How to weigh your base in Clan Wars – Updated Sheet

The Clan War matchmaking system in Clash of Clans bases the way it works on the data which is called “weight”.  The total weight of all the villages which join the War of your Clan decides who will be your next competitor!

For example, Assuming that your Clan’s weight in this War is 5000 so the enemy Clan’s weight should be approximately 5000!

War weight in Clash of Clans

How to weigh your village in Clan Wars

The most accurate way

Click on the button below to download the Clash of Clans Weight Calculator by raptor217. Microsoft Office Excels is required to open this file. Otherwise, you can upload this file to Google Drive and start using it from there.

This sheet is extremely easy-to-use. Everything you want to do is just to enter the quantity of each kind of building you have. Here is a quick look for you:


Yes, just enter the quantity and that’s all, it will automatically calculate everything for you:

  • Building Weight Total
  • Trap Weight Total.
  • Hero Weight Total
  • Wall Weight Total
  • Troop Weight Total
  • Spell Weight Total


  • March 5 2016 Update: I have just added some new data for the Dark Spells, the Eagle Artillery, the Air Sweeper and also updated the new data of Jump Spell, Healing Spell, Rage Spell, Lightning Spell, Air Defense, Inferno Tower, X-bow,…
  • June 8 2016: Brand new version updated. Thanks raptor217 a lot for sharing this!

Fastest and easiest way

If you just observe a little more while playing Clash of Clans, you can notice that the amount of loot in your storages in the War base is totally different than the farming base. Somehow, I know that number correlates highly with the weigh of the base.

As you can see in two screenshots below, the two amount of loot of this base are totally different!

War Weight Example

To weigh any base in Clan War, just sum the available of either Gold Gold or Elixir Elixir from 4 Storages and the Town Hall, also plus 1000 from the Town Hall, you will have the weight of the base.

For example: The weight of my base in Clan Wars = Goldx4 + Gold(TH) + TH = 114227 x 4 + 114227 + 1000 = 572135.


  • The weight of your Clan in War is the total weight of all joined members.
  • If 4 Storages of a base don’t have the same level, just check every single one and combine them all.
  • At Town Hall 9 and above, the Town Hall can be counted as the 5th Storage, so the formula will look like this: Goldx5 + 1000

By understanding the weigh of base in Wars and how the matchmaking system works, there are more and more players applying the Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5 trick to prevail in Clan Wars.


  1. the spreadsheet does not work for TH10 as my weight is 83k and shows like 96 k…. lol
    would be cool to use it to understand how to do upgrades to not affect the weight … but is not actually doing its job. Bet needs to be fixed

      • Thanks for the reply…on the chart adding a new level 1 archer tower, adds far less than upgrading a mortar or wiz tower to level 8…What if I did 9.5, and then upgraded the TH again only for the grand warden…and added nothing else…I understand i would have a more difficult time farming for resources but would I still remain a 9.5, or would I be automatically a 10.5

      • Hej! wil potter
        my all defences are th8 max king 10.queen 6 .gints.archers max th9.and pink elex spel hallf wall are level 8 and half level7 going to level8.i want th 9.5 base should i add new defences or upgrade my th8.5 defence which one is better for me to keep my base equal to th8.5 or mini 9.tnx

  2. I love your site and info. But this post is miss leading and miss informed. The forum showed their are errors In this spreadsheet and it’s not directly representative of ‘war weight’ used in game, even established scrims. Meaning it will not tie out to war weight used for matching. YET.
    Lastly, your formula for calculating war map weight is confusing. Where is the 1,000 k for TH coming into play. Thought that was dropped?

  3. The townhall now holds an equal amount of gold so you do not add the 1000 for the townhall but instead take the number in storages on war day or from scouting a friendly challenge and multiply that by the number of gold storages you have (adding one storage for the townhall).
    Basic formula for weight based on townhall assuming all storages built:
    TH 7 = gold in storage * 3
    TH 8 = gold in storage * 4
    TH 9+ = gold in storage * 5

  4. Thank you for the info. Really helping. I am a th9 and have a few queries:

    Once I reached TH9, I right away added both the Xbows. Right now, one of my Xbow is level 2 and another in level 1. However, I updated all the other new defences to TH8 level.

    And this is my detail:
    Half the walls are at level 9, others are at level 8
    All my canons are at level 11

    All archer towers are at level 10

    All wizard towers are at level 6

    One of my mortar at level 6, others at level 5

    3 teslas at level 6 and one at level 5(upgrading now)
    Army camp size is 220
    unlocked baby dragon, haste spell
    King at level 10, queen at level 7
    Laboratory is upgrading constantly(upgraded hog riders to 5, balloons to 6, golem to 3, jump spell to 2, others at th8 max

    In all the wars, I am going against those who got better th9 defences than me 🙁 I think it is probably because of the xbows. So right now I am concentrating on the walls. What are the things I should concentrate on next? I am planning on walls, traps and heroes for now. Is that a good idea?

  5. It’s been a while since I read this but I thought making a new defense added more initial weight then upgrading an already existing building of the same type?

    The calculate adds the same weight matter if I go from 0-1 or 5-6.

  6. This isn’t close. I checked it against my war weight and it calculated it as 70. It includes offensive weight which isn’t used anymore. I removed the offensive weights and it was reduced to 58. My actual war weight is 65. I appreciate the effort in this sheet but it needs more work. The weights aren’t right 🙁

  7. Looking through the spreadsheet, the value for level 4 air bomb is blank (cell AD46). Add the blacked out war weight values simply unknown and therefore not included in the calc? I am a fully maxed TH9 getting ready to go to TH10. From what I can see on the chart, I can start focusing on point defenses and avoid infernos / eagle artillery to maximize my strength without crushing my strength.

