Queen Walk + Poison Spell Tips

Hey guys, today I am going to show you some great examples of the Queen Walk strategy you can follow to improve your Queen Walk and utilize your Spells better, as well as have a better raid!

At first, let’s take a look and see how well the Poison Spell can help us in Clash of Clans:

Level Maximum DPS Speed Decrease Attack Rate Decrease
1 90 26% 35%
2 115 30% 40%
3 145 34% 45%
4 180 38% 50%

Assuming that you use 4 Healers for the Queen Walk. Also, If you are curious about “How many hits does the AQ need to take down a certain building”, please take a look at this guide, it would help your Queen Walk a lot!

  1. Many attackers (unfortunately) lure out the enemy King when using Queen Walk. If you don’t know, the Barbarian King level 20 can deal 208.8 to the Queen level 20 every hit while the Queen level 20 has 1,076 HP. Alongside with even just 1-2 point defenses, he can take down your Queen within seconds If you don’t activate the Queen’s ability. Why don’t drop the Poison Spell on the enemy King? You can decrease his attack speed and damage a lot and using the Queen’s ability will not be necessary anymore. It’s much more important to use the Royal Cloak at other situations. You also can drop 1 Wizard behind your Queen and he will help you kill the King faster.
  2. You will also want to drop the Poison Spell on the enemy Archer Queen.
  3. When your Queen is dealing with the Lava Hound in the raid, obviously she doesn’t take much damage from the Lava, but upon death, it can deal a decent damage to the Queen and the freshly summoned Lava Pups can deal lots of damage to the AQ. I have seen lots of players activating the Queen’s Cloak Royal just because of those Pups. Simply drop the Poison Spell on the Lava when it is nearly killed and the Pups will be removed quickly. You will also need to bring at least 1 Minion because sometimes even just 1 Pup can kill every single one of your Healers as you can see in the screenshot below.
  4. Updating…


I hope this small guide can help you somehow improve your raid better. Clash on!


  1. Hi
    I use Queen walk as my main raiding army and would love to see a few tips added to the above for other clashers:
    – Rage Spells: Rage used correctly can be the difference between a dead queen and no loot, and a simple 2 star with a lot of loot. When you see 3 point defences target your queen, or even a few clan castle troops as well as 1 point defence, dropping a rage just behind your queen (so it rages both her and healers) can help you survive massive amounts of dammage. It also helps your queen tear through buildings quicker, as to potentially remove the threat. I usually take 3 rages minimum that help me 60/70% 2 star even a max TH9.
    -Enemy Clan castle troops. This is where it gets interesting. If you are trophy pushing, you will want to take them out and carry on with the raid. If you are not, you may want to end the raid to save queen, therefore attack quicker for next raid. Dealing with giants, drag, hog riders or low amounts of tier 1 troops is quite easy with just a poison, or just a rage as mentioned above. Your worst enemy is 6 max loons, or all max wizards with a giant to tank for them. In these cases if I’m in crystal I will save my spells and end the raid, unless there is a lot of loot potential. When I was in Champ I wanted to maintain trophies, so what I would do it drop the poison early to show them down. When they are JUST about to attack, use queens abilityand she will get you through the worst of it.
    – Guiding her well. One mistake a lot of people make, is to guide the queen down a ‘safe’ path, which ends up not being so safe for healers, which an AD can take out quite quickly. Make sure to plan the path, and use troops wisely to make sure queen gets to AD before AD gets to healers. Another tip I use for a lot of max TH9 bases, is to start 1/4 way round the base from the place I want to wallbreak through. This instantly can take down some point defences, as well as working towards that 50% before you get to the core (which often has the highest HP buuldings). Using barch can help direct her exactly the way you want.
    If it helps, I find this army composition is the best. If you boost barracks, you will only be waiting 60 odd seconds between each raid. If you don’t, its only 22 mins which includes your attack and searching time.
    Barracks 1-4: 2 Healers, 1 wallbreaker, 10 archers, 10 barbarian, 1 Healer, 1 wall breaker, 10 archers, 10 barbarians, 1 healer, 1 wall br….. you get the point from here.
    Happy to take any questions or comments on the above. I used this army composition only to get all the way to Champ 2 (before dropping back to crystal because I needed more loot)
    TH9, Queen is lvl 21, Rage is max, poison is lvl 1 (going to 2)

  2. 4. Queenwalking and then you lure out a cc filled with a drag and 2 loons, a decent level queen and a 3+ ( I think)poison spell can take out the balloons before it drops bombs on your queen. Poison slows the drag, queen beats the drag, and finishes of balloons.

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