Max out before going to Town Hall 9?

I have seen plenty of questions like “Do I need to max out everything before going to Town Hall 9?”. I’d like to give you a small advice “No you don’t need to do that. Just go to TH9 once you have finished approximately 80% of the TH8 road“.

This advice is based on 2 main playstyles of players in Clash of Clans: Clan Wars and Farming.

Town Hall 8

If you usually join Clan Wars

Once you have level 6 Air Defenses and a decent anti-air base layouts, you will be fine after all TH8 air attacks (mostly varieties of Dragons). After maxing our all key defenses and splash damage defensive buildings, you will have a minor impact on defending against air attacks but Walls can do nothing against those attacks. Walls also can do nothing to the Hog Rider attacks, everything depends on your core defenses and your layout. However, a smart TH8 players can always 3-star you regardless of your defenses and layouts. Although there is a big different between getting the last star of some attacks during the last 20% progress of TH8 but the closer you are to be maxed out everything, the more of a chance to get attacked by a TH9 in Clan War you will get due to the matchmaking system, and that TH9 guy can always 3 stars you will his high level troops.

By going to Town Hall 9, you can play as a Town Hall 8.5 and with this strategy, you can easily bully the player who has the same position as yours in Clan Wars. After upgrading all your Town Hall 8 buildings and troops, you can start working on new TH9 stuffs.

If you like farming

There is just only one problem after rushing to TH9, it is you will be menaced by other decent TH9 players. But If you are almost maxed TH8, you still get raided by TH9 as well. Once you have either level 6 Archers or Giants and the Archer Queen, you can farm pretty well. If you want to work on your walls before going to Town Hall 9, normally you will need to spend about 3-4 weeks. By that time, If you were at Town Hall 9, you could farm well with stronger farming troops and the Archer Queen. Walls are really much more important for the psychological effect than resisting. There is no reason for not going to TH9 with level 7 walls.

The trade off after upgrading Town Hall is always the new opportunities versus the loot penalty. No matter how you are playing, You will always upgrade all your Town Hall 8 buildings, you never can save time, but with better farming armies and the powerful Archer Queen, you can raid loot easier and upgrade your walls faster.

Moreover, as we can see, while TH8 players are working on walls, their Elixir Storages are always full and their Builders are always sleeping. What a big waste! By going to TH9 a bit sooner, with that amount of Elixir, you can upgrade plenty of Lego walls. Also, you can find a lot of inactive bases with maxed Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors at Town Hall 9!


I don’t want to rush because TH9 players will smash my base!

Your almost maxed TH8 base just can’t stop any decent Town Hall 9 attack, why not upgrade to TH9? Also, somehow, weak TH9 base can easily attract weak attackers.

Will rushing slow down my progress?

No, as long as your Builders are always busy. By rushing to TH9, you can even save lots of time and Elixir. While an almost maxed TH8 are working on his walls along with idle Builders and full Elixir Storages, you can rob your Builders and have dozens of Lego walls.

Rushed TH needs to catch up, maxed TH doesn’t

Yes, right, a maxed TH definitely will be in a better spot on the first day at Town Hall 9 but by that time the rushed TH would be 1-2 months old TH9. They are like this:

  • Maxed TH8: 200 housing spaces, maxed TH8 troops, Barbarian King level 10, Walls level 8.
  • Rushed TH9: 220 housing spaces, farming troops level 6, King/Queen level 15/15, 50% Lego walls.


Of course these small tips is just for normal players with normal farming speed. If your Storages are always full and you can max out your walls before all other buildings, just upgrade to Town Hall 9, TH8 is not the right place for your insane farming speed!

In conclusion, I’d recommend you max out these stuffs before going to Town Hall 9:

  • Clan Castle, Laboratory, Army Camps, Spell Factory.
  • Teslas and Air Defenses.
  • At least 2 Mortars/Wizard Towers.
  • Skull walls for the core of your base.
  • At least level 8 Barbarian King.
  • Level 5 Giants, Barbarian, Archers and Balloons.
  • Level 4 Hog Riders.

