Revenge Guide

In this small Clash of Clans guide, I’m gonna show you everything you need to know and popular questions about Revenge.

Clash of Clans Revenge Guide

In game, you can revenge a player who attacked you before via the Battle Log menu. You can open the Battle Log menu by tapping on the envelope button which locates at the left bottom of the screen and below the Clan War button.

revenge menu in Clash of Clans

You can’t revenge a player because:

  • You can’t revenge a player because you had attacked him first and he did a revenge.
  • You can’t attack a player when he/she is currently online or has a shield. You can try again later.
  • If you have shield, you will break your shield If you do a revenge like searching match.
  • You can get trophies after doing a revenge.
  • You just can revenge once.
  • Tapping on the Revenge button to visit a base to see how it is and tap on the End Battle button before the clock goes to go and you still can attack that base later.
  • Even you don’t revenge a player, you still can find/her him in the Matchmaking system.
  • There is no loot bonus for a successful revenge.

If you have any tips and tricks about Revenge in Clash of Clans please share with other players here :D. Clash on!


  1. Just a question, why can’t I do a revenge attack right now? I’ve been attacked by three different people in a row, and I can’t do a revenge attack on any of them. They aren’t in my attack log either.

  2. Is there any planned update so you can actually use revenge? when I try I ALWAYS see online or under shield. The amount of time spent trying and having no loot bonus in my opinion makes revenge utterly usless

  3. I have a question about revenge and i will post a situation so you can understand what i ask.

    1. You attacked a player and this player has the revenge option avaliable againts you.

    2. You play a 6 hours session and the game disable your attack and tell you that u will be kick out soon.

    3. You talk with the person who has the revenge option avaliable againts you and you tell to him/her that soon you will be kick out.

    So here is where my question appear

    If this person click the revenge button, wait for the 3 minutes of the raid to end and doesnt deploy any troops. Will you be able to avoid enemy attacks if you repeat this every time? Well this is if ofc you know or agree that with the person you attacked. Is this possible? I hope you can understand what i said. Thanks.

  4. Hey, Do you know any good way to actually revenge someone? Whenever I click revenge they have an active shield. My technique right now is inviting people who attacked me to my clan (Only works if they’re not in a clan or we go to their clan), Talk with them and when they say bye or gtg, You kick them out or leave their clan and revenge!!! (you know their traps location too lololol) But I’m bored of this technique. Pls Help. I’ve heard the best time to revenge is after maintenance breaks. Why?

  5. I am giving you an guideline how to know the exact timing when the shield will be over to take a revenge.

    Normally when ever you click on the revenge button most of the time you get a message “village under active shield”. There are few players are there in your list whom you want to attack(revenge) for resources or trophy.

    But How to know when their shield will be over?????

    In that case you need to know little math & little observation.

    Visit the base which you want to attack. You need to visit few times until you find his base is partially or fully destroyed state.

    Then click on the destroyed base & find an elixer or gold or dark collector.

    Take the reading of it & it’s production rate per hour.

    Do a back calculation to know when the base got attacked & calculate when his shield will be over again.

    30% 12hrs
    60% 14hrs
    90% 16hrs

    Based on opponent rank guard will be 30mins, 1hr or 2hr.

    **** Elixer or gold storage 50% loot can be taken & for dark it’s 75%. So, calculate the timing accordingly.

    Giving you an example……

    Lvl 12 elixer collector reading…..

    Completely destroyed 19585
    Completely intact. 26750

    If Y=hours (post attack) & X=elixer at storage

    Then the equation will be

    X/2 +3500y = 19585
    X + 3500y = 26750

    Solving the equation y= 3.54

    So, the attack happened 3.54hrs back & the shield will be over (12/14/16hrs+guard) – 3.54hrs later.

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