Loot Bonus Farming Strategy

As we all know, the new matchmaking system in Clash of Clans has changed: No matter what TH level you are, you just (usually) can search villages which have the same TH level as you. This algorithm is for all Leagues except Champion League and above (3200+ trophies).

That’s why this farming strategy works fine with all Town Hall level!

Loot Bonus Farming Strategy

Because it is quite easy to understand so I just write it with these simple steps.

New Champion League Farming Strategy

  1. Hit the 3200+ trophies threshold to reach the Champion League Champion League III.
  2. Once you get there, quit game for a while to be raided and you will be dropped to below 3200 trophies threshold (or just drop a few trophies yourself by surrendering). Don’t worry then, you are still in Champion unless your trophy is below 3100.
  3. Below the 3200 trophies threshold, you can easily find bases with Town Hall outside.
  4. Once you have more than 3200 trophies, drop your trophies again.
  5. Repeat 99999999 times.
  6. Maxed loot!

Some more things you should know:

  • No matter how much your loot can be stolen, you can earn much more by following this method. Normally it just take me about 3-5 minutes to find a base to snipe.
  • I usually just get 1-3 trophies per sniping so I just need to drop my trophy 1-2 time everyday.
  • You can surrender to drop your trophies but I think we should give other players free loot and get a free shield.
  • Farming by using this method while waiting for the main strong army is awesome!


We will have another detailed guide about pushing trophies to Champion soon. I have been using this farming method with my Town Hall 10 account for about 6 months. Thank Reav3R for sharing this golden idea!


  1. got a question, where you say repeat 9999 is this a correct number? or a typo? Also the instruction are a bit confusing to me sorry. So you say get to 3200 trophies, then drop below 3200 to like 3150, as you snipe back to 3200 you will always receive 180k for gold/elixir and 1200 for DE, no matter how much damage you do to the base, this happens just by taking down an outside TH?
    Thanks Will sorry if I don’t understand your guide, I am still a noob at this game.

    • Hi Cassador. Let’s me answer your questions.
      1. 9999 is just to make a pun. I means repeating those steps for unlimited loot.
      2. Once you have 3200 trophies, you are at Champion league, right? You won’t be dropped to lower league If you drop your trophies to ~3150. You are still at Champion league.
      3. Once you take down a TH by snipping, it means you win the attack and you can have bonus loot!

  2. i’m just wondering why the “new” match making affects searching TH outside the base? i thought match making is like when you are TH9 you can only search th8 th9 or th10, but not necessarily the design of the base right? how come when i’m trying to hunt TH at champ league it’s different from before? it’s just frustrating how SUPERCELL kills hunters. when i look at my league and visit their base 40%-50% are farming base (TH outside). quite confusing how the term was used as “the new match making”.

  3. I’ve been using this strategy ever since townhall 7 and it works great. However, i just became a th9 yesterday and the rate of finding a base with a th outside is insanely low (4 snipes in 3 hours). At that point of time, my trophy count is 3300+. Is it because my trophy is too high or is it just harder because i became a th9? What should i do?

  4. I have a question sir, im at th7 now, then im in a crystal league im just confusing why is it when im in 1800+ trophies its hard for me to hunt for th because all bases the ive search their th are placed in the center thats why ive been stocked in 2005 trophies until now and i cannot loot more trophies because their th are now placed inside their bases. What can u suggest to me about that problem sir bcoz i really need to get the master league so that i can buy my 5th builder

  5. I don’t know about this one,,, 180 k and 1200 dark is not alot of loot… I did the whole masters push to get my 5th builder,,, up there it’s very hard to find exposed TH’s,,, you can spend forever nexting if that’s your plan,, and if you want to actually attack just a cheap barch based army isn’t going to cut it…so training times between attacks is going to be high because you need tougher troop compositions… I liked being up there and honed a few attack strategies but it’s unsustainable if you want to be continually keeping builders going,,, I found if you had any decent loot saved up on the way to your next upgrade even with TH exposed your going to get nailed…. Plus then you lose 20 or so trophies and most attacks up there only get you 5 or so back,,, takes hours just to get back what you lose most of the time,,,

    Maybe it’s just me,,, I’m more focused on wars with my clan,,, and cheap easy farming in the silver gold crystal range… I can easily farm way more loot down there per hour…

    Cheers ?