This small post is just my 2 cents alongside with some suggestions from RossAM. If you have any advice, don’t hesitate to comment and help me improve this post!


  1. Hi, great article thanks. I have a Question: Now I’m at TH7. Few days a go I start upgrading my TH to level 8. I needed gold to upgrade my tesla to level 3 and my hero and walls were not max so I decide to cancel my th upgraid . actually half of my walls are lvl5. and my hero is level 2. all of my elixir units are maxed but my minion and hogs aren’t. thanks to your tactics for farming Dark i could gain 1.5k dark in my first try.

    with these characteristics I said. do you think is it wise to start my th upgrade again or max my walls and hero first??

    • You should upgrade your walls to at least level 6 because the attackers can easily take down your level 5 walls easily with just 1 Wall Breaker. You should also upgrade your King to level 5, that will help you farm much easier at TH8. You can upgrade your Hog Riders later.

  2. Hey,nice article..I m at th-8 (level 94) right now and base is almost maxed with just those walls left..My troops are maxed except minions and valks.My king is at level 8.So,my question is should I go to th-9 now or max my dark troops and king then enjoy at th-9? Also should I get those skulls walls or not since they r pretty expensive?

    P.S:Should I go for th 8.5 or th-9? Since I have searched a lot for th 8.5 bases but I have been unable to find any and many ppl say that things can get screwed at th-8.5 if one upgrade order goes wrong..Whats your take on this?

    Thanks a lot,

  3. ” TH8 is not a good place for your insane farming speed! ” haha I think I identify with that. I waited to much to upgrade that TH thing and now i see that was a waste of time (and resources), *five days till TH9*.

  4. Im at TH8 already on going upgrade to TH9,4days more,but my collector still level 10 :(.
    My walls are all purple. My level 6 Tesla will finish the same day with my TH.
    Laboratary only left with Goblin,Minion,Hog,Golem to upgrade.
    My elixer storage is always full. Got a little reserve tank in my CC. XD
    Should I go 8.5 ? 😀

    • It is always worth it to try TH8.5 IMO. In addition, your “War troops” such as Golems, Hogs are still at low-level so you can be as a real TH9 later after upgrading them.

      Collectors are not a big deal at all. Just upgrade them after you finish all other buildings.

  5. Hey im at TH8 ,
    My lvl is 78…….Only few archer towers and cannons are of lvl 9.
    But my walls are lvl 6 and 7… u have mentioned in ur above post that we should upgrade walls to lvl 8 for core of the base,I should upgrade my walls all to lvl 7 and then upgrade them upgrade to lvl 8 or now only i should upgrade walls to lvl 8 for the core of the base???
    Coz i want to upgrade my TH…
    If u want 2 see my base see it in my Clan -CLASH WITH CHES…..Name-Chesnaughterz….Im the leader….
    Thank you.

  6. In my opinion, I still recommend maxing all of the defensive buildings and the troops you will use in th9 and the troops you use. It’s okay to upgrade to th9 even your walls are level 7 but if you have most of them (80%) level 8 your good to go =)

  7. I m on th9 for 2d…. :p….. my elixr troops r all maxed….bt walls and golem left… searching for th9 base…..I m currenly using Eon Purge base…..Any more base recommendations for me??? I m looking to farm dx and gold now….. 🙂

  8. For me its best to upgrade all defenses and troops to max before leaving your th lvl so that when you get to your new th lvl it will not be that hard for you to farm so much for defenses and walls and also troops and you will save up lots of time.

  9. Very close to TH9 here, should I upgrade all troops before the town hall or am I ok with leaving the pekka, golem, and valkyrie not maxed? They’re all very expensive and I find it easier to farm gold than the elixirs. Thanks

  10. I’m almost level 92 and still Th8 with 5 builders but I don’t have much resources. 2 barracks are still left to be upgraded. Golem, valk are level 1 and minions lev 3. Rest all are maxed for th8. Walls are still not lev 7.What should I do. ?
    Go check me on #YCC22VJ9
    My game name is Shiia

  11. My suggestion is, after you get to townhall 9, use BAM to farm loot for research and upgrades, it has helped me a lot and right now my balloons are maxing out, after my giants, archers and barbs, all thanks to your BAM guide

  12. I got all maxed out defence and Barack only resources are left to lvlup by one i.e to lvl12 .
    I have 5 builder from the starting of th8 …
    But my troops are not yet fully maxed out .