  8. According to this Excel spreadsheet, a max th9 has a war weight of 80,000 and a max th10 122,000. That is quite a jump, and much higher than when applying the gold storage method where max th9 is 70 and max th10 is 90. Also why is there no weight for some of the new troops (bowler, miner), but also witch, lava hound?

  9. Thanks for the spreadsheet, it is very well done!

    A few things I noticed… (1) On the ‘War Weight Tables’ tab, Barbarian King and Archer Queen don’t have the same =IFERROR ‘prefix’ added to the equation like the Grand Warden does, so if you don’t have a Barb King or Archer Queen, you get an error for the weight calculations on the ‘Building Levels’ tab. (2) These are the addition errors I found on the ‘War Weight Tables’ tab when I was reconciling the spreadsheet with Chief spAnser’s data on reddit … (a) Mortar lvl 9 should be 3690 (b) Wizard tower lvl 6,7,8,9 should be 2240,2490,2710,2910 respectively (c) Cheif spAnser’s website weights for the spring trap disagree with his reddit post not sure which one is correct. (3) The skeleton trap/air bomb/seeking air mine are mixed and matched between the tabs so it’s pulling the wrong data for those.

    Can you explain why the “Rounded War Weight”/FLOOR equation is used? I haven’t read/seen anything regarding that.

    From what I’ve read, and also from calculating war weights the simple way (looking at gold during battle day or after war), a completely maxed TH8 should be 55,000, but after plugging in all the information into the spreadsheet, it shows a weight of 58,000. Any idea why that is different?

    • Hello Jeremy,
      sorry for my late reply!

      I will take a look at this and answer you as soon as possible.

      I have no idea about the data from spAnser. The data I use above by lots of Youtubers :(.

      The weight from the form above and the way from the Storages are totally different. We shouldn’t compare them to each other :D.

  10. Something is odd with this…I have a th10 rusher base, just started adding walls and defences (3 cannons, 3 archer towers, 4 air defence, 4 teslas) to help keep loot and costly upgrades, not to mention the all important shield, and the war weight was still great, generally below our th7/8’s and with max drags it was perfect to clean up th9’s and below in war. I just added an inferno (as I had 7.5m gold in storage) which took my weighting to 36,000 and boom my base jumped the th8’s and matched th9’s. We have started another war and I made sure I dumped a heap of gold (on tesla upgrades) but had 5m elixer and still 2m gold and again jumped e th8’s with a weighting of 54,000.. Any thoughts? At the moment I’m wishing i followed my gut instinct rather than the calculator and left the inferno alone!

    • Another war prep day and after dumping gold and elixer my base still matched up with a high lvl th9…above our 5 th8’s… The weighting given to infernos appears to be seriously flawed… Not happy at all guys

  11. Something seems wrong with xbows… a level 1 xbow is showing a weight of just 350 yet L1 wizard and mortar towers are 450? 4x lvl1 mortars come up as 1,800 vs 2x L2 xbows come up as 1,350? How can that be right…

  12. Hey man. I have a question.
    I started th8.5 and so far it’s good.
    I have maxed th8 defense and troops.
    At th9 I have only upgraded cc and lab, spell fact.
    Is it okay to get queen?
    Should I start upgrades for existing buildings?
    I am afraid of losing th8.5 advantage if I for example get mortar lvl 7..
    Can I purchase a new storage?
    Because I need elixir storage for 7 million elixir for drag upgrade..

  13. Hey guys,
    This is my first time posting so hopefully I don’t screw up 🙂
    I am almost max th8, and I’m gonna do th8.5,
    how much does getting baby drag affect my war weight? Should I get witch and lava hound instead? I heard baby drag OP for war cc, so I wanna find out how much it will add to my weight. Will it add more than getting just witches and no hound?
    Thanks to whoever replies.

  14. hi all – has anyone been following this as it relates to new troops, defenses etc? I’ve worked to update the sheet to include all of those and wondered if anyone else has done something similar… also, can anyone tell me if the weights presented by spanser are accurate? they seem pretty much in agreement with the sheet in most cases with some differences as it relates to traps…

  15. your sheet is wrong dude.
    I just passed my HDV 11, with a matchmaking of 94.000 according to your file.
    I build my Eagle, 5200 pts according your math, and what I see? I m just before ANY HDV 10 of my clanmate, even those Max (115.000 pts).
    I m fucked, cause I can cancel a new buildind! thanks a lot!

  16. I am super rushed to Th10, have 2 canon 1 mortar 1 Archer tower 4 bomb spring traps skeleton traps and few walls,
    Now if I Skipp xbow and put 2 inferno what base will I be matched in clan wars??
    Plz reply asap as my storages are almost full

  17. I’ve just upgraded to 9 and haven’t brought anythin new..what if I maxed out everything that exists on my base as a th 8 including the spells and heroes and excludin the new troops..will it increase my war weight?? I’ll pus my walls to lvl 9 hopin it won’t effect my weight…so my dream base will be max troops and heroes at the 9 without any new buildings excludin storages…will it be still a th 8 in weight or it might increase a bit??

  18. I’m a town hall 9 kept upgrading my town hall without upgrading my army and some defenses now I’m having problems in clan wars so what would be your advise on winging the army I have in Clash of clans ?

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