Is upgrading Collectors worth it?

I bet all Clash of Clans players think about the question  “Should I upgrade those Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors?” at least one time. This is always the hard question for not only new players but also elite ones. We will discuss about it in this small topic :D.
This post is based on the comment of purpleclouds on Reddit.

Here are my sweet Gold Mines

In my opinion, you should upgrade your Collectors whenever you can because of their sweet passive loot gains.

If you farm a lot, Do you think that you really don’t need to spend resources on upgrading those Collectors because you always have enough loot to upgrade the main buildings? Why not spend small amount of that loot to upgrade those Collectors and get extra passive loot everyday?
If you are a lazy player, you will really need the extra passive loot that maxed out Collectors offer everyday.

No matter how you play the game, you always need them. The initial investment of upgrading collectors takes a bit of time to pay for itself. By doing some basic calculations, we can easily see that it just takes about 30 days to catch up the initial investment of level 12 collectors.
Also, after upgrading, the collectors will have more HP so your base will be much stronger. The extra HP entirely can make the big difference in defense.

Here are some amazing facts for you:

  • With maxed Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors at Town Hall 8 and 9, you can earn up to 504,000Gold and 504,000 Elixir everyday and it will be 588,000 each at Town Hall 10.
  • With 2 maxed Dark Elixir Drills at Town Hall 9, you can earn 4800 Dark Elixir everyday. It means you can have enough Dark Elixir to upgrade Golems from level 3 to level 4 without doing anything after ~16.5 days.

All in all, upgrade your collectors whenever you can, of course after your main defensive buildings!


  1. I maxed mine immediately at TH8, other buildings were more important but in the long run the collectors benefitted me just as much and possibly more. The extra income allowed me to speed through upgrades and never had to gem so afforded my 5th builder hut to speed things up even more so

  2. Hey, I’m not trying to start an interwebs flame war but I don’t agree with this at all, collectors are for nonactive players. The main reason i dont upgrade my collectors is the long upgrade times, I farm for plenty of loot to keep my 5 builders busy and my lab always researching so why would I spend valuable builder days upgrading collectors? And Ryan suggesting to upgrade them first is just plain ridiculous

    • Hi, Thanks for your commend Richard, here is my 2 cents:
      1. As I said, If you farm so hard, why don’t spend just a small amount of your loot to upgrade them?
      2. I always recommend upgrading your collectors while you are upgrading your Town Hall. Collectors are always the lowest priority at upgrading If you are not a lazy farmer.

    • I think they are great tho. It can slow down dragon masses at th8. Unlucky that we have tripple thunder at th7, but if we dont have tripple thunder. Those collector are live saviour. Besides, a pro utilize everything in their vision. If collector are useless supercell wont add it in the first place

  3. I know this is an old topic, but I feel that its best to not max them. There are occasional events where we can boost each collector for a week with 1 gem apiece. If you farm, this is a prime reason to keep them at 1 level below the max so you can take full advantage.

    • Nope, don’t worry WIlliam, this is still an active topic :D.
      Here are my opinions:
      – The loot you use for upgrade a Mine/Collector is just equal to an attack.
      – If you have maxed out all your defensive buildings and you don’t want attackers take loot from you? Upgrade them!
      – If you have maxed collectors, Boosting them can give you much more loot of course.
      – The 1 Gem even just opens 1-2 times every year.
      – Free 100k loot each after sleeping is sweet.

    • The number one reason for upgrading collectors to max is one that is often overlooked, the COC economy. Collectors are by far the number one way that new loot gets added to the game. Other ways new loot gets introduced is buying resources and win bonus. Surely not enough players from all ranges gem enough and the win bonus often barely covers the cost of our personal raids if they do at all. So by not maxing out you are not helping the overall game economy but instead are encouraging others to make it worse.

      If everyone were to stop upgrading or have lower leveled collectors there would be less overall loot available in the game. The idea is to have a overall strong economy. Compare the difference between raiding a dead base with max collector’s vs one with min leveled ones the difference is staggering.

      There are no logical reason not to max them, even for the 1 gem events you are taking in less loot per hour by not having yours at max how is that a positive? If you farm the idea is spending less loot than you take in, you get more passive loot from max collectors than one below so again where is the benefit?

  4. I agree with maxing out collectors. I myself had level 8 gold collectors and level 6-7 elixirs at TH4. That made me max out pretty much everything (except army camp) @ TH 4 even though I wasn’t actively farming because I’m always away.

    However, at TH5, i wasn’t able to do so because I had more time to farm and was able to upgrade more expensive buildings and walls, and almost all the time my storages are full, and ended up buying all 25 national flags just to keep my storages near-empty.

    Even now at TH6 i haven’t had a major collector upgrade (new collectors are just level 2-4, and my high level ones are same). Probably the reason why I didn’t upgrade my collectors is because it’s low cost and lengthy upgrade. I plan to do so when real life starts to get busy again. But for now, farm’s the way to go!

