How to play multiple Clash of Clans Accounts

In this tutorial, I am gonna show you how to play different Clash of Clans accounts on one iDevice.
I will do an tutorial for Android users as soon as possible!

Play Clash of Clans on iPad

To do this, you need to have:

  • Two iDevices
  • One of them hasn’t played this game ever!

Play multiple Clash of Clans Accounts Tutorial

  1. On the iDevice that hasn’t played CoC before (I will call it #1), create a new Apple ID.
  2. Download CoC on it and finish the tutorial.
  3. On the other iDevice, go to the Settings and sign out your current Game Center account.
  4. Sign back in with the new account which you’ve created on the #1.
  5. You’ve done.

With this method, you can switch and play multiple Clash of Clans accounts as many as you want!


  1. I have a th 7 on my android account then i want to link it to my ios account, but my ios acc. Have th8 is there a way that i can transfer my android acc. To my ios account without erasing my th8 ios acc.

  2. Please help! I have an iPhone 4S that’s been reset. I lost my Apple ID cuz it was logged in. How could I retrieve my old acc? And I wanna transfer it to my Android phone. Could ya help me out mate?

  3. I have a th 9 base on my ios account with yahoo mail id . but i have lost my my i phone last day & after that i have got 1 android phone as gift . now how i am able to get my that account back in my new android phone .

  4. Hi i have 2 coc account one is in iphone(TH9) and one is in android (TH7). i want to play both my accounts in iphone so please guide how should i connect android game account(TH7) with iphone and play both game accounts on iphone. Thansk

  5. will potter can u help i signed in with my account i want to go on and i signed out and signed in with it and my same base is still there and the thing to say to switch it isnt popping up i tried it multiple time but it wont work

  6. Hi, i have 2 COC accounts one is in iphone and other is in android. I need to get the iphone COC account to my android COC account.
    I accidentally deleted my COC in iphone.
    but I want to play my iphone account COC in android.
    how can i do that?

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