    The t
    Troops which still left are – barbarians, goblins,wall breaker,balloons,healer,pekka(lvl1), healing spell,Valkyries and hogs(currently on lab going frm lvl3 to lvl4).

    I got lvl10 king and rest of dark troops Max .

    And I got maxed th7 before entering to th8 ..

    So plz.. Suggest me what troops I can skip so I can go for th9 …

    Thanx. 🙂

      • Here since I have gone TH 9 my farming is good for what it is post TH 11. I do think a well upgraded queen helps; however, I seem to find myself with a good amount of dark and gold. The regular elixir comes much slower due to the fact that we are now forced to cook elixir rich war armies for good two star attacks against any half way well designed base. This means that in the current state of clash the lab upgrades for better troops tend to stay idle for much longer. That is something I don’t like one bit.

  13. Hello,, I have almost maxed out defences only air sweeper left to be upgraded (lvl 2) But my troops are not yet maxed. The following troops are need to be upgraded. Barbarian, Archer, wallbreaker, giant, healer, minions (lvl 1) hogs is lvl 2 but currently upgrading to lvl 3 and my spells is only Level 4 (lightning and heal) lvl 3 rage.. Is it ok that i go to th9 ?

      • hmm i think its going to be boring if i wait for it to be upgraded cuz I`m almost maxed and btw I have maxed out my walls. do you think should i go for th 8.5 for a moment then after i upgraded the troops i will go for normal th9?

        • Doing 8.5 is good for war but bad for farming without at least level 5 farming troops. So I agree with Will, even if it’s boring you need to upgrade those farming troops and spells so you can raid loot effectively in your first month or two in TH9. Otherwise you’ll struggle. There is a big increase from level 4 to level 5 barbs and archers, you need that strength increase.

          • If you have level 5 farming troops, then like Will said getting dark elixir is the same as TH8. The bases are tougher but when you get used to the bases you can steal nice dark elixir.

            When you get your farming troops to level 6, and Dark elixir drills upgraded, you will get dark elixir much faster than TH8.

  14. Hey Will, I have a nearly maxed out th8 with the exception of these few things:
    -Hogs (level 3 BUT I’m gonna upgrade them to level 4 in a couple of hours)
    -Golems (level 1)
    -Valks (level 1)
    -Minions (level 3)
    -Poison Spell (level 1)
    -Earthquake Spell (level 1)
    -Goblins [level 4 (But I never use goblins)]
    -2 teslas are still level 5 and 1 tesla is upgrading to level 6

    Do you think it’s a good idea for me to move up to th9? I don’t war that much bit I do love to farm 🙂

  15. I thought I read some advice somewhere that you want to go to TH 9 with enough dark elixir to immediately buy your queen. That is what I did. I was able to get my queen to level 5 pretty quickly.

    As far as the other stuff goes, I made sure my defensive buildings and troops were maxed for TH 8. I did not max out my walls. I just made sure my outer layer was maxed out.

  16. Hey should I go for th 9?
    My troops and building are all maxed leaving 3 elixir collector to lv 11 and only around 60 lv 8 walls.
    My tesla are lv 6,mortar are of lv6,wizards tower is of lv 6,archers tower and connons all lv 10,all troops maxed including Golem to lv 2,hogs lv4,minnions lv 4, 2 and both dark spells lv 2.

  17. hello will.. im th8 player and big fans of archer queen. i can’t wait to pair her with my lv8 king. here are screenshot of my 40 days journey in th8. can i go to th9 and get the queen? need your advice. thank you

    • Ace, if I were you I would make sure I had enough dark elixir to immediately buy a queen after you updated. A queen helps you move up quickly. After you upgrade to TH 9 all of those full elixir storage containers are going to go to empty very very quickly. At close to max TH 8 you always have what you need, but once you upgrade you will struggle to get what you need.
      Personally, I made sure all of my defenses and troops were upgraded to max. The only thing I didn’t bother with was maxing out my walls.