  6. I’m confused about this one…why would u need to drop below 3200+ trophies once u reached champion league??? it makes no sense …. Better to stay in champion,go town hall sniping and keep getting the 180k/18k/1200 loot bonus.
    Its been working very well for me. I went to champion league by town hall sniping at TH7. And have remained there ever since. ( im TH8 now) on average I can find about 8 – 10 exposed townhalls every hour,with peaks up to 15. so I can earn anything between 1 million and 3 million in loot every hour,its for sure the best way to get rich!!! Just keep hitting that next button….

  7. my base th 9′ i got champion league, just use Pekka 1 lev3′ golem 1 lev 2′ wb 6 lev 5′ giant 15 lev 6′ and many wizard lev 5′ + cc wizard lev 6′ use the earthquake 4′ 1 haste and 2 heal spell, just 1 week i go to champion from gold league

  8. Hey Potter, Im TH9 n in champs from months..Need help..
    1. I have noticed when i get raided i lose,mainly 12-16 trophies per star but when i raid ,search for hours i rarely get any base which offers these many trophies. Why so?
    2. I get sniped by th8 also ,but the problem is when i search for hours i rarely get ANY TH8 bases & even ‘SNIPES’ are very less. why so? & any solution or tip for this?
    3. About the farming strategy u told above ..why to drop below 3200? If I do this i will get th8/9/10 bases (mostly 9/10) but if m above 3200 i’l get all TH level bases so its better right?!
    few more question on next comment ..Thank you for helping us & i hope u solve my every query : )

    • Hi Pragat,
      1. Are those attackers weaker than you?
      2. I haven’t seen any tip about this. This is Champion and we always get instant attack.
      3. Dropping your trophies to under 3200 can help you find bases with the same level as you easier. Yep this is a nice tip.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck in game Pragat!

      • exactly . iam a th8 in champs ii and i cant find any good trophy offers . max offers are always 21 – 25 for maxed th10 bases . possibility of finding a th7/8 is 1/50 . whats frustrating is when i get sniped , i lose a minimum of 15-19 trophies for single star and if i snipe , i get a max of 1-3 . maybe th8 isnt just meant for champs 🙁

        • Just keep farming in Master leagues and you can go to Champion for sure. Truly sometimes I can’t understand the game lol. Last night, I attacked a Town Hall 8 base (I’m TH10) and got 50 trophies at Champion III. That’s it.

  9. hi Will Potter, i have a problem, one week ago i hit the champion and upgrade my townhall to th9, in th8 i got alot townhall outside, but in th9 i dont know why everything is change, i cant even find one townhall outside, now im very poor 🙁 im out of gold, please help me 🙁 im stuck in th9 now (

  10. welll i need help.. bcuz m going to champions m already at 3000

    trophies.. i m th8… but now i m only getting max th10 ot max th9..which is diificult to even 1star ,,, so wht to do now ? i was at 3058trophies now due to fail attcks m back on 3000.. please help.. m finding a th outside very rarely.. after hours of searchin

  11. will, i dont think you need champs you can stay at master 3 and get 100k each snipe. And any TH8 can make it to masters. just snipe to crystal 2-3 then BAM for 50% and each night train a gowipe for the morning. i made masters in about a week and have been farming there since. also occasinaly an inactive base

  12. Hey Will, would you consider farming level 10 walls by TH sniping in Masters -> Champions league + DE bonus for Royals? Or would you rather just farm in Crystal -> Masters? Currently TH9 153 walls left to do 🙁

  13. Hey Will, I’ve been doing this kind of style but lately I’ve been experiencing lesser TH hunts to snipe. The Average time I’ll get to snipe lately is in between 20-30 minutes. Is this style still applicable or was it changed?

  14. Dude I have recently reached champions 3 as a th9 and tried it. The only bases i find are th10s. I don’t think this strategy is valid anymore. My friend also reached champs today. There are only th10s here. Dropping below 3200 with the champs batch does not work period. Btw I love your website. Keep it up. Cheers.

