How to change Email for Clash of Clans (Google and Apple ID)

Changing email of Clash of Clans account is one of the most popular question. Because of personal problem, there are a lot of players want to change their Google ID or Apple ID of Clash of Clans accounts.
As we have known, every village can only be linked to one Google ID (for Android devices) and one Apple ID (for iOS devices). This link will stay for-ever, it means although you can delete your village from your email but you still can’t attach it to another one. But it is just a theory…

Clash of Clans emails

The method: Last week, I need to change the email of my brother’s account. He was using his company’s email account but he was going to leave that company and his email would obviously be deleted.  I wrote an email to the support and told them the whole story and also gave them his new email. 3 days later, they replied and told him to Sign In with his new email… Yes, it worked!

By following this method, you can change your email easily. Tell them the reason as much details as you can then send it under your real name!

To contact the support, follow these steps:

  1. Open Clash of Clans, go to the Settings menu in game, tap on the Help and Support button.
    help and support menu Clash of Clans
  2. You can see a Send email button at the top right of the screen. Tap on it.
  3. Write the letter like this one and press Send button.
    change Clash of Clans email
  4. You have done.

Normally, You will receive the email from the support after couples of days. Please be patient! You can change your Clash of Clans email!


  1. someone please help, I had old account named SKY, but at first, I didn’t have Apply ID for playing COC. So I used my friend Apple ID. Now my friend also didn’t use that account anymore. And forgot account password. What can I do now. The game also required update. So can’t get in to the game too. Doom!

  2. Hi! my friend coc account is hack and the gmail that linked to it was deleted..he try to contact google but they said he will wait for 2 to 3 days..if google giv him back his gmail,would it be possible that his account on coc will be back also?..thanks in advance..

  3. I have a big problem.. i lost my village because i try to transfer my account into the other gadget. But i it cant connect.. i try to reinstall coc. It also cannot connect. I try to wait those instruction of coc then when im go sign in.. i got new lvl 1 coc.. so i have 2 account in 1 gmail.. the old account i cant open because i dont know how i change it .. always the lvl 1 account i can open.. please help me what should i do..

  4. Will this work if you have lost track of the email related to your google play account. My son plays on his Iphone and his andriod tablet. but his tablet died and we didn’t keep track of the email used for his tablet. Can I ask them to reset the email for both the apple ID and google play and then he can get the google play access back?

  5. Hi Will, I wrote everything you said(only that I said it was my fathers e-mail who is leaving his job). Supercell replied that they cant help me with the query and told when a village is connected to a gmail account they are “married” forever and cant be separated. Is this a new thing that they don’t transfer accounts anymore?

  6. Sir Will, it’s me again. Is there any chance if I will create a new google account and ask them to transfer my lost village there? My old and current are in the same google account and it’s always the old one gets loaded not my current. They already replied me that if something load up when you try to log in it will always be, so it means my current one is now gone.

      • Sir Will,

        Thank you so much. You’ve given me the reason not to give up. It’s been 3 days since I lost my village what a relief to have your account back. At first, I sent about 2 requests to them but the reply sounds discouraging.

        I made the decision to just let it go cause it seemed hopeless to get it back, and then I have this thought; What if I’ll make another excuse? Like my sister messed my phone she made another account there that’s why blah… blah… blah. After 1 hour I they replied and ask me those questions like; 1)When did I lost it 2) MM/YY started 3) Countries etc.

        I waited 1 hour again and they gave me the code, now I have like 3 accounts on my device but with different gmail accounts just to be safe. So, thank you and the rest of the members here who replied right away when I needed answers.

  7. sir @Will Potter:disqus my gmail was hacked the hacker change my password recovery mail and recovery number he/she also enabled the 2-step verification question is.. if I ask Supercell to change my e-mail will they require me the hacked account mail? also when i report what e-mail address will I use? the old gmail or the current one I’m using?? thank you..