    BTW, took me 18 days to reach TH6, and today’s my 4th day in TH6. Am I too fast or too slow?

  5. I do them last. Usually while my th is upgrading. If you play a lot like me you just raid for upgrades. It’s not a question of how long it takes for the resource expense to pay for itself. It’s about how much builder time you have to commit to it before you can start on your other upgrades.

  6. Personally, I don’t always have the time to raid for cash. If I miss a day of CoC, my collectors/mines allow me to have some added loot when I do log back on. I usually upgrade them first, since there have been several times when I use only loot I’ve ‘grown’ on the farm for upgrading my defenses/troops. Plus, even if you were completely wiped out from raids that didn’t provide a shield, the amount that you can generate during your next 16 hour shield can be pretty high, if your resources collectors are maxed. So, with a TH7 and maxed collectors, I can generate 288k gold/elixer within a 16 hour shield. That’s not terrible, by anyones account.

    Also, the holding capacity of each collector goes up at a much higher rate than that of production. For example, a Lvl 11 collector will hold 150k of resource and produce 3k/hour. That represents a 50 hour reserve before you start wasting time… Again, handy if you don’t/can’t play every day.

    • Ya you are totally right. Players who can’t play game everyday should upgrade collectors/mine from the early stage of each Town Hall level.
      No matter how often we play, collectors are always useful and we should always upgrade them at all Town Hall levels. It is just about when we should upgrade them, late or early.

  7. Yes, I do agree that you should upgrade your collectors because it will be important. considering the fact that it produces gold/elixir and it can also protect your base more by it’s Hit Points. One of a clasher’s nightmare is running out of resources to make their troops and gold for searching in multiplayer battles. Later if this happens to you. you can just wait 30 mins- 1 hour for producing Resources.

  8. Hey i want to ask something should i upgrade my dark spell factory and unlock eartquake or leave it for th9 it will take about 5_6 days for getting upgrade but am trying to max out my defences and troops .so i can reach in th9 quickly .so plz recommand should i upgrade my dark spell factory

  9. I stopped leveling them up. The loot is nice but with this game, I’m all about the raiding. I easily farm enough loot to cover any expenses. The time it costs to upgrade could be better spent upgrading something else. Maybe if I have nothing to do while the townhouse levels…

    Also it makes your base look more attractive if they are full. At th lvl 5, I try to not make mine too attractive for other stronger looters to bother attacking. I like to see how much loot I can take and how much I can keep from getting stolen. Imo, the fun is all in the raids. Leveling everything up means attacking players with bigger coffers and huge loot.

  10. i also upgrade during th upgrade… one of the main reasons is that there are many (like me) who always farm from collectors and mines which are nearly full… so having higher level collectors will usually attract more attackers…

  11. The only reason not to upgrade them (and its a reasonable plan) is if you mostly play the game for war. If you don’t upgrade them, then in war it will pair you with an opponent that is a little weaker (example: if you’re number 5 on your team, then the other teams number 5 or 6 will most likely be someone a bit weaker defensively.) We refer to opponents that intentionally do this as “sandbaggers” lol and its becoming a more common tactic in clans to keep a sandbagger around

      • Yeah, I’ve read that, but when you upgrade all the mines and pumps [12 buildings] you’re pretty significantly increasing the total hitpoints of your base. I’d be shocked if the developers didn’t make you base’s HITPOINTS one of the factors that determines your “weight”. If youre easier to destroy, then weaker opponents can destroy you. It’s as simple as that. My clan has tried multiple variations of sandbagger bases, and I’m certain that having stronger mines and pumps plays a role in matchmaking, not as major of an impact as upgrading your defenses, but it’s definately a factor.

        • All you said is totally right. But I haven’t seen any information about the weight of Collectors. Gonna test this and let you know as soon as possible.
          Thanks for the great notice buddy. I really appreciate it!

  12. Let me say few reasons why not to upgrade:

    1) Waste of time. You have much more important upgrades to make.
    2) You can compensate the losses through raids. Raid for 10 minutes and you can still get a good amount of resources gained through these collectors.
    3) Save these upgrades for dry periods. You may upgrade these when you seriously lack resources for other upgrades.
    4) You upgrade them, then you become a easy target once you loose your shield. Remember that 50% loot is possible out of these collectors, whereas just around 10%-15% loot is possible out of storages.

  13. I recently upgraded my town hall to 7 and i started upgrading my collectors to lvl 11(maxed for th 7) my friends are telling me to buy and upgrade my defenses but i said i will only do it after all my collectors are maxed. So am i going correct or wrong??

  14. I don’t upgrade collectors more than level 4 (enough to rearm and reload), but I agree you should all upgrade collectors so that I can find resources when I visit you. I don’t need passive gain, I like going to vacation and find that I have more trophies than when I left. So… build your collectors, I like them.

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