  15. From my Experience, i have been at champ3 ,and follow this guide, Im at TH9 lv 104. Town Hall snipe need much patient. You can find TH outside around 10-20 minutes. I think if you want farming Dark Elixir in here, there are so freaking effective.. For you TH 8-9.. But if you want farming Gold and elixir (you are hardcore farming mode), i think you should go to silver/gold league.

    I suggest you,
    1. Safezone. If you want enjoy many loot (Gold Elixir Dark Elixir) you can stay in Champ3 and follow this tips (until now 20th Nov 2015) still working as well (Dont forget to put your TH outside, until now i never attacked with full army troop.)
    2. Hardcore Farming. You should go to gold/silver league, farming with BAM or GIBAM
    3. Mainstream player. If you are not Crystal/Master/Champ pushing into champ need 3-7 days, thinking what is your purpose, do u need gem ? or only want to farming ? Maybe you must thinking it twice.
    at Champ 3 you should get bored for searching TH outside and dead base is freaking hard to find maybe 1-2% for dead base this league.
    4. Try new Experience. If you want sweet bonus loot and finding loot bonuses, i suggest you to going Crystal league 2, there are many dead base and TH outside. you can snipe TH easily and farming dead base. You should try to this league.
    5. XMod player, You should try to CHamp 3, maybe with Xmod feature finding TH outside and real traps, you can easily goes to Champ3 from silver/gold league only 2-3 days. But at Master-Champ maybe need more patient, because there are few outside TH. My suggest don’t try to attack TH 10 trool base or you will lost many trophies.

    Its my experience hope can help you. Feel free to contact me. Add my Facebook (Lim Andriko) or get in into my clan. #29C029L0 (Beast Soul)

    Thank you

  16. Hi and tnx for this great idea ..
    I just want to sure that u are sure:/ about the new search algorithm becuase i was pushing to titan for haveing more loot ! And as i see this i stop pushing and keep my cups between 3100 to 3200
    If i can push to titan .. which Strategyby is better and have more loot in th 9 titan loot and attack by lava and ballon or in champion …

  17. Nope, I think the developers change it. My friend said that he is experiencing to many TH Hunts in Titan’3. 20 minutes 10-15 snipes.

    Been using this method and I can say that it is slow. 15 minutes per snipe and too many decoy bases. I don’t want to risk my thropies. Too much decoy bases.

    • 10-15 Snipes every 20 minutes? Seriously?
      I’m so sorry but I think you just can’t do that. Players at Titan don’t care about loot. They just want to save their trophies and always attack with 4 Lavas/Golems.
      Also, there are not much player there like in lower leagues.
      I was living there for about 2 months.

  18. Heyo Will, I have a question related to this strategy. We can get more loot if we go to 3400 trophies and come down to 3300 trophies basically. But there are not much th snipes in masters or champions because most of them are pushers and try their best to gain trophies!!

      • Heyo Will, I hope that you already know it but with the next update this strategy will be going straight down as the next update will change the whole concept of clash. With it no one would want to place the TH outside as the shield will not be given on TH destruction but upon the total damage done by the attacker like 30% damage = 12 hour shield, 60% damage gives 14 hours and 90% or above gives 16 hour shield. It is not necessary to include th in that percentage so keeping the th outside would be like giving away free trophies as you will not even get a shield for it (the reason why we put it outside. This apparently means that only worthy clash players will now move to higher leagues at least for some time till there is a work around for this. We can still place 30% buildings outside the reach of defenses to increase the possibility of getting shield but that is probably not a good idea so no one will be doing it. Hope you understand what I want to say, this is not going to work after next update of COC.

  19. Hey, I was wondering what a good trophy push army is I try 22 giants 2 healers 11 wozards rest archers and I can’t push, plus can u still do this with the update?
    I’m a th8 btw I would like to know are lvl 2 minions alright for Bam? I’m upgrading mine to lvl 3 atm.

      • Hi will, thanks for the advice my friend told me a attack start for trophy pushing now I’m in cry 3 I went from sliver 1 to cry3 in atleast 2 days, I have trouble saving my elixir and dark elixir I get raided to much… Also do u think I should upgrade stuff 1 at s time or upgrade them as soon as I can?

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