Practicing ZapQuake with Goblin Maps

Since I posted the ZapQuake strategy, I’ve been receiving lots of questions like “If I can destroy these AD or not?” so I have decided to create this post which is gonna give you a pretty useful way to practice ZapQuake, the Goblin Maps in game. A big thanks to azmanz for sharing this great collection!

ZapQuake Strategy

For more details about this strategy, you can take a look at here.

Just simply click/tap on the text Show Image button to see the Goblin Map and choose the best one which fit your attack for testing/practicing.

Goblin Map Name Information
Fort Knobs Show Image
Throughfare Show Image
Fikova Show Image
Gobbo Campus Show Image
Steel Gauntlet Show Image
Queen’s Gambit Show Image
Full Frontal Show Image
Triple A Show Image
Goblin Picnic Show Image
Choose Wisely Show Image
Mega Evil Show Image
Crystal Crust Show Image
Kitchen Sink Show Image
Rolling Terror Show Image
Megamansion Show Image
PEKKA’s Playhouse Show Image
Sherbet Towers Show Image

Note: Here is an useful tip for you If you want to repeatedly practice without spending Elixir and Dark Elixir which was mentioned before in the Clash of Clans Offline page:

  1. Open Game and visit the Goblin Map.
  2. Quickly enter the Airplane Mode (the Internet connection will be automatically turned off) and you will have about 1 minute to attack before getting kicked off.
  3. Turn off the Airplane Mode, open the game and repeat.

Hopefully this small tip can help you improve your game skills and better Clan War results. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


  1. I know that what i will ask doesn t make sense with this thread , forgive me for this. Every moring i will check that site in search of new tips for master my game style. I have been playing this game since april/may and soon i will rise my th to lvl 9 ( my meta) . The point of this discussion is this: have u a early / mid farming base for th9 that as centralized DE storage, CC and also 4 tesla’s in the core ? I programmate to build “Safe and Sound” base but lately not at the beginning, i need something strong for the first month. Thank you for the help Will , i appreciate it!!

        • One method, if you have wifi at home, would be putting your phone in wifi only (remove the sim?) and instead of disconnecting the internet on the phone when you do your coc test, turn the wifi off from your router (either log into it and change the setting, or physically unplug your internet modem from it)… coc will be fooled big time.

          This offline zapquake practice is a wonderful idea!! Thanks Mr. Potter!

          • After doing many air zapping practices (guess I had a lot to learn, lol) I found that the trick doesn’t work every time. Just try again until it does, you still won’t lose your potions if the game doesn’t let you make your attempt. Works about 3 times out of 4 for me.. guess your mileage may vary. The concept is solid tho, unless supercell change their network code, that trick should work for a long time, with most devices/OS. If you can’t change your router settings and disconnecting the modem from your wifi router takes too much time to make your attempts, build yourself a tin foil hat for the router, should do just fine when you put it on your router antenna or the whole thing.. : ) I knew tin foil hat had a use! lol

          • would work, but it’ll take much longer to get the internet up again after your attempt, when you plug it back. The router will have to boot, re-connect to the net if you’re using an adsl modem and stuff. If that is your only option tho, it’ll do just fine.. : )

  2. What is Th9.5 and th8.5? Sorry for the noob question

    BTW: this page is really cool, I found it like 3 days ago and I really like it

    I have themis for th9 and its not really working for me , i have won only 1 defense like from 6 or 7
    I dont know what to do
    Any advice?
    Thanks anyway 😀

  3. Do you know if it works with : 2 Lightning lvl 4 and 1 Quake lvl and 1 Quake from clan lvl 4?

    I have tried it with 2 light lvl 4 and 1 quake lvl 1 and 1 Quake lvl 2. I think i had the Air defense lvl 6 on 95% – 99%.

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