them

  29. I have a th8 maxing up and a th7 upgrading with 42 experience i thought i will upgrade rushed account to th10 or 11 and then upgade my barracks to max so that i could donate troops to the th8 account as i dont get much donations in my clan

  30. Hey there !

    i’m here with another guide related to town hall rushing …

    I’m a rusher myself … So i know the benefits of rushing TH . This time , i will tell you about my rushed base with town hall 9 …

    -Both X-Bows built
    -P.E.K.K.A. unlocked (currently upgrading to unlock baby dragon)
    -Golem unlocked (will unlock witch soon …)
    – Cannon level 7
    -King level 3
    -Queen level 2 ( will be upgraded to level 5 very soon)
    archer towers level 6
    -Mortars level 4
    -wizard towers level 3

    barberians level 5
    archers level 5
    giants level 4
    goblins level 4
    healing spell level 3

    (all the rest is not trained , nor upgraded)


    Here is my theory or guide ….

    i genrally do great in clan wars … i can score almost 4 stars

    Believe me , you can get a WHOLE LOT OF RESOURCES… How?

    my army camp can hold 200 . so i train 100 barberians and 100 archers . Im in gold lll league …. you can find a dead base very easily . you also have the archer queen , so you can score a star in almost every attack … use of spells is gonna shoot this trick

    you have to do at lease 250 attacks per season or per month .

    so , the base must be dead , with filled collectors outside … flood them with barberians and reinforce with archers . normally , dark elixir drill is placed within the walls … no worry ! you can use your archer queen … if you follow this trick , you will have ample of resources all day long ….

    UNLOCK : baby dragon and witch …. dont even think of unlocking lava hound at this stage … its a waste of both dark elixir and elixir…

    if you want to win defences … i know to put my attackers in the worst possible situation . The only thing you have to do is Max all traps and HIDDEN TESLAS .

    so guys , thanks for reading , and i will be releasing the best layout of rushed town hall 9 really soon


  31. I want to rush to th 8…I have my defences upgraded upto 40% and my army troops ,barracks and camps 30% and I have 15 walls maxed…..I have spent 2 weeks in this town hall……I get 1 million to 1.5 million loot per day…..I take part in clan wars and I have started to get 5 stars (average) for my clan… is it wise to upgrade my town hall to level 8 …..when I have maxed out 40% of my base……I have expected to max out 70% of my base while my town hall is under upgrade to th8……please give some suggestions…..

  32. I have a th10 and want to get out for the rush, now I am at master league, shall I drop back to gold?

    Town Hall 10
    2 Xbows (lvl 1)
    Mortar (lvl 7)
    Tesla (lvl 3)
    Archer Tower (lvl 9)
    Cannon (Fully gold, don’t know the lvl)
    Wizard tower (lvl 6)
    King (lvl 10)
    Queen (lvl 9)
    Troops (suck)
    Walls (lvl 8 and 7)
    Airdefence (lvl 4 or 5)

    Attack strategy I use Lavaloon,
    Loons (lvl 5)
    Lava hound (lvl 1)
    Haste (lvl 5)
    Lightning (lvl 5)
    Earthquake (lvl 2)
    Freeze (lvl 1)
    Take a look at here for more info:

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