How to avoid War Mismatch

Getting matched to Clans which are much stronger than your own Clan is very awkward. We all don’t want lose the win streak we have been working on for months, don’t want to see your TH9 villages get ripped by TH10 with Heroes level 40 and maxed army compositions. My mini TH8 Clan got matched with a TH9 Clan last week and obviously we had no chance to win the War. If you don’t want to be matched with a much stronger Clan, you should follow the Mustaka’s advice.

War Mismatch

Basically when you start searching for a Clan War, you join a queue with other Clans which are also looking to be matched. As a result, the longer time you need to wait, the broader that queue is. Normally all War mismatch happens because it takes a very long time (more than 1 hour) to get a match.

You should reset the War Search every 10 minutes (no more than 15 minutes) and your Clan will not get mismatch anymore.

Hopefully this small tip can somehow help you and your Clan. Cheers!



  1. Few questions:
    best time to start war? (GMT)
    if we war with 10 player did very small th level as last player can dramatically reduce our clan weight?
    did we more likely to be matched against clan with similar level or level doesn’t affect anything?
    did trophy of war members / war participants also counted as clan weight?
    Btw thanks for posting another awesome guide will!

    • no metter what level of your clan,The server trying make the oponent that we’ve got is equal defend with our defend and troop of your war member. for example: I have ever try this long time ago. when my clan lv.6 which has member with th 4 to 9 we usually make a war for new member (most new membe was th 4-6). when we start war by 10 member which consist of th 4-6, we get lv.3 of clan with equal war member. When we start by 25 member which consist th 7-9, we usually got lv.6/lv.7 with equal power.
      the other example: when you have th 8 but it’s low defend (we usually call it “Premature Based”) you may get th 7 eith max defend. or may be you ever meet higger TH between lower TH in war ordinal.
      The post above may happen because in not the norm condition (it takes a very long time (more than 1 hour) to get a match)

  2. Lol I never have trouble finding opponents, but my clan just can’t do anything. Our second top player(new th9 with only lv4 aq) uses a giant wiz Barb arch war strategy, but he just doesn’t know how to use it. And our top player is a rushed th10 with defenses and troops only halfway through th8(luckily no inferno towers), yet he will only 30% his equal, which is a th9 with super good everything. Of course, most of my low levels don’t know a thing about Valkyries. And I have some rushed don’t know how to attack th8. Only 2 members (including myself) really know how to play. Idk how u can, but I seriously need some help.

    • you should just leave and find better clan. if you want to stay because personally know the member tell the th9 guy to use golem not giant and wizard not archer. and tell the th 10 guy to temporarily get out from clan war until he get atleast th9 offense.

    • Same thing with my top player, maxed defense th 11, lvl 9-10 walls, 20 heroes, almost all troops maxed, but for some reason(uses 5 pekkas and 2 golems, rest wiz/wb) he cant pull it of, any ideas how to make him use a better army? He is the leader…I’m afraid to get kicked… So i need a polite way

    • Now that your lvl 5, you get that +1 to donations, so clan level shouldn’t really matter. The only thing that should matter is you and your clan’s skill. But if your talking about them being “better” base wise(and the guide above doesn’t work for u), maybe try either bigger or smaller wars, like let’s say u usually do 20v20, maybe do 15v15 or 25v 25 if possible.

    • May I see you War Participants? Problem should be in rushers, they get often matched to unrushers, even we our war looks: 1-3 TH10s, 4-7 TH9s rushed/new. Opponents: 1-TH11, usually as strong as TH10 or new TH10 just with Artillery/Warden. 2-3 TH10s or maxed TH9s, 4-8 TH9s with better army than def – LV2 Hounds, maxed loons, Good GoWiPe, defs are on TH8’s level. The solution is to head on importnant troops: Hounds – with Pentalaloon you can simply beat TH9s, golems – many people owns a ring-base, you should you the Anti-Ring aka 6 golem ( which is quite simple, because: spells are dropped always on the same place, so you don’t have to care about timing much. Just up the troops and learn the tactics, if you wanted I could personally come to you and help you. Also Clasher’s advice is really useful – you must decline and star every 15 minutes (our clan needs more time – every 30 min)

  3. Well, our clan had terrible matches, really our no1 new th9 was matched against Maxed TH11 – IDK how lol. Thanks for this help, finally it works as it should. We even had a First War where it was unfair but we were stronger. But we need more time for it. Our record is 29 minutes to find a good opponent, otherwise it gets up to 1 hour and it will give us the closest opponent (it was prefering much stronger, than we were) – Also we chose restarting every 30 minutes because: When we were restarting every 15 minutes it took all the time from morning to evening. And it happens quite often. But thanks for this “strategy” 🙂 Hope we won’t have any maxed TH11s…

    • Trophy doesn’t effect on matchmatking clan war. My clan trophy point was around 26k (10 member in champions league) and my opponent around 12k (the higher was in Cristal 2). Base on my observation ur argument is invalid ^_^

      And afterall, it stated in coc wiki that experience level of members, number of trophies, number of wars won by a clan and clan level will not influence the matchmaking process whatsoever. (I copy paste it)

      • thanks for the info ^_^ but when our trophy count range in 16k we’re undefeated for we always matched in a weak clan… try it… kick members in your clan that not active and you will find a weak clan.. not always but most of the time chief…

  4. Tips from me for less difficult clan war is:
    1. Don’t rush your defends, because the greater your defense power the harder enemy you get.
    2. Rush your war troops ASAP when you done upgrading your TH.

    On my experience, there’s two type person, first is focus on farming and build defences and second is focus on clan war. The first type usually put priority on farming troops such GiBarch to upgrade first and rush defences to make fancy base. And this type absolutely not suitable to join clan war, because matchmaking will be base on his/her defences while his/her war troops not match yet. Sorry for my bad english

  5. Clans with a few th10’s but no th11’s are constantly mismatched from what i can tell. We have no th11’s, but get matched against +/- 3 th11’s each war. Now with the update where th11’s get a major boost vs golems it’s getting harder and harder. Before we could still win, 2 starring those th11’s, but now… I wonder. (My clan and our sister clan both have this problem). If

  6. What we do is we take a th3 for every th10 to balance out. Our clan is a lvl5 one and has only 1 loyal th10 with max defenses, although others come by for few days. For our th10 I have a defenseless th3 which really reduces our weight. Also once u reach a new th level upgrade your troops before defenses. Also try to have one or two th8.5. It helps. Also searching every 15mins has helped our clans after our 19 match winning streak was ended due to mismatches. But by this trick we get fair matches.

  7. Do any of these effect war :-
    1) Level of TownHall of members
    2) Level of offensive and defensive buildings
    3) Troups Level
    4) Previous War Stats
    5) Clan Castle Level
    6) Trophy Level
    7) Clan Level

    Thanks a lot for the Tip Will
    Thank You 😀

  8. I will share a little sad story…my clan and I were on an 18 war streak. Our top player is a max th9. We got paired up with an op clan…their top player was a max th11, no joke. Was this matchmaking hacked by them?

  9. I have searched the site for an update to the clan war search topic post update. Couldn’t find other than the general awareness that an update will come with balance changes. Can someone write an article about this?

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