How to farm Dark Elixir with the new A.I. of the Archer Queen

Hey guys I’m Ash and in this short tutorial I’m going to show you how to effectively farm Dark Elixir and explain how to correctly use the Archer Queen and her new A.I. Watch the following video first to get a first-hand look at how I raid in real time!



Farming Dark Elixir with new Archer Queen’s A.I.

Step 1: Clan Castle


Check to see whether the Clan Castle can be triggered. Clan Castles have a 12 tile radius, so if you can trigger it with Barbarians, then do it and drag them to the corner and kill them with Barbarians and Archers. If Clan Castle can’t be lured, make sure you have the Poison Spell for safety.

Step 2: Choose your direction of attack


Attack from the closest direction towards the Dark Elixir Storage with as few layers of Walls as possible. Your goal is to break into the compartment directly adjacent to the Dark Elixir Storage for your Archers and/or Archer Queen to target the DE Storage over the walls.

Step 3: Use Barbarians and Archers to remove the outside buildings out of the way so you can create a clear path towards the DE Storage without having your troops wander off the the sides.


Step 4: Prioritize on removing the closest splash defenses out of the way and open up the first layer with Wall Breakers towards the direction of the DE Storage.


Splash Defenses are Wizard Towers and Mortars and they are the biggest thread to Barbarians and Archers, so if they’re easy to reach outside the base and in the way of the DE Storage, then make sure to remove them immediately!

Step 5: Target the inner compartment enclosing the DE Storage by first removing all the outer buildings enclosed by walls.


Wall Breakers prioritize targeting the closest wall that encloses a structure. So you need to first remove those structures if you wish for your Wall Breaker to target the inner compartments.

Step 6: Finally, send in Archer Queen after you have removed the outer buildings, created enough space, and broken any interior funnels.


It is crucial that you remove the outer buildings first and send in Archer Queen later in a raid as her new A.I. forces her to prioritize on outside buildings and make her less willing to go inside a base or target inner walls.

Step 7: Bullseye!


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