      • Hi Daniel, are we cousins? haha :). I’ve been excited with the game and all I did then was to upgrade my TH, now I’m suffering. Here’s the plan, i’m gonna ups my troops till it maxes then go up to TH9 leaving goblins, minions and valkyrie and will have to carry it over to TH9. My defenses are now 1 upgrade away from becoming max at TH8 including walls. BTW, what clan are you in? Can i visit sometime? Thanks for sharing your two cents. 😉

        • Howdy Ace. Are we cousins… I doubt it. I don’t know where you are from. I’m from Austin Tx. All of my family is in Harlingen Tx. You can come visit if the clan I am in if they will let you in. I just switched to United Exile. It is a lvl 9 clan based out of Israel. The other clan where I was coleader had problems. The leader of the clan was kind of dropping out so it felt kind of like a losing proposition to get the clan to grow. It was a bummer as I had been with the clan for over a year. Anyway United Exile is a really good war clan and very active. The problem is that United Exile is often totally full 50/50. Currently it is still 50/50. I hope to be with them when they reach clan lvl 10 soon. That will be seriously cool. 🙂

  18. With the exception of a couple small bombs, I’m at all maxed out and farming skulls. I think I’m going to instead save the gold for the upgrade! My elixer storages are almost full, so it’s kind of a waste. Based on the discussion I think I’m ready?

  19. Am i ready to move to th9? All my defences are maxed except walls..almost 40walls are lev7..king kev 10..all toops maxed except hogs lev3 gonna go to lev4..minions also gonna go to lev 4..not gonna do valkyrie..not gonna do golems to lev2..with this do u recomend th9?

  20. My hogs are lvl 3 all elixir troops are upgraded…minnions are lvl 3 golem and valk lvl 1…also…all wiz and arch tower upgraded .ad tooteslas are lvl 5….45 walls are black and rest are purple…should I upgrade my th?

  21. Will expect my archer towers(level9) and canons(level8) rest of the defensive buildings are maxed up.I have golem level 1 and Pekka level1 (my exp level is 80) should i go for th9???? Will that hinder my war performance?

  22. Hey. I’m a th8, xp level 89. All my stuffs are maxed except 2 Teslas, walls, golems and Valks. My king is level 10. All my 4 builders keep sleeping all day ? So will it be wise if I upgrade my th? Or should I max my walls, golems, 2 Teslas before upgrading? Plz help.

  23. My all buildings are maxed out along with the barb king. The only remaining part are dark troops for upgrade but golem is on lvl 2.My 163 walls are on lvl 7 and others on lvl 8. Should I go for a th upgrade or or max my dark troops and walls first ?

  24. Hello all. My Town Hall is level eight. I want to advance to Town Hall 9, but most walls are level 5-7. Should I upgrade to Town Hall 9, or wait a while? I should also note that all defenses, troops, and my BK are max for Town Hall 8.

  25. I’d rather jump to th9 not maxed so i can work on queen earlier. Loot is still good at th9, but make sure your main farming & war composition troops is upgraded at th8 or the struggle will be real. wall must be at least dark blue, because wall breaker level 5 destroy pink wall in almost 1 hit.

  26. Hey Will,quick question here, is it worth upgrading the small bombs in your opinion?When they cost 1 million and more I mean,cause for 8 extra damage I’m really hesitating as I can get a lego wall for that price.
    Thanks in advance,you’ll be helping solve a dilemna that has lasted for a while :p

  27. Hello,

    I have almost everything max. exept defense mines/pumps and TH8.
    Mostly of the time i have max dark elixir. So i thought maybe i should Upgrade from TH8 to TH9 so i can upgrade/make my queen from 1-10.

    I’ll not upgrate anything. i dont even buy new buildings. I ONLY BUY THE QUEEN

    In clanwars my position is around 11-12. If i Upgrade and just go on…. with what the plan was. Do i climb in Clanwar ladder? will i suddenly be number 8 in clanwars or will i still be nummer 11-12

    Greets !

