How To Farm 3 Million Loot Per Hour

All experiences in this guide come from Eternal625, he had finished farming all 250 level 10 Walls for about 2 months. That is a pretty awesome achievement!


Troops for farming:

Boost is really worth. I recommend using boost gems for farming in Clash of Clans if you are finding loot and do not need your gems too much.

In this guide, Eternal625 uses BAM for farming.

With Boost: Use 2 boosted Barracks for training Barbarians, 2 boosted Barracks for Archers and 2 unboosted Barracks for Minions.
If you want to save more gems, just boost 1 Barrack for Barbarians and 1 Barrack for Archers.

Without Boost: 2 Barracks with Barbarians, 2 Barracks with Archers and 2 Barracks with Minions.

Where is the best place for farm?

There are a lot of opinions about this one, but here is the best list for you. I will create a poll to vote in the future. You are farming, so you don’t need to care about maintaining trophies. From Silver to Crystal, pushing trophy is not difficult!

  • Town Hall 7: Silver Leagues
  • Town Hall 8: Gold Leagues
  • Town Hall 9: Gold 1 to Crystal 3
  • Town Hall 10: Crystal 3 and above

You should:

    1. Use XModGames for faster farming.
    2. Target at least 300,000 total resource.
    3. If you think you just can get about half loot (150,000), click Next button.
    4. Always fill up your Barracks before searching matches.

Never give up. Your Barracks are training troops, don’t back to your village or you will reset all your trained troops and break your your efficiency.

How to attack with BAM:

    1. Lure Clan troops first. They can break your raid anytime!
    2. Drag and drop your Barbarians first in a line around the corners.
    3. Deploy your Archers after them.

Save your Minions, use them as the last resort.When your troops hit the core, use Rage Spell.

You can see more details about B.A.M at here.

Here is a quick video about this guide for you:

And here are some attack logs with BAM:


  1. Thanks for the tips. I don’t use the boost as I’m saving gems for the 5th builder. All in all, having the xmodgames has made this so much better though. I can set it up to search and get some work done while it finds a base. Also the keep active part helps since I would forget and constantly time out and get raided >< I'm not getting 3m an hour but I did get a little over 3m yesterday which is double what I normally pulled in during a day.

  2. When I do a 2hr boost on barracks and archer and barb king and use archer barb I make 4mil gold and 4 mil elixr every time no fail keep on pressing next until you find most loot out just started th9 and stole over 300 mil gold and 300 mil elixr

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