  8. hey.. I was playing CoC on my android device for a while now.. since I’m changing to iOS, I downloaded the game on my iPhone & now that I’m trying to link the device, my android says ‘already linked’. Please help..

  9. Can someone help me? i sell my iphones4s to a person but i forget to sign out my apple id on app store and game center..they cn access my coc by just dwnload on app there a way to prevent them having access agn? im so frustraded they even change my village name

  10. Someone help me pls,i sell my iphone4s to somebody..but i forget to sign out my apple id on app store & game center..they cn access my coc by just dwnload coc apps on app store..they even change my village name,im so frustrated there a way to prevent them continue compromise?

  11. ok heres my question. i wanna link my android account to my ipad. but i already have a village in it which is th4 above. will it be possible to link my android village to my ipad with a different game centre account after reinstalling coc???also, will i be able to log in with another ios account in the same ipad?? (basically i wanna play with two accounts in the same device. in other words i wanna play my android account in my ipad by linking it and also play my existing ios village with a different game centre id in the same ipad)

  12. My game is not connected to google id but i was already connected to google account before. Someone hacked my account and changed the password and recovery information. So i am not able to connect my game to an account. Please help me

  13. I just go on help and support there is no email button on top right of the screen… Help me… I have to change my email… Because… The email which connected with my game is not mine…. It’s my brothers email… So help me to change my email!

  14. I was playing my clash of clans in iOS with yahoo mail phone is broken,I bought android phone..How can I get my village back ? Even If I use ‘link a device’ option,as I was played with yahoo mail,I cannot signin in android with that..I needs a gmail account..My question is, when I use link a device option whether my village will be saved to new gmail or not ?

  15. i have a problem.someone has my account and he is playing on i changed my accounts password and added 2 step verification.but the real problem is that he is not switching out of my account if he does he wont be able to connect again to my i thought i would change my gmail account and my question is that would this stop him from getting into my account. pls reply soon Mr will.

  16. My account was being hacked after that I went to the google permission page & removed the coc permission then again I enabled the permission…..after that google permission page is showing that coc is connected with my account but when I connect it on coc it is always showing disconnected….i can’t open my village on my new phone…..what should I do???

  17. @windmm:disqus im on my iphone and i connected my clash account to my dads samsung on google accout and now he got rid of it im changing to a samsung but because ive allready linked account it wont let me do it again what do i do?

  18. I accidentally remove access coc app on my google account then afterwards I can’t access my village anymore. I tried to access by clearing data on my android and then log in coc but what happened was my gmail or google play account in coc is back to zero. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  19. plsss help me …….. I had a coc acc th8 I used to play in blue stacks in laptop and I signed inside the bluetacks with my gmail acc but I didn’t sign in with coc acc in bluestacks and then I thought of changing my coc acc to my tab I mistakenly signed my gmail account in my tab’s coc acc so now if I try to sign in my lap’s coc acc then my tab’s coc acc gets transferred to my laptop so im not able to sign in with my lap’s coc account ……so this is my problem plsss help me it may be hard to understand but plss help me

  20. I recently just got a new phone but my old phone was apple and this one is android and I don’t know my email linked to it and they can’t generate a new code since they have already done it three times what should I do?

  21. Hi I am using my friend id from the beginning but suddenly there is a problem between us so voluntarily he changed the password of the Gmail is there any possible to recover that account please do help me but he s not playing that game I really spend much time to develop that clan its th11 max out please do help me will

  22. I asked my friend he has 6 coc accounts he said he will give me one i have one too i am asking that if i say email to supercell that i am taking my friends coc id so will they let me change email for this reason

  23. Bro my coc account connected wid my frnd account from beginning now me nd my frnd are not talking soo he using my account wid his e mail reducing loot, gems, everything plzz tell me any solution to change his email id to my email id

  24. I contacted support like you said but someone named Luke told me he couldn’t assist me although all the information I gave him was correct. Now my level 70 base I have to start over on my new email because I played it on my work issued iPad using the email given to me:(

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