How to play Collectors with Alt Accounts

I have 2 Town Hall 9 alternative accounts which are usually used for donating troops but after the new update, their collectors and mines usually get exhausted and don’t have enough loot for training troops. After 1 week, I have found a small tip for maintaining loot of these alt accounts.

How to play Collectors with Alt Accounts

Maybe you don’t know, SuperCell has removed all inactive villages which haven’t been logged in for 24 hours. That’s why inactive bases are very rare these days.

If you want to play collectors with your alt accounts, you need to stay offline 24 hours + the length of time it takes to fill up your Collectors/Mines/Drills.

  • At Town Hall 8 and above, it takes 2 days 9 hours 8 minutes and 34 seconds to fill up all maxed collectors.
  • It takes 2 days 2 hours to fill up all Collectors level 11 and 1 day 16 hours to fill up all Collectors level 10.

Thus, you can sign in to empty those Collectors every 3 days 9 hours and get 200kElixir/Gold without worrying about getting attacked.


Also, you can take advantage of this while pushing trophy. Instead of buying shields, just stay offline for about 24 hours and you still maintain your trophies when you are busy.


  1. This is the first time I’ve read this guide and this is a great guide. That make sense why I am able to max out my collectors on my 2nd acct but I am attacked twice before I go to that inactive mode. So just curious what do you mean by “just stay offline for about 24 hours and you still maintain your trophies when you are busy” How can we do that? Let’s say for example that you just logged in and your base is currently attacked and wiped out by the attacker then you will just get 16hrs of shield. What will happen with the remaining 8hrs? So it means that we can be attack twice before we are considered inactive, right?

  2. Awesome, thanks for posting this Will!
    Hopefully the more people learn about this the more we can try and beat Supercell at their own game. This could be a bigger thing than town hall sniping ever was.
    I look forward to using this to stick it to them! ?

      • Wow, impressive. I just had a shitty clash day today. I was all chipper because I win two defenses in a row and then I blew it all on shitty attacks and then some. I literally lost 800,000 elixir in those raids and wanted to cry. Sometimes clash can be so cruel. I put myself back a few days ad that hurts. The last war we fought I did really well with two three star attacks and then the other dudes messed it up and we lost. Damn! It bites when you do really really well in a war and your clan still bites it by two stars. Of course it didn’t help that the person that started the war included someone that was on vacation. Ugh!!!

        Hopefully this next war will go better. I’m the top of the heap, smith should be interesting.

  3. Will, I have a question, does this mean I can be in wars all the time without ever having to go on defense? Will I just keep gathering resources if I constantly war without going on multiplayer?

      • Are you saying that you have to never logon, not even to check collectors? That is is you get attacked every time you logon? I understood something different based on what Daddy had discussed on his YouTube channel.

      • Will, this was the video to which I was referring.

        In that video Daddy tests and seems to prove that your base gets put back into the pool after a multiplayer raid takes place. My question is, if that is the case, can we stay out of the pool totally while still participating in clan war? Does that mean I can just war forever without ever having to take a defense???

        • I don’t think he proved that it’s only raiding that puts you in the pool, he might have been put in pool for logging in,,, which he needed to do to raid,,, if he logged in and never raided,,, but then never got raided himself,,, that might imply that your on to something,,, I just finished testing this blog with a similar situation as the video,,, a th 7 with maxed out storages,,, I just logged in before coming on here to comment,,, and I indeed haven’t been raided in over 2 days,,, I was hit twice in a row for 2 consecutive shields than nothing else for days, well past 2nd shield time running out,,, and with full storages I doubt it was from getting clouded over… when I logged in to test this blogs idea,,, I never raided,,, I’m going to wait a few hours and check back,,, see if I was put back into pool to get raided by just logging in and not raiding

          Cheers ?

          • Well I guess not,,, just got the whistle notification on my tablet,,, I just got raided,,, I only logged in to test this blog and never attacked,,, I did collect loot from mines and collectors but nothing else,,, I’ll keep off again and not collect loot to see if that matters,,, thought that just not raiding was too good to be true,, but still a great tool for casual clashers…

            Added screen shots,,, lol my attack log is completely empty lol,, and you see from defense log 3 days ago hit twice,, then nothing else as I never logged in, but I was hit just minutes ago after logging in for the first time even without raiding.

            Cheers ?

          • Cool, I guess that cinches it. If you want to collect free loot without being raided while riding a perpetual shield all you have to do is not play. OMG, Super$ell has just encouraged the opposite behavior they were shooting for with this new update. Instead of the casual upgraders playing and occasionally raiding they are going to just log off and collect. Gosh, the dudes at Super$ell must be total dorks if they didn’t see this coming. Hey, that totally changes the dynamic when you first switch town halls. Shouldn’t the first thing you do is upgrade all of your collectors and storage containers and then simply log off until your base collects enough loot for you to make meaningful upgrades instead of being pummeled as a fresh TH 9 or 10?
            Ideas and more ideas!

            Hey, thanks for sharing Krazynewf.

          • No problem that’s what’s so great about this site,,, I pulled so much from this site not just from the actual blog but from the comments aswell,, best coc site by far

            Cheers ?

  4. This works 100%,,, I have an account I only war with,,, I never raid with only use in wars,,, all storages are full lol…. I never logged in since reading this post and when I did today it shows I was attacked twice over 2 days ago then nothing since… great to know,,, just as the blog states sometimes you can’t get online at least now instead of worrying about getting raided every 12-16 hours you’ll get hit twice consecutively then your safe… Great to know ???

    I’m not sure how long is safe to stay off before being deleted by supercell?

    Short but sweet blog,,, keep it up,,, cocland best there is

    Cheers ?

  5. I just loged on to my mini after being inactive for a week and i looked at my defince log and i had recently been atacked so eather theres a glitch on some bases or this is just not true. maybe no one wanted to attack you.

    • I dunno I’m basically a sitting duck,,, th6 walls and defenses, but th 7 with just cc barracks and drags upgraded to th 7 levels,,, with close to 4 million gold and elixer in storages,,, easy pickings to any th 7 or 8.

      I haven’t logged in in over a day but I’m going to wait till war clean up tomorrow night to log on again,,, we’ll see

      Cheers ?

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