How to kill the Lava Hound in Clan Castle

These days, as we can see, players like using Lava Hound in Clan Castle much more than before.  Thanks to the update bringing the Poison Spells, players quickly realized that Archers, Wizards, Witches and other low HP troops have been getting wrecked in defensive Clan Castles. So what are the best ways to deal with the defensive Lava Hound?

Dealing with the Lava Hound

Why should I have a plan for killing the Lava Hound?

Basically the lava Lava Hound can’t deal much damage to your troops (a level 3 Lava Hound needs 6 hits to kill a level 6 Wizard = 168 damage/attack) but the Lava Pups can be a real disaster with their nice damage and movement speed. I have seen plenty of Hog Rider attacks ruined because of those small fireflies. It is not good at all If you don’t plan some ways to deal with it before attacking.

How to deal with the defensive Lava Hound?

There are plenty of ways to deal with the Lava Hound. In this guide, I am going to give you some best ideas that I have known.

poison spell literally can’t do nothing on the Lava Hound. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to bring it into the attack. The Poison Spell is incredibly useful for dealing with the Lava Pups later.

Depending on your attack strategies, you choose either lure or not lure the Lava Hound at first.

If you want to lure the Lava Hound out at first

Normally there are 2 ways to lure the Lava Hound:

  • Use your Giant/Archers/Barbarians to lure it out If the Clan Castle is lureable.
  • If it is unlureable, use 3-4 Hog Riders/Balloons. While they are destroying a defensive building, the Lava Hound will be luring out during that time.

After that, drop 1 Archer/Barbarian to pull it to the corner… I have 2 ideas for the next step:

Option #1: Surround the Lava Hound with a few Wizards and Archers as when you kill a Dragon. 3-4 each is pretty okay. Drop the Wizards before Archers. Don’t worry, as we have discussed above, the Lava can’t deal much damage so you can kill it without losing your Wizards. After that, drop the Poison Spell onto the Lava Pups.

You can also drop 1 Giant for taking damage and then drop your Wizards around the Hound.

Option #2: Place couples of Archers down and then your Archer Queen in a spot, once the Lava Hound get killed, Lava Pups will surround your Archer Queen immediately. Just drop the Poison Spell onto that spot, they will be killed quickly.

Note: Don’t place your Archer Queen too close to the Lava Hound because it does damage upon death and can hurt your Queen badly.

Without Luring the Lava Hound

Depending on your attack strategy, sometimes you don’t want to lure out the Clan troops. Just wait until your Golems come inside and start luring the Lava Hound. Once the Lava Hound is locked on your Golems, deploy your kill-squad (Heroes, Wizards,…) for taking it down easily and then drop the Poison Spell upon those Lava Pups.

Let’s take a look at the video below for more details and some tips for air attacks!

Hope these small tips can help you be more confident before your next Clan Wars. Clash on!


  1. I saw on recent videos that when you lured the lavahound, they lure him to the corner and places two archers and a healer on it, so it doesn’t pop into lava pups. Is this also a good way to deal with the lavahound?

    • I agree with Will. It sounds like there are more efficient ways of dealing with it without sucking up too many troop spaces that would not be able to be used in the attack at some point. At least with the Wiz/Poison strategy some of the Wizards will eventually join the attack.

  2. DONT LISTEN TO THIS IDIOT. He/She didn’t give enough cred to the pups, they’ll wipe out your AQ, or take out your 3-4 troops you think is enough then wreak havoc when they spread back out. The poison is NOT quick and efficient enough to be counted on like this. Be warned.

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