Clan Guard: Keep Active for CoC (Supports Bluestacks)

Have you ever been raided while you are training troops or when you need just a little bit more gold to upgrade your building? That makes me crazy!

Normally, players using iOS and Android devices use XModGames to keep their villages be online to prevent them from being raided. But, this tool requires rooted Android devices or jailbroken iOS devices to use. That’s why we cannot use it with Bluestacks or Genymotion.

Today, I have found this replacement application for Xmodgames, which is called Clan Guard. It’s free, does not require rooted devices, perfect for keeping your village online and logging in automatically.


  1. Clan Guard will run your game automatically in real time. It means that battery, RAM and processor will be used as much as while you playing game.
  2. The maximum consecutive online time in Clash of Clans is 8 hours. After 8 hours, you will need to have 5-10 minutes break.
  3. You will never be banned by using this tool.

Here is the main menu of Clan Guard with 3 options:

  1. Guard the city: Start the application to work.
  2. Auto Start: Auto re-start the application after xx hours.
  3. Exit: Quit the application.


When you tap to the Guard the city button, your screen will be like this:


Tap to the Resume button whenever you want to turn this tool off.

How to fix the black screen problem while using Clan Guard

When the screen turns dark, your village can be attacked. Normally this problem just happens when you use it with Bluestacks. But I am going to post it here for all you guys. Thanks to Akhmad Rizani for sharing the solution!

  1. Press Resume button on that black screen.
  2. Close Clan Guard Application.
  3. Go to the Settings in Bluestacks.
  4. Open Advanced Settings Menu.
  5. Go to Device > App > Clans Guard.
  6. Force Stop then Clear Data.
  7. Open it again and it should works now!

Enjoy and happy clashing my friends!


    • Just restart the Bluestack and clan guard will work again. When its show black screen my village got raid.
      But its problem when waiting for bluestack for restart there a risk our village gonna get a raid.So here the solution:
      1.If clans guard failed to protect your village(show black screen),press resume on that black screen.
      2.Close the clans guard app.
      3.Open bluestack setting.
      4.Open advance setting in bluestack setting menu.
      5.Open Device > App > Clans Guard
      6.In Clan Guard App info press force stop then press Clear Data.
      7.Try open Clan Guard again > go back to CoC > Go back to Clan Gard and press Guard the city.
      8.Repeat from step no 1 if clan Guard still show the black screen.

      This is work for me. I hope it help you.

  1. hello , when i run the application and click on safe gaurd it opens the game and screen is shaded like shown in picture , after few seconds it goes then come back then goes again and never comeback , and the game shown to me like i am playing , when i leave the phone idle it says ur inactive …. pls help

  2. Tried it out, works great. You’ll still get bumped offline once every several hours and have to wait about 5 mins, nothing will prevent that. But this definitely helps when you’re training troops for a war and don’t want to lose the max level loons, hogs, pekka etc. that you’ve got sitting in your CC waiting for the attack. I only have one barracks upgraded for training dragons at the moment, which means 4.5-5 hours of waiting unless I gem it or have a shield. That’s a looong time to stay online continuously, even if I had two or more barracks that could train them. Personally I wouldn’t use it very often to protect my resources from attacks, that borders too much on cheating for my taste, but to each their own.

  3. recently clan guard started loading without all the screen darkened as you can see in the top of my picture, when it is this way it still runs but players are able to attack me as normal, any fix for this?

  4. When i hit “guard the city” it loads clash, then halfway through the loading screen the black shadow goes away and the app doesnt keep my screen open. i got raided and now i is sad :(. i there a fix or anything im doing wrong?

  5. I have a village working fine a month ago, but bluestacks loads the black screen after I click on Clash of Clans. Other apps seems working fine. It happened after Clash of Clan upgraded. Is there any solution?

  6. I’ve been using auto click on Bluestacks for several months now and it has saved from being raided SO MANY TIMES!!!
    I have recently trophy pushed and with now the 5 hour limit, I get raided every time that “I have been online too long”
    I have always asked myself if there was a perfect “click interval” that would get me offline long enough that the game wouldn’t know I’ve been online the entire time. I hope my question makes sense and someone out there has an answer for me πŸ™‚

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