Protect your Walls with Small Bombs

Are you disappointed with the Small Bombs in Clash of Clans because they can’t even kill a small Archer? How are you using them?

Small Bombs in Clash of Clans

I can see that players use the Small Bombs in many ways:

  • A group of Small Bombs = Mini Double Giant Bomb = not effective.
  • Placing them inside for killing Wizards during when base gets attacked by GoWiPe = not effective.
  • Spreading them outside for killing Archers which can snipe collectors = can’t kill a single one = not effective.

I watched plenty of videos and read guides but didn’t ever hear a single opinion about the Small Bomb. It is because most players don’t really care about it. But today morning, I read a great idea of clashmustard about using using the Small Bombs for dealing with Wall Breakers. I open the Barrack in game immediately and I just got a pleasant surprise that at Town Hall 9, we can kill a max Wall Breaker with just a max Small Bomb. We can use Small Bombs to protect our Walls!

Basically this won’t work prior to Town Hall 9 If the attacker upgrade his Wall Breakers as usual. But If Wall Breakers come across 2 maxed Small Bombs, the Giant Bombs will always wins head-to-head. Let’s take a closer look at the table below:

Town Hall Wall Breaker’s HP Small Bomb Damage
3 20 16
4 24 16
5 24 20
6 29 20
7 35 26
8 42 34
9 42 42
10 54 42

From the chart above, we can see that we can have the opportunity to kill a Wall Breaker with just a Small Bomb. You can use double Small Bomb at earlier Town Hall levels to ruin the enemy Wall Breakers. Sending Wall Breakers is always one of the most important steps of all ground attacks. By having up to 6 opportunities to stop the Wall Breakers, you can send the attackers indo an irrecoverable death spiral.

Now let’s identify the sides of your base which usually get hit from and place Small Bombs there, between some buildings and near the corner wall segments that the enemy Wall Breakers are going to destroy. The small bomb has a 1.5s delay before it detonates. Placing the Small Bomb 1 tile off the wall is pretty nice because it has a 3 tile radius so it still can kill the Wall Breakers when they stop before the walls.

Here is a great example from clashmustard:


Finally I have found an useful use for the Small Bomb in Clash of Clans. I am testing this with my current Clan War and It was successful to stop a couple of Wall Breakers this morning, the attacker was forced to use the Jump Spell because he didn’t want to spend too much time on those walls and of course that was a 1 star attack. I am very happy with this tip now.


  1. I am playing TH 8 and I have all my bombs maxed. I have a big bomb paired up with two maxed out small bombs in three spots between archer and wizard towers around my base. It seems to work pretty well. Yesterday I had a fellow attack my base just as I logged off with a hog/dragon/archer/wizard/king combo. He streamed in 27 hogs and they all got blown up by my big and little bomb combo trap. I ended up with a 28 trophy defensive victory and a 40% shield. Granted, sometimes the big and little bomb sets don’t do the job against really powerful troops, but in those cases you are pretty much screwed anyway. it is almost an effort in futility defending against the powerful bullies willing to throw maxed TH 9 and TH 10 troops against your TH 8 defenses. At least in those cases the number of trophies they take is limited.

  2. I use my small bombs in a crazy way … im currently a th7 & obviously i dont have maxed small bombs but anyways, i place 3 small bombs around a spring trap .. what that does is that when there are wiz, archers, barbs or hogs headed to the spring trap those small bombs blow up to kind of give them that little jump scare they get when a small bomb blows up and it allowed that scare of the small bombs to be strong enough to push them on to walking directly on to the spring trap ive had it happen about 20 times already & it works like a charm .. i think im the only one that has found a way to use small bombs and spring traps in a combo to the spring trap to allow it to be twice as effective flinging twice or more of the troops flying away (:

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