  28. I really want to upgrade to TH9 for the lvl 6 farming troops, but my walls are almost all lvl 7 and a few lvl 6. I’m definitely going to get my Teslas from lvl 4 to lvl 6 and hogs from 2 to 4 first.

  29. So this is my base and my profile. I rushed to th8 because I had finished all of my walls and now the same thing is happening at th8. I’m sure that I will get all skull walls in a couple of weeks as well and my king is going to be lvl10 in 2 days too. Sitting at th8 now for months looks like such a waste of dark elixir and gold to me. So I thought that after I upgrade my golems, giants and balloons I will go to upgrade my town hall and upgrade valks while my th is being upgraded. So that once I get to th9 I can start working on my queen non stop. Also building no new defenses will probably get me matched with th8 only and I can 3 star each one of them with 4 light and 2 quake + dragon attacks(yeah I’ll upgrade my lightening spell to lvl5 also). So what do you think. Should I go with the rush. I’m active enough to farm a lot of de and I think I can keep both heroes down for upgrades as well. I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

      • Definitely need to upgrade your hogs to lvl 4, wiz to 5, giants to 5, rage to 5. hogs at level 4, with the correct strategy can wreck most th8’s. wiz go great with almost any group of troops. giants are a low costing raid troop which is used in a lot of raiding if you are a smart player who doesn’t spend a lot on troops when raiding. rage spell can really help a lot of attacks, and since lvl 5 is the last level, you should definitely go ahead and upgrade it to get that extra damage. Pekka, barb, wallbreakers, minions, valks, and dark elixir troops are kind of optional, depending on your strategy in clan wars/raiding. for now you dont have to upgrade the pekka, as you dont even have the golem yet. later on you definitely want to upgrade pekka and golem, because dragons will start to be a lot harder to 3 star with as you move up in th levels.
        definitely upgade- hogs, wiz, giants, rage
        probably should upgrade-lighting, healing spell, pekka, golem, barb king, wall breaker, poison spell, loons.
        could help but not integral- goblin, barb, valk, healer.
        not necessary-earthquake, minions.
        Good luck. I’m still th8, so i understand how anxious it can be to want to get to th9. I’ve been th8 for like 6 months now. however i only need to upgade golem, valk, earthquake, minon and barb king. as well as 175 walls and some traps.

  30. Hello will.I would like to have some advice.I have now been in th8 for about 3 and a half weeks now , as I was able to farm gold and de I now have All my walls maxes to lv 8 and have lv 3 hog s and am going to get lv 2 golems in 3 days after which I will start lv 3 to 4 hog upgrade.So then after upgrading ballons ,dragons and maxing my last ad and teslas can I hit th9???? I am active and can farm de to lv up my queen and will be as a th8.5 so that I can war.pls let me know ur suggestion about this!!!pls reply ASAP!!!!!(pics of my base and profile is included pls check and tell me even if its a lengthy post!!!)and will also upgrade king to lv 9 atleast

  31. Hi, I’m currently running this th8 ( image below ) with these troops ( 2 image below ), my hogs are going level 4 atm, I don’t know if I’m ready to go th9 I’m more of a troops guy than a guy that worries much about his base but I try my best before th9, just asking if I’m ready because I’m very confused ( I’m getting my 4 builder this week when I reach masters )

  32. Im a th8 with troops for max th7……..giants arch barb. And wiz lvl5…….drag lvl3 pekka lvl2 hog lvl 4 in 4 days and rest are max for th7………..teslas are lvl4 my ADs are upg and king lvl7……1 wiz tower lvl5……arch towers lvl9……bomber tower lvl1 rest are maxed……bt only 15 walls are lvl8 should i go to th9

  33. Hi I am th8 def fully maxed but troops is not maxed and when I calculated the time I need to wait 48 days for fully maxed th8 so in laboratory barb, Arch, Gob, Loon, Wbs, minions, Eq&Poison is remaining
    Need to know should I go for th9 then Max out or…

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