How to drop Spells on Air Troops Properly

I am sure this is not a new tip at all but after watching couples of replays from my recent Clan War I can see that players are still having trouble while using spells on air troops even Town Hall 10 players.

In this tip, I am going to talk about Poison Spell poison spell and Freeze Spell freeze spell.

We all can properly drop spells on some closed adjacent air troops, but how about a large group of Minions, Balloons or Dragons which doesn’t have adjacent troops? Due to the different movement speeds of troops, after luring Clan troops out, some players can’t group them contiguously for using Poison Spell/Freeze Spell and usually get into the trouble below:

How to drop Spells on Air Troops Properly

Yea, somehow the Balloon was not affected by the Poison Spell. Why?

Let’s take a look at the shadows under those troops. They can tell you exactly the position of air troops. Not much players care about this when playing Clash of Clans.


If you can’t group them anymore and get forced to drop your Spell, quickly zoom in and choose the best spot to drop your spell as long as it can cover as many troops as possible. If the Poison Spell had gotten dropped between those shadows, it obviously could have affected the Balloon.

how-to-drop-spells-on-air-troops-properly-3Just another must-know tip for all Clash of Clans players! Watch the shadows and Clash on!


  1. Thanks for the tip buddy
    I’m really getting dragon and ball on in cc’S and most cases the slow a$$ed loon take a lot of time to stik with dragon and in most cases he gets affected thank you mate
    clash on!

  2. Lately I find myself killing the CC troops with a bunch of back up wizards and a rage spell. I have been saving my poison for those pesky Larrys that tend to pop up or that stupid King of Queen that made it to the end and is threatening my three star attack attempt. Do any of y’all find yourselves holding on to the poison spell for later?

  3. Here is the reason I think I am holding on to the poison for later. Like E to the B said, it takes too damn long. The wizards under a rage backed up by a tank troop will make quick work of the CC defenders. The lure and kill strategy can easily take up half of your attack time. I have seen many MANY very good attacks get stuck in the high 80s or 90s because they get bested by the clock. Often I will watch a live attack and be kicking the wall screaming as I watch one of our good players eat up a whole minute taking out the CC troops. Such is especially the case with dragons and ‘loons.

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